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Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday {Dec 6}

Happy Snow Day!! 
What!?! You didn't have a snow day- well then I apologize for bringing it up- doesn't mean I didn't love my day any less though!!
It wasn't even really a "snow day" - it was an "inclement weather" day.
The roads were going to be too treacherous to be on- okay.
I'll take that. As long as I don't have to drive on it, it could be covered in meatballs or sushi or pudding- don't care!
Just call it a "----- day" and I'll turn my alarm off and enjoy the freebie!! 

It was warm and cozy inside. I kept busy by cooking and a little cleaning-but mostly EATING!! 
Like really, all day. I am pretty sure I exceeded the number of calories I should have TIMES 3!!!
I had Mac and cheese - the whole box, a bunch of boiled eggs, chicken Alfredo, a few slices of cinnamon toast, an ice cream sandwich, half a dozen cake cookies and more. I will make an incredible football player with all the bulking up I'm doing!!! 

I did some browsing online between snacks (and during) and I found these little lovelies in Etsy. Don't tell Chickadee, but I'm thinking we need these matching squirrel necklaces!! My little squirrel-girl!
I figured I would direct The Mr. to a few wishlists online...


I also found this one. He should spare no cost when it comes to showing his Squirrel Love! Wow!

I guess I will have to wait until Christmas morning to see what little gem of squirrewerly I might be receiving.
One piece that I have recently added is this sweet little Charm a Day Advent calendar that my mother in law sent to me! The bracelet itself is day 1 and then after that I get a new charm to add to it everyday until Christmas!! 

There are two days left to my weekend and there's a good chance that I'm gonna be stuck in the house for most of it .  Booooooo!! 

I hope wherever you are, you are warm and toasty (and you have access to yummy snacks )!!!


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