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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WTH?!?! Wednesday

Hey Howdy Neighbors!
It's Wednesday.
Wednesday = tomorrow is Thursday = the day after tomorrow is Friday.

I don't know why I get excited when I see that those days that start with "s' are here??
The only difference is, I can wear my "kajamas"  longer.

This weekend will be a tad different-because I have scheduled sleeping in on Saturday-
I mean it.
I will.
Past 9am...
even if I am awake, I am not getting out of the bed until after 9am.

Is everyone out there getting settled in?
Are you in love with your sweeties?
Are you all on track with an AWESOME schedule that NEVER gets interrupted?
Are ya coming in at 7 and leaving at 3?

You are all answering "Yes" right?

And this begins another installment of

WHO THE HECK is Squirrels, kidding???

I've got people coming in and out of my room..
Kids are getting pulled out, progress monitored, serviced, intervened with
They are getting Pre tested on paper, on the computer, with manipulatives, in front of me, with a
volunteer, with each other
I got your small groups, your whole groups, reading groups, math groups,
meetings, meetings, and more meetings
papers, papers, and, oh yeah, more papers
I got withdrawls (students leaving- don't worry, I'm not detoxing from anything)
New arrivals (again, students- not babies)
I have "data" running like the scroll on CNN at the bottom of my dreams!

It's gonna slow down though- we're gonna get through this.  We have to- because this is what we do-
it's who we are.
It's how we work.
So we find the time.
Speaking of time...

WHERE THE HECK did the time go?
Today I sent home the 6 week progress report-
I know, right!?? Six weeks we have been in school already.

We are past procedures (whew) and there's lots of learning going on!

The CCSS in reading are now my friends.
At first, I did not like them.
I wouldn't let them sit at the lunch table with me and the other state standards.
We talked about them behind their backs!
We said things like
"Oh, they think they are so much better!" "What DO they Have that we don't already??" "No one wants ANOTHER change!!"

BUT CCSS started smiling at me.
They started to be nice. They said, "Hey, give us a chance- we're not so bad"
So I did.
And we started hanging out- like after school and stuff.

We are still in that "honeymoon" stage- but I gotta tell you-
I think the CCSS and I are going to be really good friends.
Although they are already spending too much time in my house.
This is why I am scheduling a sleeping in day.

WHEN THE HECK did this little Squirrel go "Inter-nation-AL!?!?!
Check this out-
I (lil ole me) was found by people searching from India and England....
WTH were they searching for?

Isn't it nice to know I can bring a smile to someone's face??

Isn't it also nice to know that I show up so often for searches involving "poop"?
Either way-
I'm global-

(giggle giggle)

Before I go, I have to ask you if you have seen this new (to me) app called GifBoom?
 I am IN. LOVE.
It is a hoot- you can take pictures that are already taken (like a series) and smush em together to make a little .gif- OR you can do thirty at time and it makes it for you real quick.
Here are a few I was playing around with- Homecoming was my inspiration because I was being a dork following Chickadee down the street to aggravate her...
Chickadee before Homecoming.

Truman being precious! These pictures remind me of Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas!
Neighbor's grandson
Easy to share, too!

(and Free).

So whether you are here because you searched for a smiling face (or "poop") or if you are here because you wanted to  see WTH was up- I'm glad you're here!
BOLO for some great writing activities and book studies (brought to you by the letter "A" for AWESOME Tpt Teachers)


  1. Smell it! :) Never gets old. Love the picture thingy!!!
    Glad you have made new friends!!!!

  2. Oh Staci, I was so happy to read a new WTH Wednesday! After only 1 and a half weeks of school, I feel like the chaos has settled a little and I hope it will also happen for everyone else really soon.
    Have a great sleeping in Saturday!


  3. I have been doing assessments and monitoring in my sleep we have done so much of it in the past 4 weeks. EEEEkkk. Love the picture thing :)


  4. So funny! BTW, I loved Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas as a child!! Awww, the memories!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  5. haha - Smell it!
    I too had a scheduled sleep in day today... sweet bliss. :D
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  6. omgosh!! I LOVE that app!! I'm going to see if I have that app for droid!!!


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