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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sale in the Classroom and HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hello from the land of the living!
The "icky-ka-ka-poo-poos" are gone! and I am breathing freely....whoo hoo!
Even though I was feeling off on Friday, I had to get our Reward Store going, like I promised.

They have been receiving and trading in coins all year for good choices. They can cash them in on Fridays for homeowrk passes, lunch dates, treasure box or craft box trips.....but funds are low all around and I need pencils, copy paper, erasers, and such, more than I need party favors!

SO I took a tip from Mel at Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations and added some rewards that the children can "buy" that are free for me!

For 10 coins, they can wear a hat in the classroom for the day, read to the class after lunch or dismissal, bring something to share with the class at calendar (show and tell), or bring a fluffy friend to spend the day. For 15 coins they can come in for lunch on Friday and bring a friend or call DIBs on a computer for a selection of games .

They only get to shop on Fridays.  This is one of my sweeties counting out....golds=10, blue=5 and pink=1
 And once they choose and pay, their card (magnets on the back) goes next to their number. The only one that has limits is the lunch. Lunch can only be used on Fridays. But they rest of them time they can use  when they would like. They can see what they have available to them and I take down the card on the day they use it.

It's going really well! Of course you can still go to the treasure box....but only 1 wanted to this Friday!

Remember that BIG giveaway I was telling you about that my friend Staci was going to have when she hit 100? Well....

It happened! Wait until you see all the stuff you can win!

I told you it was  a lot! Go over to Staci's Blog, and check out how to enter!!! Good Luck!


  1. love, Love, LOVE that reward system! :) So cute :)

    And so excited about the giveaway- thanks for joining me! :)


  2. So glad you are feeling better! I LOVE the reward system. My current one is losing some of it's pizazz, so I think I might use your idea!


    1. Send me your email and I will send you the doc I made with cards and numbers:)


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