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Monday, April 30, 2012

ZIPpity Do Dah!!!

He was in the lil bag o goodies that the MR recd for his bday.
Zippity Do Dah?!?!

"Wow, Miss Squirrels must have had a wonderful day! Especially if she is titling a post "ZIPpity Do Dah!"

Today was average.

Nothing major happened.

Nothing exciting.

No one said anything particularly funny.

There weren't any situations that were uniquely comedic.

So I am going to tell you what Chickadee told me last's juicy.

She came home and told me that the SRO searched backpacks.

{Oh, no. We are going to have to have the very serious drug talk. I DON'T WANNA!!!}

How dare someone have DRUGS around my baby girl!

She quickly calmed me and reassured me that no one had drugs (that they found) on them.

Well then what were they looking for?

{Oh no! Weapons! We are going to have to talk about weapons and how violence is not the answer. I DON'T WANNA!!!}

She quickly calmed me and reassured me that no one had weapons (that they found) on them.
(Good thing you can't put S.E.X. in a backpack, eh?- whew!)


Zip ties.

Yep, not a typo.

Zip ties.

A grown man in a law enforcement uniform was going bag to bag looking for zip ties.


And this is where I stop for a moment to be very serious- I in no way condone the act of bullying or any type of hazing or prank at the expense of  an adolescent teen.

Ok, with that being said...are you dying to know why zip ties are attracting so much attn from the Sherriff's Dept?

Because students are putting zip ties through other student's belt loops and zip tying them to their chairs!
They are zip tying lockers shut (and you know how hard it is to wedge a pair of scissors into a zip tie that has been pulled tight).
They are zip tying backpacks closed.

Anything that can be tied, is being tied.

Some little weasels entrepreneurs are selling them for 50 cents a piece!!!!

I hope my boys don't grow up to be zip tie users....or worse A ZIP TIE DEALER!!!!!

In my head I picture a skit on a Disney show where a wizard or a pop star or the token misfit is stuck to his chair...and I giggle.

You can currently receive ISS just for having them in your possession- get caught in a prank with them and you can get suspended.

Can you imagine retelling that story "Yeah, I had zip ties in my backpack so I couldn't walk the line at graduation."

I hope they are able to rid the halls of this extremely dangerous fastener....I can only hope that Velcro never makes it out on the street!


Guess what came in the mail today!!??

 I made all three Littles play with me!!
Really, I had to make them.
 You have to spin a spinner and use the "Squirrel Squeezer" to pick up the matching acorn and place in on your log.

 He's so cute!!!

 Look at  how he holds the acorn!

 Careful, Squirrel! Don't drop it!
I look forward to playing it with some of my firsties at inside recess (and it is raining right now, so that means TOMORROW!!!)

Whoo hoo!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

There's a Party Over Here!

Happy Friday, Ya'll!

Lots of buzz in the Squirrels 

Tomorrow is the MR's bday~
he is the baby of the family!

He'll be 37...that's all I can say about that right now,
{he is in the back on his computer , so I
don't want to potentially ruin his surprises- like he reads my blog....ha!}-

he does know about this:

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!!!!!
 that is cooling,
so that it can be moved to the fridge...

only to LIVE IN MY BELLY!!!!

It smells so good!!!!!!!!!


(hee hee)

Today was the last day of testing in our district! hats are off to those women and men who are in those upper grades!
I hope you all have your feet up this evening and you are enjoying an adult-frothy-beverage!
You deserve it!

I know they don't want to think about anything "teachery" tonight-
and neither do I

(this seems to be a pattern for me at night lately)

I took a few screen shots for you all while I was shopping online the other day.
First, I will tell you what I bought and what I am waiting to receive.

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game
 I have had my eye on it for a while and I couldn't put it off any longer.

It just looks so fun! I think I am going to add it to my rewards next year,
maybe they could use their coins to play with myself and 2 other friends???? we'll see-
it just looks fun- and I think I need it.

My other purchase....
He (yes he) is my new obsession


I heard his  newest song, liked it
so I Googled him

{you know how Googling throws me off track}

and I fell in love with his songs (reminds me of Sting)
Watch his video Somebody That I Used to Know
I am not sure what it is ...(I like the way his mouth moves...I know, weird)
but I am ga ga over him (his other videos are cool too) His CD is on its way to my mailbox.

Here are some interesting things I found while shopping. These things are real. And are really for sale.
Squirrel Cuff Links $150

"Load these Poopers up with candy and they release piles of fun" Yum?

I want to decorate my living room like this- I have something in my "cart"- too chicken to buy it.

Very Creepy! This is a garden decoration. Who made it? WHO WANTS IT???? {{{{{Shiver}}}}}
I love that it is "vintage", yet still under $5.00.

