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Friday, March 30, 2012

"I'm a Big Squirrel Now!"

Today marks the last weekday of my Spring Break.

In honor of this day, I took a Brain Break.

and a Cleaning Break.

and a Parenting Break.

However, you will all be happy to know that the Nap Cycle was NOT broken!

{pause for applause}

We did make it through the night- all children were returned safely, unharmed (barely) to their parents...I will not be doing that again anytime soon.

I bought 6 large pizzas- they are all gone- and I think they drank 3 gallons of Kool-aid. The teenagers did not go to bed until 5:30am!
Right after they went to bed the other four got up and got on the Xbox!
It has been a never ending stream of giggles and screams....I guess I shouldn't complain-
It could have been a lot worse- had I not been medicated:)

I considered putting the word "reveal" or "unveiled" in the title- but I didn't want to disappoint.

We are doing pics this weekend- there will HAVE to be some good ones for me to post.

if there aren't , I will go buy a frame and scan the picture that comes with it....what are the chances you'll know her, right? lol

I thought though- before you see the grown-up Miss Squirrels, you might be interested in seeing when I was just a
"little squirrel".

Be prepared. Remember I am 39 {bleck, I don't like writing that}

and that Polyester and the color "rust" were important staples in fashion and interior design:)

This is '75. Look at those blonde curls in the back! My ears look kinda big don't they?

Aww...Kindergarten. Nothing says "good idea" like a "Bangs Trim" the day before pictures!!!!
That dress is awful! Look at those ruffles and the collar- what do you want to bet it ties in the back?

First grade...I am thinking Dad was in charge of getting me ready for school this day or else Mom forgot.

These next couple of pics are of Christmas mornings....keep in mind what I said about "rust".
This is a jumpsuit. It zips up. I have nothing else to say about this one.

Here we go- look at that orange! It is everywhere! Even  the bike Santa brought was orange. Check out the macrame in the back!
 That's my older sister in the back...what was Santa thinking?!?!? Look at where the seat was on her!
We are almost four years apart and my mother bought us matching clothes all the time!

Here comes my favorite. Not all time favorite- but fav out of these...

{I can hear the gasps around the country right now!!!}
I don't know what is worse- the fact that someone looked at the rack and said "Oh My Gosh, Staci would look great in that!" or the fact that I thought I looked great in it!!! I will dig in my mom's photo albums, but I think this matched our couch.

Ok, that is enough plaid and polyester for one night!

I wonder what my children will say in 20 or 30 years when they show people their pictures?

I am really going to try and get one for a post this weekend...

It isn't for a lack of trying....see?
 but my teeth are GLARING and I look like one of those greeting cards with the big nose animals on them!!!!

Before I move on this evening-  I will leave you with what I did accomplish today:

My littlest Little is giving one of them to his "teach" on Monday:)

Have a great weekend, gals- I will be feverishly trying to do all I have avoided for the last 7 days!!!

Classroom Library Linky

I have posted about my library before this linky.

It was when I first started this system. It really has worked for me this year- there will, of course, be some tweaks next year.
I am on break this week, so I am going to use the pictures I already have from when I started:)

Ok, our district uses the Scott Foresman Reading Street and the levels are Blue, Yellow, and Green. So this made the most sense to me for organizing, I thought it would make it easier for them to choose and it wouldn't send them looking in bins that they are not ready for yet.

There are baskets for each dot (3 of each, I think). It just kind of ends up when I re-shelve them that the non-fiction and fiction get separated.
And then some of the baskets have two dots because they are "in between" groups.

Everyday four of my firsties get to "shop". (There is a schedule).
They choose 5 books. Four of them are "just right" and then one can be "just for fun".
This means that 4 of your books have to have your color dot from your group and then you can have one that is not your level- maybe they want it because they heard me read it, or they like the pictures or the author- but they like that just for fun book!

After they make their choices, they put them in their "book boxes".

