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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sick Squirrels and Secret Sisters

Hi Diddley Ho Neighbors!

I had a plan- I swear I had a plan!
There are some amazing linky parties circulating right now- and I wanted to post and link to so many.
I was taking notes and strategically planning what I was going to write, who I was going to join, and where I was going to link-
and all of it was gone.
Gone in a matter of minutes.

How does this happen?

One Little Word.

(No, not THAT One Little Word)

Trust me, no one chooses this as their OLW.

The word....


I took Littlest Little in this morning, and sure enough- it's strep.

You would think that with all the germs that I bring home everyday that these lil squirrels would have some immunities built up!!
I'm like  a petri dish by the time I get home-
But these little germies were tough ones and they made their way through.

I had to stay home today with him and we are also home tomorrow.

I was dreading having to set up for Day 2 of a sub, especially since it is not the same one. It is just sooooo much work.
I went looking for something to ease the planning- and I found a wonderful surprise!
I found these ladies in TpT and then moved on over to check out their blog.

Secrets of the Second Grade Sisters

I found this unit that covered my ENTIRE day tomorrow and the prep time was MINIMAL!!

 Check this out!

See that on my writing table?
That's it.

Clockwise starting at 12:00
Breakfast count
Packets for each child for the day
"Teacher" copy
School procedure

In the words of a close friend-

The pages are all separate- but I decided to make a "packet" for the day for each student (the copier did all the work there).
That way, our sub would only have one thing to pass out.

They will still have regular Math and Reading centers - but the day is centered around the book.
Activities for the whole day.
Talk about an easy plan:)
Thank you ladies!!
If you are planning (or NOT planning) on being out- go check these ladies out- give em some love, tell 'em Squirrels sent ya:)


You may have noticed things were a little nuttier than usual on the blog-
up there
at the top.
 photo facebookicon_zps2597642b.png

 photo pinteresticon_zps0f74fab6.png

 photo twittericon_zpse2ecfe82.png

 photo tpticon_zps57afbd14.png

They were all  there in some form or another before.
Little birds.
Red Boxes.
Pink hearts, green clovers, wait....nope that's something else...
But now they are all cute little acorns.
And there's a new one.

Yep- I did it.
I added this nutty blog to the world of facebook!
(I know, I know- I'm the last squirrel in the world to not have a page)
but I fixed that-
now Squirrels has GONE GLOBAL!!!
Be sure to head over there and "like" me.

I tend to be jittery and nervous- (squirrelly characteristics) and it is totally compounded when i have to worry about whether or not someone likes me!
This is going to cause me to be on more meds.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday-



  1. Those plans look amazing!!! Off to check them out now for my extended Pres Day weekend trip!
    Teaching With Style

  2. I have to check out Secrets of the Second Grade Sister. It's so nice to have a place we can get activities in a pinch! Hope your house gets better soon!!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  3. I wish passing out all the papers at one time worked out well in Kindergarten. It would have saved me a load of time the past two weeks of being out..but those little explorers would get in more trouble than its worth. Thanks for the blog and store recommendation and LOVE the new icons Squirrels :) Hope the little little gets to feeling better.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. In my head I'm like "No, you won't come down with some weird tropical (or normal) illness and have to go in at 2am and make lesson plans." time is coming. I need to make a 'sub tub' for that just in case day.

    (I'm pretty sure that day doesn't cover an emergency 'hair doctor' appt though...)

    Hope your house is germ-free soon!

    I don't quite have the awesomely cool lesson plans and stuff but I do have a free Missing Teacher writing prompt On TpT

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  5. OMG! Thank you so much for this awesome post. We are so happy that our Miss Nelson plans helped you out when you needed it the most! It is so sweet of you to feature our "newish" blog and give us some love. :)

    Hope you all get well soon.
    -Sister Secrets

    1. You are so welcome! What a great day they had- and the sub left feedback! She loved how the day meshed together!

  6. That lesson looks great; thanks for sharing :) I hope your Little is feeling better!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

    1. Thanks, Catherine!
      He is all better now- it took two days of being contagious and one to recoup- and now you can't tell he was even sick....his battery is on FULL!

  7. I liked you of course!! Congrats on the new page...I love those acorn icons....acons???

  8. Facebook hey? Well done. I still haven't set up a fan page YET. I thought about it, but I just don't have the motivation to do it. Can't work out if I really need one or not. I love your new little acorns. :o)

    The Paper Maid

    1. I sent you an email- are you heading back to school now? (at home)

  9. Love your little social media buttons....too cute. Facebook is so quick and easy!! You'll love it ;)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  10. Your blog is adorable! LOVE the acorns! They are perfect!

    1. Thanks, Kim! This html code stuff is kinda fun- it's like a puzzle!

  11. I'm your newest follower! LOVE the "acorns"!

  12. We just found you and we are happy we did! Love your blog. We are your newest followers!

    Hope the little squirrel is feeling better.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes! Love your blog- I went over and checked it out:)
      and I am YOUR newest follower:)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. The blog is good enough, keep up writing such type of posts.


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