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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sleep? What's Sleep?

 Happy Almost Friday!
Here in my world, I am 50 mins away from Friday!
Why am I still awake?

Who knows!?!?!?
Sleep is something that has become an "incidental" for me. It just kind of "happens when it happens" lately. 
I used to jump on the chance to go to sleep and naps were mandatory!!!
And now I am lucky to be asleep between 12-1 am and then the alarm starts going off 2am so that The Mr can get ready for work. Some of the Littles are up between 5:30-6am, then Littlest Little and I are out the door between 6:45 and 7:00- depending on if I have a meeting or not.
I am assuming it will catch up with me eventually- until then I guess I'll continue to stay up eat unhealthy amounts of junk food, catch up on the DVR,and blog stalk.


If you follow my FB page, or my twitter, OR my pinterest- then you already know that I have a new Donors Choose Project up and running- 
I'm uber excited about it- I am also excited that I have had my mom, my sister, The Mr, and my students' parents fwd and post until their posting fingers cramp up!!!! 
This is the "formula' email that they are circulating for me-  thanks for checking it out:) And you would not be hurting this Lil Squirrels feelings at all if you chose to share the link-
I just created a request for my classroom: Getting Organized With Miss Squirrels.

If you chip in to help my students, you'll get awesome photos and our heartfelt thanks.

Give to my project by March 20 and your donation will be doubled thanks to the Board of Directors! Just enter the code INSPIRE on the payment page and you'll be matched dollar for dollar.

Your support would mean so much to us.

Thank you,
Miss Squirrels

Getting Organized With Miss Squirrels

Classroom photo
Miss Squirrels

Every day my door opens with smiles because we all are so glad to be here! Although it can quickly become confusing and cluttered when materials aren'... read more

My students need an organized space to put their folders, agendas, and binders each day, keeping their daily school to home communications together.

Help my classroom

(When you hover on Help My Classroom, it will look like you are heading off to "Pin" but it actually does go to the link)
Watch Oprah Winfrey explain (2:23)

About is an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides an easy way to make a difference in public schools. Teachers across the United States post classroom project requests on our website and citizen philanthropists like you choose which projects to fund. then purchases and delivers the requested materials. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in the State of New York, 213 West 35th Street, 2nd Floor East, New York, NY 10001.


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