They have their hands on LOTS of books all week long, but these five books are their "go to books".
For our Daily 5, we have our Read to Self very first thing in the morning when they come in.
They put away their things, turn in any homework, go to their box, get a book, and get to reading.
There is a basket of whisper phones above their boxes. (Makes for a very nice morning) :)

If it is your day to "shop" then you put these 5 books in the return basket and shop for 5 more.
I like this because the baskets on the shelves stay nice and neat.

This is over behind my desk. Mostly these are the books that I use to teach- and are on their comprehension level but not their reading level.  I rotate out holiday books- very easy to put my hands on the one I want.

I made these labels for the baskets. They are attached with tiny zip ties.
And then there are the stickers...I cut them as I need them.

 {Both of those are linked on Google Docs, just click on the pic- the stickers for the books are for 8160 labels}

Like I said at first, this is really working for our class- I have put in my request to get new bookshelves because the shelves on mine are very narrow.

I love being able to see everyone's libraries in this many ideas!

Be sure to link up to Mrs. Rider's party!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Lazy Fairy Strikes AGAIN!!!

Well it's a good thing I didn't make a list for the day.

Because now I haven't let anyone down by not accomplishing the tasks on said non-existent list:)

This could be my last post.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, alert the authorities.

Of course, I may already be in the custody of the authorities!!!

I don't know what I was thinking, but ALL three children are having someone stay over tonight.

Let's turn this into a HOTs activity..

First- Let's apply the knowledge that 3x2=6. Yes, 6 children in my house.

Then- Do you comprehend the enormity of the situation I have placed myself in?
We currently have 2 teenage girls and 4 boys ages 8-12.

Next -we will analyze my mental state prior to the sleepover(s) vs. after the sleepover(s).

Then- We will create a graphic source. It will begin with the noise level at a reasonable level and then it will spiral out of control, causing a very steep my aggravation.

And Finally, I will give them all rubrics to evaluate how I held myself together and they all survived!

{Well that was "sorta" teachery}

I promise I will get back to teachery stuff when I go back next week~ I just don't have it in me this week~

Lots of comments on my lack of lunch choices.
Jen R. I would love if you could do like that Nutri System thingy and plan my meals. I will shoot you my house address. Not a big fan of raw veggies, just so you know.

I swear I used to hate those girls who would giggle and say "hee hee hee, I forgot to eat today!" Forgot? FORGOT?
Those are the itty bitty ones who I secretly put hexes on during staff development.

My current hex is "explosive diarrhea....on a the car"

It's one of my favorites.

I'm not one of those itty bitty girls- I don't even have anything that is itty OR bitty.

If I get better at the lunch thing, ya'll will be the first to know!

"Now over to Staci at the craft desk...."

"Oh, thank you Staci! Today we have a crocheted cup o' cuteness to share with you~"
I had to blur out my messy desk and I need to get my nails done! It didn't take very long to do!

Dontcha just love it??? It looks really funny when someone is drinking because it gives them the stache!!!!

I think the body needs to be longer.

I worked with the yarn that little guy picked out- but I was too anxious to try this so I gave up on it..... (told you I have attn span issues) I'll go back to it later.....if I remember:)

I had plans to link up to the classroom library party- but read the title of this post!

I was covered from head to toe in Lazy Dust by the magical I was unable to participate.....

Time to get a cup of coffee and check out what you all were up to today:)

Lunch Linky and the Cookie Cake Crook

It's almost midnight!
I promise if Truman has to go out, I will come back:)
Got a lot for you tonight-


I went to our local mailing place- I don't know what to call it- it is not the "post office", but you mail stuff.

I mailed Tracy in Indiana her box of file folders and Teacher's Helpers. SEVENTEEN pounds!
I thought for sure it was going to cost a Ka-zillion (its a number) dollars to mail it.

I was waiting for the total.

But we were talking while she was ringing, writing, measuring, and all that other stuff  you do before you mail out something- and I was telling her about the Linky and Kreative in Kinder and Teachers Taking Care of Teachers thingy.

So she says, 'Ok, we're going to do this one at cost. " $15.00. That's it! $15.00! You can't get an avocado for less than a dollar a pound!!!
I couldn't believe it, neither could my wallet- because it was supposed to be $54!!!! She was awesome!
It is a local store, otherwise I would have all of their pictures and info on here to send them all the business I could.....

she made my heart very happy today!

