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Monday, February 13, 2012

The "Snow Gods" vs. The "Chocolate Fairies"

So I have flushed my ice cubes and there is a spoon waiting for me under my pillow....

But wait- if we don't go to school tomorrow- I won't get my chocolate!!! we won't be able to exchange little cards with Blow Pops taped to them....
Okay, that was bad- I know I should be more excited- but really, what does a 6 year old know about L.O.V.E????

Don't you remember when you picked out the box of cards you were going to pass out- and there were those awesome little envelopes that you had to lick and then seal? I swear, I loved those little cards.

I would hide them in room because my mom would only let us keep them for a short time and they were quickly relabeled "trash" as opposed to the "treasures" I thought they were!

But now, all you have to do is buy a box of Fun Dip and write your name on it and everyone gets the same one.
Better yet, nothing says "I think you're special" like  a Fruit By the Foot with a heart on it!

It just isn't the same... sniff...sniff..tear drop....

But I play the reindeer cupid games. Fortunately, valentine and hallmark are NOT Common Core Standards- so I don't have to give too much of our attn to it. We are "exchanging" from 1:50-2:30pm tomorrow. I have one Valentine story to read ( I actually have almost as many valentine books as I do Christmas and Halloween.....just NET!!!!!....{NET is my new acronym for

Don't get me wrong- I am all about the L.O.V.E...just not the distraction when there are so many other things I am they are responsible for now.
Here are a few pictures of what I did do for them....I am NOT a "love grinch" :)

Remember those cute heart ice trays from the $ spot
(I take out every crayon other than the original 8 plus peach, gray, white, and pink- but I save the blue-greens, red-violets, and blue violets...some years we make candles- this year I recycled and made crayons for them)
old glass bowl and my candle warmer
foil to keep the heat in

poured into "ice trays"
CUTENESS- Heart Crayons!
Squirrel buckets have notepad, push pencil, 2 heart crayons and candy
{can you see my youngest Little through the handle}

So see, I am not a Heart Grinch:)
This is also the week I am doing Presidents and American Symbols { I am working on a Universal Symbol for SNOW DAY}.
 I purchased A Cupcake for the Teachers Presidents Day Activities from Tpt last night- can't wait to use it!!!! I also got her Dental Health Cutie Patooties!!!! She is just adorable......

well off to bed to be torn between dreams of the school parking lot fields covered in snow and mountains of chocolate....toodles!


  1. I miss those original cards, too! This year, one of my kids' moms brought her son's cards to him along with his lunch. It was all from Chick fil a. His lunch AND the cards which were basically a coupon for a free icecream. She wrote on them. Not the student.
    I hope you get a snow day!!!
    LOVE NET. That's perfect!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. lol...V-day is actually one of my LEAST fave holidays...I guess because it's NOT like what it used to be...I'm kinda glad I'm on leave during this holiday! lol

  3. I had a parent that wrote the names out for her kid in cursive so the kid had to keep interrupting me to ask what does this say????


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