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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good-bye Rex

 First- Goodbye, Rex.

Today we held services in the backyard at the National Hamster Cemetary for Rex. He was a good hamster. He gave us 2 happy years. His brother, Larry,  went on to a better place this past September and a distant cousin, Chuck, was buried in the first plot a few years ago. We are going to shop for Rex's headstone tomorrow.
Stop smiling because I am not kidding. They were all boarders in the Tori's room. I went in to give her a kiss to wake her up this morning and noticed Rex was in his food bowl, but not eating. She took him out and we held him and rubbed him to keep him warm. We laid him back down comfortably after about an hour or so and then we waited, and waited, and waited. And around three o'clock when I checked on him there was no breathing.
So when the Mr came him he went straight to the back yard and began to dig. We went outside and there were a few words spoken and then it was over. It was all very sad and yet another crappy thing that has happened to her on her Christmas break. poor baby!

We tried to pep her up  a bit. We all went to Opryland Hotel and saw the lights. And we drove through Jellystone Park lights and we went to Santa's village and she did the jumpy thing with the bungees. The boys did it too and it was pretty funny! They were WAY up there!
We also tried something new for dinner.

Before I can go any farther, I have to share SOME MORE OF MY CRAZINESS with you. And I am in no way knockin' crazy, because I know I am - it's on paper and they make me take my meds!!!!! Remember the OCD thing???
Well, the CRAZY started kicking in when I was preggers with #2. I began having trouble driving. A real tightness in my chest. It was just a weird feeling at first, but then it manifested into this physical discomfort and eventually- full blown panic attacks! thanks to the meds- I can drive short distances (I live 2.2 miles from my school).
I also got this weird thing about metal. I am not allergic to metal, I can (prefer not to ) touch it. That was 10 years ago and now my silverware is packaged up under a counter. and we use camping ware. It is plastic and hardy and dishwasher safe,
I cannot drink from a can. I cannot touch unfinished metal....chalky stuff also gives me problems. I know it is weird- the Dr has no idea....I am going to head over to the therapy couch one day and see what the heck happened and why I am so screwy when it comes to that!

OK, back to the regularly scheduled post-

So we went to Cock of the Walk near the Hotel. Have you ever been there? I haven't . Don't know why, but we just never did go there! It smelled wonderful and I couldn't wait to be seated and start eating.....until.......I saw the set up. It is family style- which I can handle but,,,

Let's count the metal:

1. Apps are served on metal tray.
2.Cornbread in cast iron skillet. (several on table)
3. greens are in a metal pot.
4. There is a metal bucket with the silver and napkins for the table.
5. The cups are the little tin camping cups.
6. A giant platter of our family style meal
.7. and the silverware to eat with.

Oh, and you can't see it pictured, but there are metal pitchers all up and down the table for you.

I thought I was going to stroke out! the Mr asked our server for a to go cup and to go plastic silverware..

The food was great, but I wasn't able to have a conversation with anyone because my jaws were clenched the whole time! So I looked like a real anti-social B***H! His fam knows about my weirdness.....but the 75 other people who were in the dining room didn't and they were just scraping away on those tin plates with their metal forks and spoons!!!

It was supposed to be an evening to cheer up the girl. which I guess worked because she sat across from me and giggled the whole time, threatening to scrape her fork on her plate!!! "You're welcome, sweetie!"


  1. Staci, I am sending a hug your way! Thank you for your honesty with all your blogging friends. I love it that your darling daughter bounced back and was able to tease you. I wish for you (and your daughter and family) a joyous new year!
    An Open Door

  2. So I'm guessing you don't visit Pigeon Forge and Dollywood much? I'm sorry I couldn't resist. I love that your daughter was cheered up by your discomfort... so much like my own children! I'm glad she feels well enough to tease and get out. The things we do for our
    May the New Year bring you all good health, good times, and plastic eating ware.
    btw I kinda feel the same way...I think it's a nails on the chalkboard thing.

  3. It's always said when a pet dies. Our children think our small critters are buried in the yard, but they actually went out with the trash. Our three dogs would just dig them up and . . . you know. So we have engraved wooden headstones and fake flowers. Hubs and I giggle every time we see them. I know we are sick. Glad your daughter was well enough to tease her mamma. That's a good sign. I personally prefer paper plates but that's just cuz I'm lazy!
    2B Honey Bunch

  4. To begin...I'm am so sorry for your daughters loss (the hamster). We have several buried in my back yard as well. It isn't easy when your child has to go through that kind of loss. regards to the OCD, I so had to giggle at your post. I too have been medically diagnosed as such. Although I don't have an issue with metal, there are several things that will send me into panic attack mode. For example, if I am in a car...I must be the driver, never the passenger. If I am cooking, I must clean the dishes as I cook...there cannot be one single dish in the sink when I am done. Oh, and all beds in the house must be made prior to me leaving for the day; that includes mine and my two children's beds. I have actually come home from work on my lunch break just to make the beds because I couldn't get my mind off of it during the day.

    We are not crazy...just different! :)


  5. Poor little hamster...sorry :( As far as your other "stuff"...our minds are fragile things - I always say that. Must take good care of them. You are YOU and you are a wonderful YOU no matter what!!!! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  6. I'm glad she's feeling better but I'm sorry about the hamster - do you really put headstones up for them? I am a new follower and I had to go back and read a few posts to see what the deal was, but I am loving your blog!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  7. Jennifer- thank you!
    They aren't "real" headstones, but instead they are religious stones that she has personalized with paint. We actually took Chuck to the vet and had him on antibiotics before he passed! I am pretty sure that Rex is the last one (for her). The boys are 7 and 10 and I am thinking they may want a furry friend...although I won't encourage hurts too bad when they go :(

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