Then we trekked over to my mom's office to see her for awhile.
She takes her pup to work with her. Squirrel-Friends meet Bella. Bella meet Squirrel Friends.

She is only 4 months old and is wired for sound!!!

Then it was on to the bakery at Publix.
I don't know if you have a Publix or have ever been to one- but there is a wonderful phenomenon going on there.

Are you ready?

Angels work in the bakery. Really. Angels.

Need proof?


Here it is....

That's how I know. Because I had one (maybe two) slices of H.E.A.V.E.N today!
Boston Cookies and creme cake.
Before you say "Gosh, Squirrels, eat the whole cake why don't ya!!"
Remember that there are 5, count them FIVE people in this family....and while you are counting them, I will go get another piece of cake....hee...hee

Then we went to get yarn.

My youngest son wants me to make a coffee cozy for his teacher. So he picked out these colors today...based on a bag she carries...

That really dark one is Coffee.  I think it will go nicely together....will play around with it tomorrow....

Holly from Crisscross Applesauce suggested I put some in my next giveaway...


....getting close to 250!

(when I typed it the first time, I typed "Crisscross in Applesauce" .....gave me a funny picture in my head....)

Sorry I got sidetracked again- where was I?

OH! And now I am putting Tara's Linky Party  from 4th Grade Frolics  here....Very cute should link up if you haven't...AND there's a Giveaway!!!

This is my pretty lunchbox that a student gave me last year:
 (Say it fast three times.......did ya hear it?)


Here's my lunch:

Hello -o-o-o-! Is there anything in there? Just nod if you can see it.... (Pink Floyd reference for you youngsters)

I don't take  lunch. I don't buy a lunch.
I have peanut butter crackers that I keep in the desk for the boys sometimes when we have to stay. So sometimes I have a pack.
I ALWAYS get a $.75 20oz Dr Pepper though....without fail, everyday @ 11:05am.

Now you are thinking,
"Oh, Staci, that's not healthy!"
(I know.)

"It is better to eat a lot of little small meals instead of just one big one"
(I know.)

"Healthy snacks will give you more energy"

But alas, I still choose not to. Not because I am trying to lose weight-which I should- but because I am just not hungry during the day.

Now I eat like horse at dinner. Don't get near my plate- you might lose  a finger!

My schedule for lunch?

11:03-11:33. They eat it the cafe. It is Duty Free. We have a break room, I choose to stay in my room {too much drama}....I need that 30 mins for me.
We do have specials every day for 55 mins, but it is later in the day. And we have mandatory meetings on Tues and Thurs during that time....the more I do during lunch is less I do at home...

I plan to link up to the Classroom Library Party later today tomorrow! I have seen some fabulous reading areas!
And I have a new word that I read on Farley's blog earlier...Fancylicious.....I love it!
I will make it my goal to fit it into conversation as many times as I can tomorrow!!!
Have a great day today!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So MUCH time, so LITTLE motivation

And here I go again....
It is a little after midnight here in TN and I am AWAKE.

Baby talk at first- then Teacher Stuff at the end:)

I had a great time with the baby today! She wore me out though- with my youngest being 8 I don't have to do the baby/toddler things anymore....

When she showed up it was like I had ordered half of Babies R Us (can't make the R backwards, sorry) and had it delivered right to my doorstep.

There was a car seat
a base for said car seat
a play gym for the floor
a bouncy seat in case she doesn't like the floor
a bag full of the following:
   burping cloths
   enough clothes for a week's vacation
 and 4 blankets.

Oh, AND there was a BABY!

She is too stinking cute! She played until she was tired so Chickadee made her  a pallet and she slept for a long time.

and true to form, as soon as I dozed off on the couch for  a little snooze, she woke up.
Why do they have THAT radar?

Speaking of what they have and don't have,
The MR and I were talking at dinner and we wondered- why can't babies burp on their own?
So many things are innate. We know to suck so that we can eat. We know to cry because we feel discomfort. We know to pacify ourselves.

But we cannot get a  bubble out of our tummies to save our lives?!?!

