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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and What's By Your Wallet?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Are you sweating next to the oven right now or are you crammed in a car on your way to the madness? 
Maybe you have just awakened to head down the stairs and watch the parade? 

I wanted to watch the parade this am- but I only caught glimpses as I rushed past the tv to add things to a travel bag:(

I love the parade!! All the floats and balloons and the bands!! Man I love the bands! 
And I especially love it when a group stops right in front of the Macys door to perform and they do one of those arial shots ! And all the sparkly stuff makes designs..... Gosh I love a parade!!!! Maybe next year I can plan to take all the Littles to NY to stand there and watch it in person! Wowee wow wow! I could only imagine what that must be like....

It has to be very different than what I am doing today! 

We finished our packing and I heard the words that I always hear before we get in the van to leave:
"Mom, can I just put this in your purse?"


I hate that my purse catches everyone else's crap all the time!! It never fails! 
I took a picture of my purse before they started bringing stuff to me: 

My purse is relatively neat and empty when I don't have it filled with their junk. See, just the essentials- Squirrel wallet ,soda money, some Squirrel Bling, and my prescription of "mommy-takes-this-so -she-doesn't-hurt-people" meds. Ha ha!! 

Now look what they have done to it: 

They have added three phone chargers, there's a phone in a ziploc, germx in case  we eat in the van, and I added the bottle of aspirin just in case the other bottle doesn't kick in on time!! And now that I am looking, the dollar is missing!!! 

Little thieves!! 

The Mr. has pretty big pockets, I am going to start having them load him down  with crap!

We are now about two hours from our destination and 2/3 of the Littles are asleep. Whew! That's a successful voyage for us! 
I hope everyone has an amazing day today, filled with lots o turkey and pie- but mostly with lots of love! 


(Heads up!! For Black Friday Shoppers!)


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