 Just the other day I was commenting to the MR how distraught I was that our letter  opener (don't have one) and our shoe horn (don't have one of those either) do not match. As soon as I have an extra $250 to throw away.... I am totally getting both of those....or maybe I will get 50 Vintage Fan Pulls and then have a giveaway..... I haven't decided yet.

This last one is my favorite-
mainly because of how lengthy the title is:
You know someone searched this then shouted "NOW MY COLLECTION IS COMPLETE!!!!!"

Ok, the Cheesecake should be ready for the fridge and I have to
finish getting things ready for when he wakes up tomorrow!
(You know I will take pictures!!!)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Positive Polly vs Negative Nelly

My new rule for the rest of the year (18 days)
is that anything negative MUST be prefaced with something positive.

Of course, this would have to apply only to negative things that I say out loud.
Could you imagine the {additional} confusion in my noggin if it applied to thoughts? My head would explode!

It could wind up causing me to have a split personality
{the MR is convinced this is already the case,
but he just doesn't know that sometimes I get busy and forget my
medication...hee hee}

Don't you think that is a good idea?

I will begin practicing this change (Heather DID suggest "change") in this evenings post.

Positive Polly would say:
I have 18 students. Eighteen is an even number and makes it easy to  divide my class into 2 or 3 groups for teams when we play games.

Negative Nelly says:
Great Theory! But there are 10 boys and 8 girls. They NEVER divide up on even teams. Two of my girls always have to go more than once.

I started Bieber vs. Skywalker (What the Teacher Wants) today.
DIdn't print the pictures. Not playing songs.
But I did do this:
8;00am each team has 20 cubes
 All the girls gravitated to Bieber, boys were all for Team Skywalker.

I told them we would start with 20 "cubes"/points everyday. I find it is easier to "give" them something, let them get pumped up, and tell them I expect them to "keep" it- instead of having to do something specific to get a point when I randomly give them one.

I gave them the speech that "We're All in This Together" (you can hear it in your head, can't you)
and that it isn't about just you for the rest of the year- that your choices are affecting everyone on your team...blah...blah..blah...

And that if I you "choose" to misbehave- I am erasing a cube. The team with the most cubes on our last Thursday will have a special treat on our last Friday together.

So OF COURSE  I was totally planning on "fixing" the game....

Making this a tie is going to be harder than I thought.

Blarg. Tomorrow is a new day. Both teams start with 20....cross your fingers.

The blurb that follows is from a friend on Team Skywalker.

The homework assignment last night was to write a funny poem- using at least 5 of your spelling words.

Positive Polly would say:
It's a good thing that he did his homework! He has nice handwriting and a good grasp on rhyming words.

Negative Nelly says:
Are you kidding me?!?!? and he says his mom HELPED him with his poem!!!
and NOT one of these words is from the spelling list.

Go Team Skywalker!!!

Positive Polly has left the building.

and Negative Nelly needs some sleep.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am calling this post
"Whatever?!?!? Wednesday"
There's some happy,
some sad,
some ridiculous,
some "really?!?!?"
and a little
Oh. Dear. Lord.

I knew I had to lay down the law today...
Yesterday we were a little cooped up. The playground is off limits till after 12pm -
so that we do not disturb testing.

I was a little more stern than usual.
I raised my voice (not yelling)
but assertive.

Assertiveness soon turned to begging.
I graveled,
I almost cried.

I just want the body snatchers to bring my children back!!!!

Was your day like this?

Well, what better way to end a stress filled day than to have some laughs
at my expense.

Let's see
The first thing that happened today...
my neighbor teacher brought in an orange slice
 to put in the bottom of the Butterfly Garden.

The Butterfly Garden is hanging from the ceiling.
I stick my hand in the side zipper,
a butterfly flutters by
and startled me!
So I dropped the orange slice...

He was pinned. I could only imagine what he was thinking
"I only get this body for two and half weeks and this clumsy {{{BEEEP}}}}
drops my food on me!!! I had so much to live for!!!!!"
(I don't know if you know this, but butterflies are known for their foul little mouths!
Don't be fooled by their dainty exterior.)

I got it off of him, he doesn't look so good. If he doesn't make it, I'll take him out,
say a few words and lie and tell the kids he had a family emergency and had to leave.

Ok, the second thing that happened to me today.

We have the eagle cam on during the day. I'll put it on the big screen during centers and at dismissal.
So it is up there, I am conferencing with a student about her writing portfolio, they are working,
things are going well...

then I look up.
At the big screen
and I let out that sound that new mom's let out when something is getting ready to happen to
their child.... you know the sound...
it is a combo "inhale/squeal/gasp" sound
and you are
rendered paralyzed momentarily
This is what I see....

Do you know how high up they make their nests?!?!? Good Gravy, Mama Eagle...if you can't get a handle on those babies, someone will be calling DES (Dept of Eaglet Services)...I mean come on-
Chickens have like 10 babies at a time and they are mobile- yours are in the nest all day and there are ONLY three...
pull. it. together.! Consider yourself warned.