At one point, I wondered if I was ever going to get a burp out of her and if feeding time had turned into a wrestling match) I mean, seriously- the child would not give it up. I think she was holding it in on purpose!

Now the "teacher-ish" stuff:

I did get a few things done in the last couple of days.

I got Amy's winnings from Staci's Grandtacular Giveaway mailed off yesterday.
Today I am going back to the post office to mail these file folder games to Tracy in Indiana. She is a kindergarten teacher in Henrysville who I hooked up with from the Teachers Taking Care of Teachers link. I made these my first summer as a teacher.There are 96 of them! I may have to mail them in sections.

I am also going to the bakery at Publix- enough said there.

It is going to rain today and I need comfort food whilst I lay sit on the couch and vege out diligently work on school related items!

I may or may not have been the person in the house who was eating extra slices of the key lime pie after everyone else had gone to a few family members got "slice shorted" I said- It may not have been me...
(I don't have a lawyer yet, so I am not implicating myself in the crime)!

Half of spring break is gone...{super sad face}...but that does mean that I still have half of spring break ahead of me...
{super happy face}!

I hope all who have school today- have a wonderfully productive day and those who are on break have a delightfully lazy day!

(This post was started at midnight- then the dog had to go out- (and I am almost embarrassed to say this) but I forgot I was writing a post and sat down to watch TV after I let him in. And then this a.m. I realized I had clicked publish instead of save...I really need to talk to the Dr about my attn span~!!!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cozy Cuteness!

My clock my body  clock is Kaput!
I am so whacked out from sleeping in and staying up late.

I printed a few things, I made some notes, I read for an hour on The Hunger Games, colored an awesome picture of Iron Man, if I do say so  myself- and I do!

And then I was floating around to get some ideas of what I am going to make for the bloggy exchange:

So I started finding cutesy crochet stuff- these coffee cozies are new to me...but apparently they cut down on the paper that will be thrown away, because these can be washed.

So I fiddled with some yarn and I tried to make one....and I did

- guess, left  or right?

It is the one on the left with two flowers! It is just too stinking cute!

 There's a really cute pattern out there that has a mustache on it (shhhhh don't Farley)

We are supposed to have a baby tomorrow- for a few hours.... can't wait til she gets here- the boys have a blast around babies. They are worse than new moms "Oh, look at that! Did you see what she did? "
My sister had a ring tone on her phone that was  a baby just cackling! It made anyone who listened to it laugh too.
My oldest son liked it the most.
He very thoughtfully said, :"Baby Laughs are what you hear when you know your heart is happy"

(All together now....AWWWWWWWWW)

I bid you all farewell- I have many a blog to visit, but as of now I am going to go visit my comfy bed and get my energy level back up so I can take care of a baby!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Circle of Life....Whatever!!!!

Since I do not have to get my newsletter and plans together tonight (spring break),
I thought I would share a little story from this past week.

Put your feet up, get comfy, and grab a tissue....yep, it's a sad story....

Our story begins on a BEEaUUUtiful Day!
There was no rain in the morning and there wasn't any forecast  for it either, so we were going to get to go to the playground!!!!!
It has been forever awhile since we have consistently been able to go out there and enjoy ourselves.

We have spent so much time inside that I can't get them to leave my side when we go outside!
My girls want to hang around while I am monitoring. They act like i haven't seen them in weeks!
"Did you know...?"

"Guess what...?"
(Chicken Butt)

{and then the inevitable questions}

"How much longer are we going to stay out here?"
(til I squeeze the squistle)

"Will you push me on the swing?"
(nope, against the rules)

"If I get on the monkey bars and get scared will you come get me down?"
(If there really is a chance you will get stuck, please don't get on it.)

"Do you want to watch me climb to the top of the web?"
(Do you want me to be honest?)

"How much longer til lunch?"
(When I say" Time for lunch!")

"Can we play with our toys when we get inside?"
(I'm going to need you to step away from the Squirrel now).

Before they can even think of planting their tiny little size elevens in my shadow- I tell them that I am off limits for the day at recess. That it is a mandatory fun break!

