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Monday, April 23, 2012

DON'T DO IT!!!!!! (I warned you...)

First things first...
if you have anything important to do tonight
then do not
I repeat
Under any circumstances,
no matter how much you are tempted,

You laugh, go right ahead....
but if you do it- you will get sucked in- like bad
like you can't quit clicking.

I was literally stuck
really stuck
in the MR's chair

(he's in bed)

I couldn't get out.
I even called for back up
I called "23-19! 23-19!" (for my Monster's Inc fans)

And in my house
we know that is the equivalent of

So Chickadee comes running
(sliding in her socks, to the point
where she could almost not stop herself and
nearly ran into my Mac-
wherein this would be an entirely different post
probably entitled
"We'll miss her dearly....")

Where was I? Oh yeah,
so she comes up and I say- you have to see this

There is a cutie patootie 
(I just added patootie to My Dictionary so it
would stop giving me that darn red wiggly line)
last time, I swear...
There is a cute video of someone petting a baby owl (owlet sounds weird).
and it is so freakin' cute...
like really...I watched it 3 times!
See? Look at how cute he is!!!! This isn't the video- just a pic.

So then she said "oooo, what's that one?"
so I clicked on it.

and so it continued...

I am not a nature freak-
and if I were to not like owls period
it would be justified..

I saw a thing where the mama scooped up a
...I can't say it....
it was...
yes, a baby squirrel!!!!

I know we have the whole circle of life-
I get it...but there are plenty of ugly animals that the mama owl could have
fed her babies!!

Back to baby owls...
it is like a train wreck and a tennis match all in one.
You start out
"OMG! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!"

and it quickly turns into

"OMG!!! IS that even REAL???!?! That is horrible?"

Chickadee says they are cute when they are fuzzy and little
but then they grow a little bigger and watch you
when you sleep

and absorb your memories so
they can use them to plot against us
and take over the world

(I know, she's weird).

They really are kind of freaky. You will get
shivers as their stares penetrate your soul...

And I'm not talking about the cute
ones that are in children's literature,

It is because of these sometimes cute/sometimes eerie owls
that I have accomplished  *shinola* this evening!!

I did want to share something great:
Our cluster high school has a Service Learning Program. Friday they sent me some readers!! I had 3 of them.
So I chose 3 books
separated the children into their 3 reading groups and started rotating...

They were listening so nicely. Sitting there,
being such a great audience.
There were many emotions going through me-
pride, excitement, happiness...

and then the girl (pictured above)
finishes her book
I expect them to say things like what they say to each other
"That was very fluent."
"I enjoyed the tone of your voice."
"I liked how you were excited when you read."

But no
four of them shout out
"IS THAT AN A.R. BOOK?!?!?!"

There goes that pride feeling....

Well I am off to try my very very hardest to stay awake and read a very not so engaging insightful chapter of the EDI book for a meeting tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the giveaway- Love me some Rafflecopter-
makes it super easy.

Have a great night!
 and remember, whatever you do
hee hee


  1. oh I can't stop!!!!!

  2. Haha! How can we not after you showed us one?? Toooo tempting now!

  3. Ah! You make me laugh! I love reading your posts for the humor that you give.

    Whenever one of my kids say something like that the Bill Crosby "Kid's Say the Darnest Things" always crosses my mind! I love the things they say!

  4. Oh gosh, now I'm tempted!! Sometimes I Google videos of cute kittens lol!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. Super tempted -- since my blog is owl-ish. But I can't. I'm currently in a battle of "I'll check one more blog and then go grade writing."
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. You are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this evening.

    First Grade Delight


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