(And yes, the 'Bleacher" in me....bleacher...blogging teacher...took a screen shot)

So the day drags on
Nothing speeds up your day like Clock Watchin'
With the alternate schedule, we are in the room after specials for 2 hrs vs. 35 mins ...makes for a long
But we made it.

I send them off to daycares, cars, and buses
and I am finally alone.
My boys went off to play with the other teacher's chittlin's
on the playground, I go next door to chat for a bit,
and then I was "ALL BY MYSELLLLLLFFFF" (sing it with me folks)

I'm checking Google Reader checking my school email,
thinking about linky parties lesson plans
hoping to enter and win some great giveaways find some great ideas for lessons
and I hear someone talking (to me).

Wow, people are talking loud outside my door.
I should check it out.
No one there.
Back to stalking work.

"chatter chatter, giggle giggle"

Is there an event? Are there children out front?
I should check it out.
No one there.
Back to blogging planning.

Ok, this is ridiculous- SOMEBODY is just being rude.
Wait, is it just in my head?
Am I the only one who can hear these voices?
OH NO!!!!! I have finally gone over the deep end.

I didn't see anyone there because
I've officially gone Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Hold on...
Let me follow that sound a little closer.
Closer....I'm getting warmer...warmer...
Found it!

The last firstie on the computer didn't exit out of Mega Math.
Headphones plugged in, sound is up...and the little puppy is calling out
for me to come join him!!
little chattering, giggling voices SOLVED!
Yeah! I'm NOT crazy!!!!

Whew! What a relief! 
I am so relieved that I am not crazy. Aren't you?

Alright, now get to bed, you have a lot of work to do

Monday, April 23, 2012

DON'T DO IT!!!!!! (I warned you...)

First things first...
if you have anything important to do tonight
then do not
I repeat
Under any circumstances,
no matter how much you are tempted,

You laugh, go right ahead....
but if you do it- you will get sucked in- like bad
like you can't quit clicking.

I was literally stuck
really stuck
in the MR's chair

(he's in bed)

I couldn't get out.
I even called for back up
I called "23-19! 23-19!" (for my Monster's Inc fans)

And in my house
we know that is the equivalent of

So Chickadee comes running
(sliding in her socks, to the point
where she could almost not stop herself and
nearly ran into my Mac-
wherein this would be an entirely different post
probably entitled
"We'll miss her dearly....")

Where was I? Oh yeah,
so she comes up and I say- you have to see this

There is a cutie patootie 
(I just added patootie to My Dictionary so it
would stop giving me that darn red wiggly line)
last time, I swear...
There is a cute video of someone petting a baby owl (owlet sounds weird).
and it is so freakin' cute...
like really...I watched it 3 times!
See? Look at how cute he is!!!! This isn't the video- just a pic.

So then she said "oooo, what's that one?"
so I clicked on it.

and so it continued...

I am not a nature freak-
and if I were to not like owls period
it would be justified..

I saw a thing where the mama scooped up a
...I can't say it....
it was...
yes, a baby squirrel!!!!

I know we have the whole circle of life-
I get it...but there are plenty of ugly animals that the mama owl could have
fed her babies!!

Back to baby owls...
it is like a train wreck and a tennis match all in one.
You start out
"OMG! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!"

and it quickly turns into

"OMG!!! IS that even REAL???!?! That is horrible?"

Chickadee says they are cute when they are fuzzy and little
but then they grow a little bigger and watch you
when you sleep

and absorb your memories so
they can use them to plot against us
and take over the world

(I know, she's weird).

They really are kind of freaky. You will get
shivers as their stares penetrate your soul...

And I'm not talking about the cute
ones that are in children's literature,

It is because of these sometimes cute/sometimes eerie owls
that I have accomplished  *shinola* this evening!!

I did want to share something great:
Our cluster high school has a Service Learning Program. Friday they sent me some readers!! I had 3 of them.
So I chose 3 books
separated the children into their 3 reading groups and started rotating...

They were listening so nicely. Sitting there,
being such a great audience.
There were many emotions going through me-
pride, excitement, happiness...

and then the girl (pictured above)
finishes her book
I expect them to say things like what they say to each other
"That was very fluent."
"I enjoyed the tone of your voice."
"I liked how you were excited when you read."

But no
four of them shout out
"IS THAT AN A.R. BOOK?!?!?!"

There goes that pride feeling....

Well I am off to try my very very hardest to stay awake and read a very not so engaging insightful chapter of the EDI book for a meeting tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the giveaway- Love me some Rafflecopter-
makes it super easy.

Have a great night!
 and remember, whatever you do
hee hee


Happy Monday Morning Chicas!!!

It is time to announce the winners and what they won!

