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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lies, Lies, Lies...

What up!?!? It's been over a week-

I haven't been around because I have been so busy getting school work done.

(That's a lie).

I haven't been around because I have been spending quality time with the Littles.

(That's another lie).

I haven't been around because I have been getting my house ready for the holidays and finishing shopping.

(That's yet  another lie).

OK, I haven't been around because I have been busy eating 6-10 meals a day,
rotating into comfy "kajama" pants,
filling up my coffee cup,
 shifting from one spot to another in the living room,
 taking a number for my turn to take a nap,
hiding from the Littles.

There. That's the truth. I have been the epitome of lazy  these last five days!.

I did manage to have time to play with our newest addition:

 Meet Barkley.
(He dressed up for the introduction).

We have not had a puppy in the house in a long time!! He keeps us very busy. But no matter what he wants- we do.
We just can't resist this face.

A few times while he was sleeping I was able to go into the office and work on a game that has been in  my brain for a while.
I finally got it all out!
(My brain is officially empty now).

I am pretty excited about it! Our goal in first grade this year is to have every child FLUENT- like, drop.of.the.hat. fluent in facts to 10. There are many ways we are doing this, one of them is really dissecting numbers and looking at the parts.

Let me show you a game I created to help with practicing facts.
 All you need after printing this pack is a bag of two color counters or two different color cubes. Each player chooses a color and as the cards are picked, they place one of their pieces on the correct number.
 If we are playing on the gameboard for 5's and I pull a 2, then I will place one of my pieces on a 3- because 2+3=5. The Super Power cards make it fun because if I pull one of them I can put one of my pieces on that space OR move my opponent off of a Super Power space and take their spot!
And then the first one to fill a row, either up or down, wins!
There are 12 games total (two for each number 5-10). And the cards are labeled to keep them organized!
There are also practice sheets for each number!
You can click on the cover below to add it to your cart while you are getting ready for the BIG SALE!!!

I KNOW you've heard of the BIG SALE:)
Graphics by Ashley Hughes

Susan @

has put together a great linky! Get your clicking fingers ready!!!
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  1. SERIOUSLY Barkley is super cute!!!! Your "lies" part of the post cracked me up because I've been telling myself lies all Thanksgiving break too. Love your new math game. . .I just added it to my wish list.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  2. Barkley looks just like my puppy!! Same coloring and everything. Love him!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. Oh my gosh, Barkley is the cutest puppy!!!! Look at his face!!! Congrats on the new baby :)

  4. You fur baby is adorable! You cannot lie about a face that is THAT cute! =)

    Heather's Heart

  5. Is he a Yorkie? I want a Yorkie so bad....we are thinking maybe this summer. Were you able to find him locally, or did you have to travel to get him (I don't travel) or did he travel to you? I want a little girl!
    He is so cute!
    Jennifer, Kindertrips

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      Actually,a student's mom sent in a show and tell picture because her dog had puppies. Along with a note that "Your daughter would love one for Christmas!"
      And I was hooked.I met him when he was 2 weeks old- and brought him home 4 weeks later:)
      He is a DORKIE!! :) His mommy is a dachshund and his daddy is a yorkie- we are IN LOVE!!!!
      Truman doesn't know what to think of him yet- they are in their "honeymoon" period!!

    2. Well, he is adorable and I know he loves his new home. I will need to keep my eye out for a puppy for us. Thanks for letting me know...Jen

  6. OH my! Barkley is adorable! Your post cracked me right up! AND, I just put your math game into my shopping cart. So excited to shop tomorrow! :)
    Growing Firsties

  7. It's a wonder you got ANYTHING done with that little guy around! I don't think I could have. SO CUTE!!!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

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