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Monday, August 27, 2012

Made it Monday and Sunday and Saturday

Just another Made it Monday...oooo...whoa...wish it was Sunday....ooooo whoa

(Has that line already been used?)

I am linking up-
but first I have to apologize.

I HAD to finish the projects (that you will see in a moment) and I was not able to make that
video for converting a reg calendar to a pocket chart calendar-
Littlest Little has agreed to be my cinematographer  and we are getting that video completed and posted this Wednesday the 29th

Before I show you these pix,  you have to pinky promise not to be "judgy".

My "repurposed" items were not mine.
They were not purchased.
They were not donated.

They were "found".
The afternoon before....trash day.

Please do not picture loads of furniture on piles of landfill with the gulls swarming around them-
that is not the case.

On my walk I spotted a chair that was not purchased at a yard sale and they were going to THROW IT AWAY!!
WTH!?!? Don't they know there is a teacher in "hood"?

There was also a table and 2 chairs set a couple of streets over. These people just moved in, and they bought
a new set. They weren't even trying to sell it- they were just going to THROW IT AWAY!!!
WTH?!?!? Don't THEY know there is a teacher in the "hood?"

So I called the MR  on his phone,
like ya do,
and I said
(outta breath)
"MR! MR!  (puff puff)  GET IN YOUR TRUCK!
(huff puff) MEET ME OVER HERE!!!
(I walk fast, so I am OUT OF BREATH if you try and talk to me).

He heard FREE and it was like the Starship Enterprise teleported him over to where I was...
He is a little concerned with all the remodeling I have done this year- so this was a welcomed price- FREE...
without further ado:

Here is the chair:

It's a doozie, eh?
Solid wood! The whole thing-
And they may have a cat- I'm just saying.

This was a hard project for me- because I am very allergic-
unless your name is Zeke and I am medicated the whole time I am
around you. Smooches, Zeke.

Several antihistamines involved in the making of this comfy chair!!

I painted it black (surprise)
and bought material to cover-
I just threw these covers out and made new ones  completely.

Next is the table and chair set:
It looks full size, but isn't- more of a dinette.

I covered the chair with a vinyl table cloth that I paid a DOLLAR for (I know my Fernie is loving that I am being so frugal- she is ALL about the saving of the $$$$)

The staple gun is now living in the holster close to the glue gun.
I am considering a thigh holster....

Ready for all the after pics?
This is AFTER
the cleaning of the furniture
the first coat
the second coat
the third coat (on table only)
the spray varnish
the spray scotch guard
the stapling
the sewing (yes, I didn't use fabric glue this time)
the moving
the lifting
the walking around it because I did it all in the house because it is A MILLION HUMID degrees outside and everytime
I would put  on a coat of paint, a really dumb bug (and his dumb bug cousins) would LAND on it!!

Here we go:
The chair in the reading center. Fabric is green with pink polka dots.

The cutie table as the new writing center.

Next door neighbor in hood saw all the painting and brought me the little cubby that is now on the cart-  little bins still have scissors. Lil tubs have glue sticks.
See the material on the bookcase?
I was very aggravated my the non matching pencil boxes where the markers "live".

So I did the fabric glue thing, made a little curtain, bought a dollar tension rod and Voila! all covered up.

 Plans? making anything else?
Yes, I am painting my rocker-
I've been a little off of it lately:)

And I am going cheat I think and buy two pretty pink shower curtains....stay tuned to see where they go..

So you ask
"Squirrels, what are your kiddos learning these days?"
Well today we covered how to load the staple gun.
Last week we mastered how to paint WITH the grain...

Just kidding-
we are assessing
DIBELS Beginning of the Year BM.
AMC Counting Assessment
AMC Hiding Assessment
Compass Entrance Core Pretest
Just my general "Do you remember anything from Kindergarten Assessment?"

Today was day 13. I plan to have all B.o.Y assessments completed by Thursday.
If my head does not explode first.....

Be sure to link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics:)


  1. You are one handy girl....

    I really am loving all that cuteness!!!!


  2. I would LOVE to have a staple gun/glue gun holster too!!! We could even bedazzle it with "Miss Squirrels" on it.
    Zeek misses you terribly. He just wanders and meows...still searching...
    Then coughs up a hairball and leaves you a lizard at the door step.
    Too bad we got the new couches after you left. They weren't all "zeeked"

  3. omg, I'm going to start calling you Mrs. Talented!!! I'm super impressed!!!!

    And now I need to know what you are doing with the pink shower curtains! don't keep us waiting :)

    Let's Teach Something 

  4. Oh hello!!!!! Free and awesomely cute after your makeover!!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for linking up girl! You crack me up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. WOW! They look absolutely fabulous! Awesome job!

  6. Man, you found some good stuff in your hood and I love how you painted everything. I'm going to have to start stalking my neighbor's trash. :)

    The Teaching Thief


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