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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Whose Water Is This?!?!

Our "after dinner" routine has become quite a habit around here. We get situated with food and dishes, and we get through the chores that help keep things together. These are simple tasks like sweeping floors, wiping toilets, dusting. Nothing that is really out of the ordinary for any family.

I do, however, have one job that some of you may not have. I have the distinct pleasure of walking all throughout the house yelling out "Whose water is this?!?" It is normally answered with "Where was it?" And then we get to go through the list of possible places where I may have found it. After I rattle through those, they will come in and either claim it or argue that "No, mine had more than that in it." or "I think mine wasn't that full."

Maybe I shouldn't complain because at least they are drinking water- but the never ending game of "who-had-their-nasty-mouth-on-this" drives me batty!

So, this week, we put an end to it!


 No more guessing!

Naturally, I chose the gold star because it was my idea. I let them choose from the other four- surprisingly they all agreed. 
So now it's very simple- grab a water, get your sticker from the fridge, put it on the cap, and then we all know who to yell at when we find it on a counter or shelf!

So far so good-
Be on the lookout for more posts that will surely involve my house covered in colorful star stickers!

Have a great week!

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