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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ducks, Superheroes, and Eagles

First a BIG Thank you to Miss T for my "Tag Award" (look over to your right....your other right)

see, she is breaking the cycle!

Since I don't have to answer any questions (like I mind talking),
I can show you my finished display.

It is from the Waddle We Do If It Rains activity from A Cupcake for the Teacher:

They used the umbrella template to write complete sentences, telling what they would do when rains.
He is awesome!

I know I don't have to translate for teachers, but "When it rains, I like to take a nap."
a Play date AND a tea party.....sounds like fun!
"When it rains I will get some coco and make a fier and get a basball board game and resurch about in sex"

(You know what he meant- focus....focus....shame on you) hee hee.

We are really working on creating Super Sentences. We want to know the who, the when, how, where....we just want to give specific details without babbling or running on.

Remember ?
(previous post)

Yes, that is a stuffed bear in a cape on the right...that's a whole other post!

They are very descriptive when they talk and are making the connection from their everyday speech (vocabulary) to their writing. Realizing that it isn't always "I like..." or "------ is......."

They changed the ending to a story from our series last week and it was very interesting to see them use these skills!
Next week we are going to get VERY descriptive with one of Abby's Writing Units.

My new obsession is this Eagle Cam. Have you seen it?
Go here .
We had it up on the big screen today while we were in centers, that way we could keep an eye on them....her babies are c.u.t.e!
We got mesmerized when it caught our eye that Daddy was there.
He swooped in and dropped a fish in the nest!
It was so freakin' cool....

Until, Mama started pecking it to death (it was not dead when it arrived)

and then preceeded to chew him up and feed him to the babies....

Such is life, that is what they do.
So I think, you know what? I am going to continue to let it broadcast....I mean, unless she starts eating one of her babies or shoves one out of the nest, we're good, right?


Not right.

So  cutie patootie eaglet wiggles and stretches (so sweet)

He is just so fuzzy and I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George!!


He sticks his little birdie bootie up in the air and (I am not exaggerating)

PROJECTILE POOPS in a spouting stream that took up MORE than HALF of the big screen.

Guess who was looking when that happened?



The room was filled with "Eeeeeeewwwwwwws!" and "Grooooosssssss!!" and your regular first grade giggles when anyone mentions "poop" (let alone watches something poop)!!!!

I got them all calmed down, back into center mode, and we kept them up there.

My oldest son and I checked it out this evening and the camera has Night Vision!!!!

So cool.

I have to give her BIG UPS!

Cause she just sits there all day. And like sits on them. I had her in the corner of my screen while I was stalking,
and she just sits there while they scoot and shuffle under her.

Dad didn't show up anymore (during that time).

I told the MR that the "good-for-nothing-son-of-a-bird" was probably out drinkin' with his Eagle Buddies while she was taking care of them! He brings one fish and thinks that gives him a free pass.....whatever....Eagle Daddy is on my list....

Ok, the MR has to be in at 3am, so I have "kitchen" Gammit! I hate cleaning the kitchen!!!!!
But I have to be super nice bc he is the reason I am going to be able to go to the Tn meet up in 4 days!!!!
Have a great middle of the week!


  1. you know you're going to get a lot of views now that you've tagged this as "poop"

    1. hee hee....I have almost as many posts tagged as "poop" as I do squirrels....just saying the word makes me

  2. Oh my lord, so glad that was your class and not mine! I don't think I could have calmed mine back down after the poop. By the way, so glad to see someone post pics of their kids' work that isn't perfect! Sometimes I suspect that teachers are out there, recopying papers or editing the heck out of them because what I get out of the majority of my students looks more like umbrella #2 while everyone else is posting umbrella #1!

    By the way, check out this California hummingbird cam - last year I just left it running in the background and whenever we heard wings buzz we would quickly switch over to see what was going on. One day we used tally marks to chart how many times mama came back to her next to feed the babies.

    Speaking of birds, we candled our chicken and duck eggs yesterday and then one of my darling had the audacity to ask me how the egg got out of the chicken. I totally froze and then told them that I didn't know because chickens sit down while they lay the eggs so that the egg doesn't break when it hits the ground. In fact, no one's ever seen how the chicken gets the egg out. It's a total mystery. Or at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Jennifer @ <a href="

  3. @ Ms. Patterson, come grab it from my blog :)

    Staci, thanks for the shout out!

    Yeah, that cam of the eagles has been playing at this one school non-stop in their front lobby by the office because that's their mascot lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  4. That is hysterical! I am going to have to check out the Eagle Cam!

    First Grade Magic

  5. I love that you are showing the EagleCam to your class! I've been addicted since last year's eaglets, and this year it's a rowdy bunch! Wish I could show my class, but instead I sent home the website and many kids said their parents looked it up. The poop shoots are hilarious, aren't they? Especially when the eaglet ends up tipping over because of it!

  6. The bird poop/cam is hilarious... but I can only imagine how tough it was was to "bring 'em back" after that! They're probably still talking about, right?
    Love their writing.
    Dragonflies in First


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