Each time one of them came to me (unless they had tears) I did the Austin Powers hand movement for SHHHHH and they would scatter in a few directions.

It was halfway through recess when I had a very persistent little pack. They were testing me. They would get close enough to have had a conversation with me, but after watching me "shoo" others away, they would hang back.

I was starting to feel like a wildebeest calf on the Serengeti, the one the hyenas gang up on and  taunt and torture until it has to give up and then they attack it! (Do those two animals even live in the same habitat?)

Now I didn't think they were really going to "attack" me,I had no real fear of being eaten, but I knew that the silence in my little recess bubble was about to *POP*!

I should have been a fortune teller.....because one of my sweeties just couldn't stand it any longer and he  came up to me and says in THE sweetest little firstie voice ever,

"I know you told everyone to leave you alone" (for the record, I DID NOT say that- I told them to PLAY)
 "but there's something dead over there and the other kids are touching it."


"There's something dead over there." is WAAAYYYYY different than "When is lunch?"

So I rush over there, it was a hard trek, because I wore heels....yes, the WMDs...but I made it over there. And nothing draws a crowd like a teacher running in heels...

Now remember, we haven't been able to be out there that often because of rain and mud, so whatever this was that I was going to go look at may have been there for awhile.

I was expecting to see goo and guts. I knew it was not going to be pretty.

It wasn't.

It was awful.

I know what you are thinking...and you're right-

It was a SQUIRREL!!!!!!!

I know, of all the dead animals  on all the playgrounds and he had to croak on mine!!!
I know we have the whole "Circle of Life" thing going on- but they would have been less traumatized had it been a bird of some kind, but a squirrel??? {No offense, birds- but we have something special going with the squirrels}  I threw that in just in case I have any followers who are birds- you can't be too careful these days.

So first I have to find out who touched it and with what. It was starting to decay and didn't have much fur- but he (yes, he)
did still have most of his tail and the parts that attach to it.

I sent the town crier into the building to let the office know he was out there.

We stlll have like 15 minutes left...

I am trying to calm my girls who have by now started crying. I am trying to hush my boys who are trying to play CSI and figure out what did him in. I am trying to let the other teachers on the playground know without causing more panic.

While I am trying to do all of this, one of my sweetie girls says, "Miss Squirrels, can we bury him?"{can you imagine the dinner table chatter when your child tells you there was a funeral for a squirrel today:}...

"Well. sweetheart, we are going to let the office take care of him. It's almost time for us to go in."

Before she can respond, a staff member comes out the door that we usually go in with gloves and  a CLEAR plastic bag!!! 

So now, all who have NOT seen it, are GOING to see it as it is paraded past all of the equipment to be taken to the TRASH!!!!


It didn't matter that we made it to the gate before the staff member and Squishy the Squirrel Frisbee did, it was all they could talk about- all the way up to lunch and then "I-want-to-have-services-girl" wrote about him in her journal!!! 

Ok, now dry 'em up and get back to your regularly scheduled blogging:)

Squirrels on Film.....

(Remember the Duran Duran Song?)

Spring Break!!!!!
TIme for  a little Squirrels Gone Wild!!!!

Ah, who am I kidding- the wildest thing I have done this weekend is drink a pot of coffee by myself and crochet! I am a renegade!
Remember the blanket I started for my neighbor's daughter? FINALLY finished it today. It was on my list and I had to get it done.
I ended up having to buy a present to take to the shower because I started too late- so I will take this to the hospital when he gets here....supposed to be April 11th.....

This is one of my favorite patterns to make. It is very delicate looking, but is nice and thick and warm!

I also got my office cleaned (out) today! My boys helped me out....{they are both trying to earn some extra $}.
Later is their room- I am sure they won't be as eager to help! (Is the excitement of my day getting you all stirred up?)

Hold on to your hats, because today I am going to buy some more ink and cardstock so that I can make a few things that I have purchased on Tpt. (Trying to figure out how to make that "risque", maybe I won't wear a bra!!!!) Va Va Va Voom.....

After going rouge here in a few, and running to the back to hide under the covers and possibly nap,
I am going to sort through toys and books (your heart is racing isn't it) in the boys' room.