Tanja T From Journey of a Substitute Teacher has won the $10 Tpt GC from Holly!!

Kiah has won her choice of any 2 items from Staci's Tpt Store.


Jen R. from The Teacher's Cauldron has won her choice of three items from  Reagan's Tpt Store!

I will email you ladies after lunch so that I can get your snail mail addresses! We need to get those naked coffees covered stat!!!
And I will give your info to the wonderful ladies who contributed!
Have a great day ya'll!

(Like my new hat?)

Check out my Pop Stars!!!

Raise your hand.. many of you have that one child who always raises his hand
right after you say raise your hand,
but right before you tell him why?

 Whenever one of my two who usually does that
shoots their hand up there before they know why they are doing it,
 I finish the sentence with things like

...if you want to clean the bathroom.
...if you would like extra homework tonight.
...if you are going to let Miss Squirrels have your ice cream at lunch today.

those hands usually shoot down pretty quick!
I love being the grown up!

I started getting the pictures ready of Abby's Pop Rockin' Writing Unit together when
my charger died...fortunately, my new one came in the mail on Saturday!!!
So here is the product of her wonderful creation and my firsties' imagination.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Linky

If there is one thing I can pride myself on - it is my commitment to honesty.
My parents often told me that I can be many things- but
a liar is not one of them.
Honesty is always the best policy.

Sometimes this bites me in the behind.

A few examples:

"Are you sure you want to wear THAT dress, sis?"
(when my sister was shopping for her wedding dress)

" Well, no, the new girl DIDN'T cut your hair the same way as the old girl did, mom."
(when our girl moved to another state)

"You LOVE me? Well, I think you are extremely special, too"
(when I was talking to the guy I didn't marry)

See how it can not work to your advantage at times?

Well here's another one of those times.

Holly has started a linky party. I love Holly. I want to support Holly.
But Holly wants us to show her the Icky part of our rooms. The part
that we usually crop out of the pics before we add them to our posts.
You know, the areas that are always behind you when you are taking pictures.

So I decided I was going to play.
So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly.....
(and I totally considered throwing that whole "honesty is the best policy" mantra out the window on this one)

So there is it.

I have such good intentions at times.
I tell myself I am going to move it after school or get it done on Sunday night
but sometimes it doesn't happen.
I don't know where the time goes!!!

Go link up with Holly:

There are a little over 24 hours left for the 250 Followers celebration! Go here to enter if you haven't!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

250 Followers Giveaway!!!!

This is the giveaway that almost wasn't.

I was freaking out because I couldn't get into my email-
no email= no communication with the lovely ladies who are offering up the
goods for this giveaway!
(Let me rephrase)
the lovely ladies who are contributing to the celebration!

but I called out the troops and
we handled dat!
So, Yahoo! , don't try that  mess again- cause we ain't skerd!

Ok, now- It's Giveaway time!

And it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

(You will see those numbers A LOT!)

My buds
Reagan, Staci, and Holly are helping me celebrate 250 followers!
"Celebrate good times, Come On!!"

All of the prizes are awesome, so I am not branding them as
There's just no way to choose because of the all the awesomeness!!!

But I will tell you that:

One person will win one $10 GC from Tpt from Holly!

A Second person will win two items (your choice) from Staci's Tpt store!


A Third person will win three items (your choice again) from Reagan's Tpt store!

And each one of those winners will also receive a cutie-pa-tootie coffee cozy
that made when I should have been grading papers or planning or something.

 (Told ya, you were gonna see that 1,2,3 quite a bit!)

(And I might be breaking out the baby blue jean eyeshadow and legwarmers and heading to FL
to sing a little Pat Benatar....time will tell)

And there are 4 ways to enter

1. Follow our blogs
2. Follow the Tpt stores
3. Add us to your blog list in your sidebar
4. Leave a comment on this post- about anything!

Use the RaffleCopter Below- Love the Rafflecopter!!!

That's it- 1, 2, 3!

I like for things to be is too stressful as it is!
I have linked the blogs and stores below their contributions!

(I have never seen her birth certificate but I have it on
 good authority  that this is her given name.....
....ok, I just made it up)

 Remember Staci's Grand-Tacular Giveaway?! 
I got to be a part of that, too! 
(We are cosmically linked by the unique way our mother's chose to spell our names......destined to NEVER find anything readily personalized.)
Reagan the Rock Star....really- she has her own music video! 
(Maybe she should go to FL and perform...hee hee)

Don't forget to scroll up and follow me too- but if you are here, you probably already do!
The 'stache one totally cracks me up when someone
is drinking out of a cup with it on..
of course,
I am amused easily!

I think this one is going to end on Sunday night (the 22nd of April)
That way, whoever the winners are: they can find out first thing Monday morning...

It's always nice to have some good news on a Monday morning!
(Rafflecopter is supposed to be under here....)

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