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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ahhhh...can you hear that?

Shhh....listen closely-

That is the sound of everyone in my house sleeping {pooch included} except for me.

"Why isn't Miss Squirrels sleeping?" might you ask...

Well, sit back and I'll tell ya~

Cause I spent all day sleeping and avoiding getting my work done! And then I got on the "bloggity blog blog" Google Reader and I got stuck!

Stuck? "How did Miss Squirrels get stuck?" might you ask...

Well, I'll tell you that, too~

It's because I have no willpower when it comes to the Freebies, and the Giveaways, and sharing and the ideas and, and, and....{dramatic pause}

Blogging is my kryptonite~ It keeps me from doing all things  that other people think are important!

The round of final evaluations has begun at school! It's the UNANNOUNCED {nounced, nounced} - that was an echo....
Instructional {al, al} - another echo for effect.

I should be more worried- I should be frantically writing and typing and printing~ but you know what? I am just gonna {in the words of the great JWWOW} "Do me"... I am just going to do me, be me, and let it go.

I have been observed twice for Math and once in Science, so my calculations indicate that someone should be showing up for Literacy Block anyday now...

There- that part is done. I feel better.

Speaking of feeling better- I have gotten used to the retainer...
Only a week and a half! Whoo! hoo!

I was cutting the MR's hair yesterday and I sneezed....then a minute or so later, I ran my tongue along my teeth and I had to have him look. Is it still there?
It flew right off when I sneezed!
So then I was like Velma on the ground, but instead of looking for my glasses, I was looking for my retainer!!!!
{Let's just pray there is no sneezing during the Eval!!!!!}

I have pictures of the Nursing Depts visit to the class for Dental Health (will post later) and some cute teeth we made: totally got the idea from Pinterest
Apple slices, marshmallows, and a thin line of spray frosting (it is supposed to be peanut butter, but I have pb allergies in the class)...they turned out so cute!!!!!

And now it is getting down to the wire- I have to finish my work, but before I go-
I found "Color Splash" on Photobucket .....this is a pic of the MRs grandfather at a 4th of July Parade in Smalltown, USA

I just think it's so neat!!

OK, I can't put it off anymore...I must finish up
Have a great week!

(Before you click over to the next blog, check your sidebar? Any Squirrel Love over there? No? Well, scroll up and get my button and/or add me to your blog's like getting a little {{{{{HUG}}}}} every time I see it when I am stalking)


  1. Haha! Your post made me laugh out loud! I'm imaging you sneezing, then being frantic! I have an observation on Thursday morning…guess what I did all weekend?? Blog stalked and avoided it! I just call this getting mentally prepared! I hope your unannounced( love your echo effect!) is over and done with soon! P.s. your "I found color splash on photobucket" killed me! I think squirrel is the perfect name for you ;)

  2. Hi Staci:
    You're on my blog roll (That's how I got here just now!)
    So... there's a little hug for you!

    Your post made me laugh. But what REALLY made me laugh--like fall off the chair, holding my sides--was your comment on Kristin's clip art post.
    I'm STILL laughing as I type this: "Are you the one in pink on the right?" (or something close to that)

    You are so funny! I am convinced that there could be a blogging comedy troupe that would pay far more than teaching salaries.

    The Oscars are over and I am trying to finish my prep for tomorrow--which is why I am typing a comment on your blog. HA!

    Wishing you a good week ahead...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. loved the echo, then the visual of you sneezing, you cut hair? what can't you do? Best of luck on the unannounced. I think just doin' you is a great plan. Can't mess that up!
    Hope you got some rest!

  4. You're too funny!You were already on my blog roll, but now I grabbed your button too :) Good luck on your unannounced visit!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  5. You are so funny! Hope your observation goes well whenever it is =)
    First Grade Blue Skies

  6. What is up with all of these evals? In my district, once you've taught for them for 10 years with favorable evals, you're off the hook for 5 YEARS. That's me. No evals for 5 YEARS.
    So . . . Kim really enjoyed your comment on my blog . . . HA!!!!!!!
    Love the pic!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. The evals are out of control aren't they? It's the Race to the Top $.
      They had to change the eval system to get the money- so professional teachers have 4 now EVERY YEAR- all formal. And apprentice teachers have 6!!
      Come to TN- Home to the Smokey Mountains and Mountains of Paperwork!!!


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