I'll make a keep pile (sensual pause), a donate pile, (a dramatic hair toss) and a trash pile (smokey eye gaze)...

and then I will threaten to throw away all of their stuff if they can't keep their room clean- nothing sexy about that!

There may be some adult frothy beverages in my future this evening after dinner with a neighbor- that is about as wild as this squirrel is going to get today!!

Before I jump into all of these endeavors- I have to be sure to tell you about Heather's Giveaway. Why is she having one? Just because it is springy and beautiful and she is in  a springy mood! Be sure to sign up!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So {R U} Lucky

So this little guy is THE LUCKIEST little guy I know!
Seriously, he comes in every morning with one or two OR three four leaf clovers from his bus stop.
THEN he goes out to our playground and finds one or two at recess....

It's like he has a radar or something!

I am going to take him (or his likeness) to a casino!!!
Maybe I will just rub this picture before I enter a giveaway!

Speaking of Giveaways......Have you entered Staci's over at Let's Teach Something? It ends tomorrow, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get Your Snow Shoes!! We're Going on a Trip!

Ever think about what you would do if you weren't a teacher?
I have... I had a rough year a few years ago and seriously considered making some changes in my life....

Boy, I am glad I stuck it out!

But if I ever did have to find a new job, I would become a lawyer- and not just any lawyer...
but  a lawyer to our Antarctic friends.

Yes , that's right...

I would make myself a little suitcase out of snow, strap tennis rackets to my shoes (like you do) and trek out to find work.

If you are caught up in the Frozen Planet series that is out right now (love me some nature shows) then you might have a slight idea of what I am talking about.

I really don't think it would be hard to find someone to represent.

(You have to look at this from the perspective of a grown up who spends her days talking about books with animals that are living in houses, wearing clothes, and talking!)

First off, it is probably a very litigious bunch of characters anyway- they are all pis**ed off and grumpy because no one, and I mean NO ONE on their CONTINENT has opposable thumbs!!!

More than half of them don't have ANY appendages that do anything other than swim!

Think of all the times SOMEBODY slips and falls with all that ice!!!

And I just have to say- sexual harrasment suits would be threw the roof (well there are no dwellings, but you know what I mean)
Come on, seriously- none of those girls (seals, bears, walruses, penguins) look as if they are welcoming OR enjoying ANY of these dudes advances!!! Nothing Sexy about that!
You don't even get to talk about it- it just happens....I mean really, Polar Bear- no means no!

hee hee

Seriously though- these series are awesome! My dad was(still is) a Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins and Marty Stouffer (spelled that wrong) kind of guy.
So I have always loved any kind of nature show.
I just wish that every once in awhile, the seal got away. Can't killer whales and polar bears eat ugly those huge sea lions with the Squidward noses??????

Only three more days until spring break!
I can't wait- can you tell my brain needs a break???

Meet My Friend

I have to introduce you to my friend.

You may know her already. She has been blogging since Sept 2011....same as me!!!!

The name of her blog is Peacocks and Penguins.

Peacocks & Penguins

Is it Miss Peacock? No, I think she is still in the Conservatory with Col Mustard.

Is it Miss Penguin? No, {insert witty penguin reference here}

It's Heather.

Heather is a first grade teacher in Wisconsin who has a very insightful way of looking at things.
Her blog is a very nice balance of deep thought, first grade content, appropriately placed sarcasm,  and cutie patootie units that she has created!

I think we may have crossed paths while we were both vying to be "THE CHOSEN COMMENT" on someone's giveaway- and since then, I have crossed my fingers that it would be a day she posts-
I enjoyed it so much that I went back to the beginning and just started reading! She will definitely get you thinking:)

She is like a box of chocolates....well, not a box of chocolates around this house, because then she would be EMPTY!
But she does offer quite a variety- and ya'll know how I like all that is "Nutty".

