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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"No-Sew" Sewing for Your Classroom

Holy Humid!
I don't know where you are reading this from, but hopefully it is from somewhere cool and breezy AND DRY!
When I left to walk this morning, it wasn't too bad- but by the time I left the house to run errands around 8am it was so humid that it took your breath away when you walked out the door. WTH?
We didn't even go to the pool today- there was no sense in going- you were already wet when you walked off the porch!
So it was a good day to get caught up on some housecleaning (bleck).
I also read lots of blog and insta posts about redecorating the classroom! (That was in between cleaning jobs)

If you have fabric leftovers from all the decorating that you are doing, I have a VERY SIMPLE {and stress SIMPLE} way to make a great curtain for that little rectangle window on your door.
In our building, it became mandatory that the window be covered at all times.
No peeking.
I guess I could have painted the window- but I wanted a pretty curtain.
And I wanted it to be "pretty" from both sides!!

Below are the directions from when I made it-
{Remember..... SUPER SIMPLE!}

First here is the finished product
(gotta have a goal)

Measure and cut the fabric to the size you need.
Take the two fabrics you are going to use and put them both
"pretty side" in (facing each other)

I folded the edges over (about an inch)
and just ironed a nice crease
(yes, I said "iron"- please forgive me)

After I got nice creases, I pulled them apart.

Leave the bottom fabric on the board (in my case it was the floor)- don't laugh, but
I don't even OWN an ironing board!!
One of the Littles actually asked, "Who did you borrow that from?"
when he saw me take it to school!-

Back to the craft-
You have pulled them apart, now take the fabric that was on the inside and lay it
on top of the piece that is still on the board.
Ok, now the "pretty sides" are both on the outside.
See that BEE-U- Ta-ful bottle of fabric glue sitting there?
Take that and run it along that inside crease that you made.
I pressed it with my fingers first-
then ironed it again (note to self- and all others....Do not let that iron
sit too long in any one spot)

Then I just let it dry, hanging on a chair!

But look at how clean those edges are!!
I couldn't have sewn it better myself!

So now  no matter what side you are on, you get to see the "pretty side"!

And this can be for ANY size curtain.

I made this two years ago and it was just  as perfect as the day I made it when I packed my room up at the beginning of this summer.
I love projects that are easy!

I have always thought that once the fabric goes up in the classroom, the room immediately starts to come together- then you have to do all that other teachery-stuff.
The stuff that makes you sweat and fuss and scream and cry....
ok, back to the fun stuff!

Enough about me
What's your favorite part of getting your classroom together? Would love for you to share!
Happy Decorating!


  1. Love the double sided aspect! So crafty, Squirrels!!! Ps I love to iron!

  2. Hi Missy! This is exactly what sewing looks like at my house! Except I always get glue in my hair...
    Sending you oodles of love...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. I love the no-sew!! I use it all the time.
    We're not allowed to have curtains (fire rules) and we're not allowed to cover the windows in our door... I'm starting to wonder if our district is the only one with all of these darn rules!!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach

  4. The writer understand better the mind of people what they want to learn through their writing therefore this article is outstanding. Thanks!!!

  5. Finally, guarantee that the texture on the chair is fire retardant and that the maker guarantees a fast DI Y get together if the chair doesn't come pre-collected.


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