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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Smelly Markers and Super Sales

There are a few words in the title of this post that bring excitement to both the firsties AND to me.
Them = Smelly Markers!
Me= Sales!

I'll start with them and end with me.

I started scooping up these markers this past summer and they love any time we use them.
(Their moms probably don't appreciate it, but  I pass out a box full of wipes to get their little noses clean afterwards!)

I started playing a game with them during whole group for spelling.
It's super simple.
But super fun.

I have each student get a dry erase board, sheet of lined paper and one smelly marker. The board is just to have the hard surface under the paper- clipboards would be ideal, but I don't have a class set of those.

They stand in line, and I write one spelling word on the top of paper. They then make a HUGE circle that spans the room,
and set down their board and marker.

After that I grab my phone and click on my commercial playlist- of course you can use any music you like- HA HA!. When the music starts, they start roaming. When the music stops, they stop in front of a board and write the word that is at the top onto the paper.

Now- NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can write UNTIL they have SNIFFED the marker.
Not my rule.
Even if they have smelled that particular marker 5,297,107 times!!!

You can tell my friend already used a cherry one, eh?

She started out smelling "gently".

And obviously got more excited!!

They really like moving around the room.
I really like that all levels are practicing the words.
I know that they are all seeing spelled correctly- no one is struggling. The ones who are not practicing at home are getting some extra practice in the room and having fun!

Once everyone is standing, I will say-
"Raise your hand if you just wrote the word....."
"Hop on one foot if you just wrote..."

And even my lowest ones get to do the "being silly" part because the others will whisper "Hey, you have that word!!!"

I found these recording sheets and activities that are perfect for this group of smelly marker lovers!

Jennifer from

First Grade Blue Skies

created these and they are a ton of fun!!! My room smelled like "fruit salad" when we were finished.
Click on her pack to check it out in her Tpt store!
Speaking of shopping-
I was going to tell you about the word "sale" in the title.
I am not a huge sports fan- BUT
this sale button that Ashley Hughes made, may have converted me to a love of all things football!

Check out these other great sellers as well!
Good Luck to your team tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - that cracks me up! I can only imagine how fun that is for your kiddos! I MUST give it a try!

    And, Ashley is so amazing!!

    Hope you've had a chance to enter my huge giveaway that ends tonight!

    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties is giving away Erin Condren and more!

  2. Super fun! Thanks for the shout out and I'm glad you and your kids liked the pack!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. I love smelly markers! I just smell them myself and not let the kids 'help' me because I'm always afraid they'll mark my nose!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  4. I love this activity so much! I am obsessed with smelly markers! My kids will love this - I am so going to do it this week!

    So glad I found your adorable blog!

  5. Thanks so much for the linky party!! I have been such a blog stalker slacker since I got married in July!! I LOVE your new blog design!!! SOOOOO love the pink!!!

  6. I love smelly markers too! :) Your kiddos are just too cute with the little marks on their noses ;)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  7. I just found your blog today, and there are so many things about this post that strike a chord with me. I really enjoy the way that you blend sensory activities with music and spelling. I think it's SO important for our kids to move around when they are learning; it really engages everyone. The smelly markers have always been a favorite of mine, and I'm not sure whether it's a result of my blindness, but I cannot STAND the nasty smell of regular markers. I'm so happy I found your blog! I just put up some freebies on my blog and would love to share them with you if you have a minute to come over. Oh, and I'm your latest follower. :)

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

  8. I used your activity and blogged about it tonight! I credited it back to you of course!


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  10. Hi buddies, it is great written piece entirely defined, continue the good work constantly.


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