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Friday, April 13, 2012

Just for ME!!

I can barely contain myself!

I have my alarm set to get up @ 7:30am, which is EXTREMELY early for me on a Saturday.

And I am leaving the house by 9am with my personal driver (the MR)...and we are heading to the TN Blog meet up!!!

Chickadee went out with me to pick up a few goodie things to package up as "prizes".
I filled 4 of case we play some games or something- and if we don't do games, we can do that crazy..."What's in my purse?"

This is what I had to endure while we were out:

 Yes, that is my 15 year old daughter IN THE CART on her PHONE.... I'm so glad we had  quality time together this evening.

While we were in the check out, I saw the HEADLINES:


and I thought about how cool it would be if the MR and I were so famous we could "smush" our names.

I am Staci. He is Dan.

We would be the star studded couple:


somehow- doesn't sound as glamorous.

Oh! Oh!
I have to share my door! This is the inside-
 My Super Sentences are still on the outside- this is the inside of the door.
My door is open a lot- and it can't be NaKeD!
And I can't crochet a cozy for it!
Well, I could.
But that would  be a blanket.
And that would be weird.
 On a door.

This lesson is from a Unit on homophones that I purchased from Jen R. 's Tpt (Surprise!)

 We did a little I Have Who Has with the Concentration cards. And then they each got to choose a set of cards.
Their homophone pairs are on these great shoes {that are included in the unit} on the front, and on the back, they wrote a sentence using the word correctly.
I purchased this huge thing of bulk ribbon from Ebay a few years ago. So we laced them up and then I hung them up!

It took me a while to think of  a "punny" banner.
(I love to lay on the floor and color these when the room is quiet at the end of  the day).

A Conversation today:

Boy: Miss Squirrels?
Me: Yes?

Boy: How come your name isn't on our centers and there are other lady names?
(referring to center envelopes that say A Cupcake for the Teacher, Jennifer Ross, Heather Price, Amy Lemons, etc)
Me: Well, honey- because Miss Squirrels didn't make those- those names are the ladies who made them.

Boy: Why do they make them for you?
Me: Well, they don't make them FOR me?

(and before I could finish)
Boy: Then how did you get them?
Me: I bought them and then printed them, cut them out, and brought them to school.

Boy: But I thought YOU didn't make them.
Me:  I didn't....

Boy: But you just said you did
Me: No, I print them....(and needing this conversation to end, I said) . I print them after these ladies make them JUST FOR ME and then I bring them to school.

{Stage direction- "Me" exits stage far left from "Boy" as she can get)

So, thank you to all you WONDERFULLY talented ladies for making all these terrific things JUST FOR ME!!!!

Well, it's time for me to get my Beauty Sleep:)
Can't wait to tell you all about my day tomorrow!
Have an AWESOME Saturday!!!


  1. Hi Staci!

    I hope you have an absolutely fantabulous time tomorrow.
    (SO glad you have a driver!)

    I'll be thinking about you and wishing all the TN area bloggers a happy afternoon.

    AND I'll be waiting for pictures!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Have a FABULOUS day tomorrow - I can't wait to hear all about it!!!! I hope you take more pics than I do!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I love your shoe idea!!!! I am totally pinning it for next year. :)

  4. Love the shoe idea! Have a roll for me at the meet up!

  5. Stan - bwahaha!
    I'd be Jeffise...or De'Jeff. I think the apostrophe gives it a lil' sumpin special. ha!
    Have a great time at your meet up!

  6. Stanci? Maybe that one's better :)

    I always tell the kids that us teachers are just really good at sharing, so sometimes I make things and share them, and sometimes other teachers make things and share them, but I still have to print them out and get them ready.

    Sometimes they do wonder, though!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  7. Stan...So funny. Have a great time at the meet up :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  8. I can't wait to see pics of all the fun.

    By the way I got a text from you at 5:30 in the morning today that said happy weekend or something to that affect. I freaked and thought it was my alarm and then I grumbled....SQUIRRELS!!!! as I fell back to sleep.

    So strange!!!!

  9. Haha! Don't you just love the endless questions?! Thanks for the shout-out :) And I was thinking... Stan.. OR... Danci!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  10. I love Danci...Stan is so 70' MUST post pictures. I will be waiting...

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  11. Staci! It was so great meeting you today. Thank you for the prize. I'm glad I didn't clean out my purse today! haha!

  12. My celebrity husband/wife name would be Sten haha!!! or Baci if Ben had it his way and he'd be first- but let's get real- I'm always first!

    Let's Teach Something


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