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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Spirit!

Hello Bloggy friends!
I have been absent from posting- not because I don't think about it, but because my hands have been super busy lately! And while I am a pretty decent multi tasker, I haven't figured out how to crochet and type at the same time!! 
My days are filled with spending time in classrooms all over the district and my evenings are filled with my feet up, a hot coffee, and a crochet needle in my hand!

I am super excited about the popularity of my work- from blankets I have made, to cozies that crack me up, and to custom orders that I love filling!! 

I am very thankful for all the kind comments and wonderful feedback I have received in my etsy shop!

I am VERY excited about a listing I have for the holidays!

With this listing, the buyer receives a gift certificate to give to a special mom or mom to be. After the new year, she can come to the shop and chose from two styles of chevron baby afghans in colors that SHE CHOOSES!! 
Yep! She gets to design it!! And I do all the work! There are some color names and choices listed- but they are just for convenience. She can even send me pictures of the baby's nursery, and we can work together to make a perfect match! 
This certificate also includes the shipping to ANYWHERE in the US!! 

When I thought of this idea, I figured I would list 10 certificates, this would ensure that the Mom choosing her designing her afghan wouldn't have to wait too long. As of today, there are 9 left!
Thank you to Heidi from My Not So Elementary Life for the certificate!
These would be perfect to print and put in a card OR to send digitally! {and no one would tell on you if you bought a certificate for yourself!} I am really looking forward to the color combos I'll get to work with! AND to see pics of those babies with their afghans! 

This Holiday Special will be available right up to December 25th. After that it will be removed. I'll still have custom listings, but  they will have regular shipping charges.

While you are there in my shop today, be sure to check out these popular guys! Coffee has never been so cute!!
Rudy the Reindeer
Shimmer the Snowman
Georgie the Gingerbread Man

I'll be sure to mark them in the store when I feel like they can no longer reach you by Christmas!! 

Also be sure to "like" my shop's fanpage on Facebook. I always post there when I add new items, too! Miss Squirrels Facebook Fanpage

With the break coming in just 9 days, I'm not sure if I'll have another blog post up- but I'll have my fanpage updated with how many gift certificates are available.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me with the venture- whether it has been through a purchase or your super sweet comments! Feel free to Tweet, Pin, Post, Like, Favorite.....i.e. Share :)
Wishing you and yours the best,

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