When you head over to check her out- be sure to watch the little video of why her blog has the name it does....the video is right there at the top, on the right.
If you don't already know Perry the Peacock- grab a tissue- I didn't know him when I started, and I was unprepared....just saying!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Day in Pictures

Taking lots of pictures today!!!!
Today was an awesome day for a Monday!
I woke up on time.
Everyone was ready to go ontime.
It wasn't raining.
And everyone was there today- and MATH just "clicked" for half of them today.....{different post}

Here are a few personal, squirrel family issues that I thought you might find amusing.

Chick-a-dee was told by Dr Evil Ortho that if she does not show a drastic change by the next appt, she is putting on springs.
I have never had braces, but they look and sound painful!!! AND the springs are NOT included in the almost $7000 we have already forked out!
What, might you ask, could keep her from having to get these awful contraptions- wearing her bands the way she is supposed to!

I thought I would help her to remember:

This is a note for her desk, before she goes to bed...

 This is a note to see when she wakes up...

Yes, that is me and the Chick-a-dee 14 years ago!

And a final note before  she leaves the house...

 {I know, worst mom of the year award..... but if she has to get the springs- she's "springing for it"!!!!!}

I also took a picture in my class today.
The "big wigs' are coming tomorrow...
There is much to do.
Lots to prepare.
Cross my Ts and dot my Is...

so I did this:

Ever seen one? An EXTREME Dot to Dot.....not 1-20, not 1-100

but 1-950!!!!!! It is some kind of iguana thing. Not a lizard fan, but remarkably stress relieving to just go dot-to-dot.....
no long strides,
no big picture...
just dot-to-dot.....
{hmmm... I am thinking there is some kind of lesson in there.....}

Two more things and then  you will be free to move about the blog world....{maybe three}

1. Lots of people stressing over blog buttons and making them move.
 May I suggest, make a separate page for all of your buttons. WHen you put all that html on your home pages, it makes them take a really long time to load up. If you just have a regular blog LIST from the choices on blogger- you can click "show all" and we can all still see who you recommend- alphabetically or in order of last post. It gives a direct link and a snippet.
I took all my buttons and moved them over Christmas.I find that I have less problems loading up, no matter the IP or OS.

2. Have you ever clicked Next Blog up there next to follow? Who chooses the "next blog"? and next after what? Is there a master list somewhere that we are all on? Is it random? and why does it never have anything to do with the one I just looked at?

and there is a 3.
If you havent already- get over to Staci's Let's Teach Something Blog and join our Grandtacular Giveaway!!!!
Here's to hoping my Tuesday is as good as my Monday!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

**Update** Reward Card Freebie

I rec'd a few emails about the reward cards and lots of repins- so I have put a pdf of the cards here......Just click on the picture!
Leave some chatter if you grab it!

Sale in the Classroom and HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hello from the land of the living!
The "icky-ka-ka-poo-poos" are gone! and I am breathing freely....whoo hoo!
Even though I was feeling off on Friday, I had to get our Reward Store going, like I promised.

They have been receiving and trading in coins all year for good choices. They can cash them in on Fridays for homeowrk passes, lunch dates, treasure box or craft box trips.....but funds are low all around and I need pencils, copy paper, erasers, and such, more than I need party favors!

SO I took a tip from Mel at Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations and added some rewards that the children can "buy" that are free for me!

For 10 coins, they can wear a hat in the classroom for the day, read to the class after lunch or dismissal, bring something to share with the class at calendar (show and tell), or bring a fluffy friend to spend the day. For 15 coins they can come in for lunch on Friday and bring a friend or call DIBs on a computer for a selection of games .

They only get to shop on Fridays.  This is one of my sweeties counting out....golds=10, blue=5 and pink=1
 And once they choose and pay, their card (magnets on the back) goes next to their number. The only one that has limits is the lunch. Lunch can only be used on Fridays. But they rest of them time they can use  when they would like. They can see what they have available to them and I take down the card on the day they use it.

It's going really well! Of course you can still go to the treasure box....but only 1 wanted to this Friday!

Remember that BIG giveaway I was telling you about that my friend Staci was going to have when she hit 100? Well....

It happened! Wait until you see all the stuff you can win!

I told you it was  a lot! Go over to Staci's Blog, and check out how to enter!!! Good Luck!
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