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Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's Been That Kind of Sunday!

If I were any lazier than I was today....I would be dead!
Here is a list of things I have done today: In order

1. Woke up.
2. Took a nap.
3. Woke up again.
4. Tried to take a second nap (thanks kids)!
5. Had the Mr drive me to 6 stores looking for  a new pen (really)
6. ....there isn't a #6 yet. I will have to get back to you!

I did read lots of blogs. Found lots of Giveaways!

A Cupcake for the Teacher
She is celebrating 400 followers! Congratulations- I am thinking positively- I will win the gift card....I will win the gift card..... {we'll see how that works}

This is a "joint" giveaway- so lots and lots of goodies to win!

Thinking Out Loud

Jana has posted her first product on Tpt. It is very cute! That is a huge step- I haven't taken it yet- but I will soon, very soon...ok, not too soon because I lacking in motivation on the weekends....but hopefully soon! {It looks great, Jana!)

And last but not least- Melissa at DillyDabbles is having a PHENOM Common Core pack giveaway....she's not choosing until she gets to 50 send everyone over there! It is AH-Mazing!

Our 100th day is this Thursday- we really don't do a whole lot with it. Kindergarten does {I used to}...but it is hard to forfeit a day.
I saw someone comment early this weekend that she really liked so many of the Craftivities, but because of scope and sequence and pacing guide and curriculum constraints- she wasn't able to do as many of those as she liked....I am in the same boat!
We are a Scott Foresman's on our report cards and everything- so I HAVE to do that.  I have to make our activities during our center time or small group.

I already push the envelope by making the things we do- only one other firstie teacher {out of nine} does them- and it is like a "covert" operation bc we are afraid others wont see it the way we do, as far as covering standards....

Do you follow a  reading series? is it optional? Do you have "freedoms"?

(I think this post now counts as #6)...hee hee


  1. LOL that picture is hilarious. It sounds like your day has been very nice. I had to do several things today and I've been completely bitter about it. Especially since my boyfriend's day looked just like yours.

    We don't have to follow a specific reading program. We have to teach the standards in a certain sequence, but the actual tools we use are up to us to choose from the materials we have or make them. Some schools in my disctrict have principals who are more strict, but thank goodness, not ours.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. Haha love the picture. I'd show you the one I have that my son took of a squirrel and a beer bottle but the poor thing IS dead...sorry. I live with a house full of hunters, and 2 labs, and trees, with lots of squirrels...Have a happy week!

  3. I love the squirrel picture. Your day sounds lovely. I think teachers should have days like this more often. Thank you so much for mentioning my first TpT product. I really appreciate!!

    We don't have reading program to follow. I just want my teachers to make sure they are teaching the Common Core Standards. How they do that is completely up to them.

    Thinking Out Loud

  4. I just saw your valentine's day card comment - I may have to re-create that one for the hunny this year. He would appreciate it :)

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out! The picture on this post is awesome. I'm now following you as well.

    We're in the process of getting into the Journey's program for our shared reading. Our district has ordered the materials and we're getting trained in Feb. with the expectation to start it next fall. Our only restraints are that we have a block for shared reading, writing, phonics/skills, and guided reading. I usually spend the first hour on shared reading and writing and then 1.5 hours on guided reading. I loosely follow the Daily 5, so I do the phonics/skills as my mini-lessons between groups.

  6. I always have high hopes on the weekends but pretty much fail. So far as long as our kiddos meet their essential skills we are kind of left alone. But that isn't going to last I'm sure. We have covert ops too.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  7. Now THAT is a good day.
    I feel like I'm the one who said all that stuff about scope and sequence and yada yada yada.
    I have to follow my curriculum. Hence, the curriculum cops.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. I LOVE all your squirrely pictures!!
    And boooooooooo to all that curriculum cop stuff!!! REALLY??? Districts need to let loose!! Curriculums are NOT the bible!! They do NOT have everything a kid needs to learn...It drives me crazy!! For people who like using the curriculum..great..let them. For the people who like to venture out, LET THEM!! As long as the kids are still learning (and passing those oh-so-important district tests...) Sorry, I ranted. (I actually had a lot mre, but I deleted half of

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron


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