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Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday {July 25}

Another summer week has passed. It hasn't hit The Littles yet. They are still pulling all nighters {on the xbox}, staying out all night {in the driveway}, and sleeping in- like waaaayyyy in.
I don't have the heart to break it to them that this coming week is their last week of freedom- maybe I'll break it to them next week. 

This week I posted a few projects from my first grade room. {scroll back}
I haven't been super crafty this week- just cooking {which I hate} and crocheting.
Pic #1 is a snapshot of my biggest cooking fail this week. Bought the wrong cornmeal and ended up baking a frisbee.

Pic #2 is a failed attempt at cooking canned biscuits on the panini press. They were also flat- as a pancake- pretty much just smaller versions of the frisbee pictured above. 
Pic #3 is bread that I couldn't mess up because it was already baked at the store! I even had a helper in the kitchen who buttered and garlic-ed it and we got it in the oven.
It burned. Really. 
Family reviews:
"It hurts the roof of my mouth."
                        -Littlest Little
"I'm not eating that."
"If you let it soak in the sauce for a minute it's not so bad."
                -my favorite (I mean , Middle Little)     

Pic #4
Something I surely couldn't ruin this week!
With all the heat and lack of rain you would think that we wouldn't have so many tomatoes. But we do! My neighbor's birthday is tomorrow and I am giving her the gift of some fried green 'maters... If I don't burn them.

Pic 5 {and 6} have to do with all the heat and humidity. Littlest Little and I broke out the wii this week- just too hot to be out there!! 
Take at look at my Mii.....hers grouchy!
I forgot how "angry" I made her forever go when we used to play this thing all the  time. 
I need like Mii therapy- some anger management!
I especially needed some counseling after we busted out the Mario Kart! While I DO have gold on all the levels (because I am just that competitive), it has been a long time! I forgot how much I despised Rainbow Road. 

I guess I will have to practice when they all go to bed this week so that my Mii can stop being so grumpy! 
Enjoy your weekend!! 


  1. Every time I cook it's an epic fail - thank goodness My Mr. does all the cooking for this family. Your kids must think you are mighty cool because of your gaming prowess!

    Love ya Squirrels!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

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