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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guest Blogging for a Squirrel-friend

Today I was able to write a guest post for my friend Jenn over at Charts and Chit Chat (formally Best Practices 4 Teaching).

I am posting this from my phone- so I'm gonna have to be like that old lady in church whose slip is always showing...but instead a slip- y'all get to peek at a bare and ugly link....Egads!!!
Head over to check it out - and we would love for you to leave some "nutty chatter"!!!


  1. This comment has nothing to do with this post...Snazzy in Second had a link to an old post you did about how you store all of your students' supplies. I love the spare crayon idea. (I teach kindergarten, and they are forever losing basic colors.) I also noticed that you cover the opening of the desk with tape. When I taught upper grades, I would simply turn the desk around so that the opening was facing the opening of someone else's desk (since they are in community groups). No access to the inside and no tape needed! :)

    1. Hello! So glad you like the spare crayon idea- and I had a few girls who were ├╝ber organized this year, so that helped too!
      We have those wonderful desks that have that lovely support bar between the front legs, so if I turned them around, they couldn't sit- chairs wouldn't go in- ARGH!! It was very frustrating!! But the tape was great! Especially during year #2- I started them out that way, so they never knew any different.
      And this year - I am moving to fourth!!! So everything is different- blarg!!!
      Only a week of summer left!
      Hope your year is a great one!!

  2. I’ll never ever miss the chance to read your new blogs. Glittering work guys!!


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