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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Squirrels on the Move

Is it safe to say that we are finished? Are we out?
The Littles have already been out for two whole weeks; I am right behind them!
It has been a whirlwind of activity since the day they got out.

I had envisioned naps and sleeping in- who knew that that I would be taking such a different direction?
Squirrels is still working on that getting healthy thing!
I have been following some very inspirational people. People who made the decision to make their lives better and they have done it!
I am very grateful for all the "visuals"! I get tons of support from my IRL friends and online friends.
Very motivational, indeed.

I am at 3 weeks with no soda (or sweet tea.....Lord help me)!
I am 19 consecutive days working out. (There were others before- but not in a row)
I own workout clothes.
I have cooked and eaten fish.

{These are milestones, people. You should be applauding.}

I know it sounds like I'm being typical Squirrels and being silly- but this is for realsies!!!

All of this should have happened a long time ago-
Three years ago on June 3rd, I made the decision to quit smoking. Cold Turkey. And I stuck with it.
Two years ago, I said "One year ago,  I quit smoking- now I need to quit making excuses about losing weight and getting healthy"(That didn't happen)
One year ago, I said "Two years ago, I quit smoking - now I HAVE to quit with these darned excuses and DO SOMETHING!" (Are you seeing a pattern?)

With that being said, I hope there is a lot less of me to tell you about my June milestone next June!!

It might be a little easier this time around. There is quite a bit of activity. Both of the boys got new bikes, so Littlest Little and I have been doing lots of rides together.
We are at the pool almost everyday! {How many calories does "floating" burn}?
I have been sharing the yard work with Mini Mr. So that in addition to the actual planned workouts makes a good routine.

Too bad the thing I do most doesn't burn any calories.
Guess what that is...
{I'll wait}

I swear, I am driving like all day long!
The other day I told The Mr. that I was waiting for the FEDS to start tracking my activity in the van because there's so much movement. I pull in the driveway and within 20 mins I am pulling back out.
I leave with 3 kids, come back with 1. I leave with 1, come back with 4. And I am always getting out of the van with bags.
I flinch if I hear a helicopter when I'm driving!

Need a reference? It's from Goodfellas (best mob movie ever)

Henry starts getting paranoid that he's being followed by helicopter because he keeps making trips back and forth from his house to deals and dealers.

While there is no illegal activity going on with the Squirrels Mob, they definitely cannot stay in one place too long.
Can you take me to {insert friend's name here} house?
Can you take us to the mall?
Can you pick us up?
I'm out of {insert name of ANYTHING} can you pick it up at the store?
I have to go to work.
I need to be picked up from work.
I need to get more contacts.
I need to get my hair cut.
Can we go to the pool?
His mom said she'll bring us home if you take us.
So I have started looking out the windshield for that helicopter!

I guess I shouldn't complain. (that won't stop me from doing it, though)

By the time there is "down time" around here, I am down for the count. And then I wake up and we do it all over again.

I hope that wherever you are in your summer adventure that you are enjoying it!!
Gotta Go! It's time to leave again!

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