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Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Don't Make Me Pull This Line Over....!"


Things that have happened in the last two days:

1. One of my boys got suspended for pinching a little girl when I am not looking. I know, shouldn't have escalated, right! She is selectively mute. So she didn't tell me! Her mom came in and SHOWED me what had happened!

2. One of my girls went to the office today because she tried to pick up one of her friends by two fistfuls OF HAIR.... FROM THE CARPET!!! The same girl, hid in hall bathroom at dismissal because she didn't want to take the note home to be that was a nightmare to find her.

3. Another girl came in and said "Mommy and ________ are both sick. She said if I feel sick to tell you." This same child tiptoed to the nurse because the LIQUID POO did not make it to the potty, but instead, into her socks!!  Can you imagine that conversation: "Well, honey, both your brother and I are a little dehydrated FROM POOPING OUR BRAINS OUT, so we are going to stay home, but you go on to school." My room smelled HORRIBLE for awhile.

There are other things that have been cuckoo, but I have to respond to Santa letters in a bit and I just don't have the time to write it all down!

I did have some positives:

1. I won Day 10 of Farley's 12 Days of Christmas- looking fwd to how cute that Thirty One organizer will be in my office!!!!!

2. I rec'd the Liebster Award- 2 times!! From Erika at 2B Honey Bunch and from Sara at Smiling in Second Grade!
(I will post my picks in a separate post!!!t) (Erika, I just now labeled the post that tells about the name)

3. I got out of shopping with my mom AND sister and only went with my mom and we had lunch and it was beautiful because I followed it up with a nap!!

4. I found out that even though the evil Google Friends and Followers Gadget  does not show me the truth- you can see it!
At this particular moment- there are 99! I must reveal that there are only really see if it worked, I started following myself from twitter to test it! I wonder if stalking yourself is a condition!!!! How crazy is that!?!?!? I can't get the people in my house to listen to me- but 98 people I have never met, check in see what I have to say.....Maybe I should start communicating with my children via blog!!!!

5. We made the cutest ornaments- idea and tags courtesy of Busy Bees -
Just A-dorable!

I also wanted to do some ORF progress monitoring so I had them make snowmen after reading Frosty- Not any old snowmen- POINTILLISM SNOWMEN!
WIth a cup of white paint and  A Q-TIP!!! They did a great job with buttons, hats, scarves, and brooms- too! And I was able to
test 16 children!!!!

And I also created  an I CAN statement because of the paint and it is called:

I CAN clean up after myself.

Tomorrow is Friday and there are no crafts planned, four of them have already left for vacation and I think the Mr and I are going on a date tomorrow night!!! So things are definitely looking up!!!!! As long as there are no fist fights or socks full of poo- I think tomorrow will be a great day!!!


  1. Staci...I laughed through this entire post! Ugh - we have all had days like this, where you stop and just say, "Seriously?!" after awhile! Hope your day is better tomorrow! It has to be since it'll be Friday!!! =)

  2. Oh, and we've gotten started making these ornaments, too! They really are SO cute!

  3. Staci,
    You are so funny. I love the story about how you got the name. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your day is better tomorrow.
    2B Honey Bunch

  4. I think we've all been there at one point or another!!! I had to take today off and take my daughter and myself for our yearly checkups. Sad that a checkup is more fun than being at school with 9 days left to Christmas! My blood pressure was perfect :) Can we start a nationwide petition to close school in the month of December?


  5. Seriously what was the Mom thinking? It reminds me of a second grader I had last year. I can't remember the exact conversation, but the gist of it was something like this. He arrived to school with a change of underwear in a plastic bag. He brought the bag to me and asked me if he could change his underwear. The 'accident' happened at home before leaving for school, but Mom didn't want him to miss his bus so she gave him clean underwear to go. Thanks Mom!

  6. OMGosh!! Not that I'm glad that you had THAT kind of day, but it makes me feel a little better about my day today - my FIRST referral in THREE years!! Ugh! But I'm glad that this little girl FINALLY showed her true colors to other teachers besides me...everyone thinks she's so cute - but she's so NOT!! lol....but Yay for you winning! And Yay for 99 followers, well 98 followers! ha! And yay for date night!!
    Jen Ross
    The Teachers’ Cauldron


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