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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Easy Peasy as Mac & Cheesey Linky

Happy Sunday~!

I wish this Sunday were a happier one for me-
 but it is not so.

I go back tomorrow.

I'll pause while you wipe your tears.

Thank you- I can feel your support.

I am actually not required to go back until Thursday-

but I have things to do in the room- as we all do-
I know you feel my pain.

And since we are  all going to be uber busy during our daytime hours
we all need our evening hours to go smoothly-

So I decided to start a linky that will help our evenings out- just a bit.

It's the Easy Peasy as Mac & Cheesey Linky...

I'm a cornball, I know-
but I got several emails from bloggy friends who tried the
Turkey Roll recipe and loved it!
Some even sent pictures! (Jennifer K. your Turkey "burritos" looked yummy!!)

I consider this to be "our" linky, but since it is going to live
on my blog I ask only a few things. Three things to be exact- remember?
This is Easy Peasy as 1, 2, Threesey! (Ok that was a bit much, I know).

First- make sure it's EASY! Minimal prep and cook time.

Second- add a recipe with common ingredients ( if we are going to
eat it, we should be able to pronounce it)


Third- Pictures are completely optional- but we all know that we
are senseory motivated creatures- so if we like the way it looks, we'll try it.
I do ask though that even if you do add pictures to be sure that somewhere
in your post you have all the info in one place so that we can easily copy and paste.
1 cup blah blah blah
1/2 tsp barbity blarb blarb
a dash of bleepity bleep bleep

Cook on ????  for ????
(And please be sure to credit the chef if it isn't your original recipe).

I look forward to trying lots of deliciously easy recipes!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

It's Thursday- what is Squirrels doing post on a Thursday?

There aren't any WTH?'s  in the title.

She didn't ask "Are you freakin' kiddin' me??!?!?

This must be an honest to goodness
gonna walk away with knowledge-
growing experience-
right up there with professional development-


It's not.

I never made it to school today.
I found out that there are two in services that I wanted/needed
next Tues and Wed and I HAVE to stay all day Mon to get
my stipend- and we are required back on Thursday-

and there is a whole lotta difference between
I am at school because I have to be and I am at school
cause I wanna be-
you know what I am talking about, right?

Well this week was optional-
and I opted out!!!

So while I was grocery shopping today, I thought to myself
"Self, if you don't go to school today, you are not going to have pics to share!"

And that would make me a fibber!
I am A LOT of different things
a fibber is not one of them-
so instead I took some shots while cooking dinner.

And I thought-
some people probably already make this or some variation of it-
but I'll share it and all the mommy teachers in teacher blogland
will say
"Oh, Squirrels! Thank you for your recipe idea-
you made my day easier today!"

Ok- you probably wouldn't say that-
but it's true-
we are all getting so close to being super-er -er
so here's an easy dinner-
It is one  of the Littles Favorites and it is sooooo easy!!
Turkey Rolls!

 Yes, it is Stove Top.
I make a phenom cornnread stuffing for realsies-
but remember we are in a (semi) hurry.
Pour stuffing in bowl. Add One and Half cups of Water. Microwave One minute.

 This is Smoked Turkey from the Deli.

 Spread stuffing on Turkey.

 Roll it up (hence the name- Turkey Rolls)

 Add them to the casserole dish- I dump the extra stuffing that didn't fit into the turkey around the sides.
(This could be the only recipe with the word "dump" in it).

 Shhhh.... Quiet now-
don't EVER tell my grandma that I bought premade gravy!! Well I am sure there are other things that would send her over the edge- but she would definitely  frown upon gravy from a jar !!
(Look at Truman "I want gravy! I want gravy!")

 Poor it on top. Oven like 15 mins on 425.

 I totally cheated on the green bean casserole, too.
I mixed all the ingredients, mic'ed it for 3 mins, stirred it, poured on more french fried onions and slid it in the oven for the last five minutes that the turkey rolls were in-

Now those are for realsies mashed pots-
I can't skirt any corners on those-
I do have standards people!!!

Now see-  you have an easy dinner to have next week-
The potatoes take the longest.
(We had cranberry sauce too- but I was embarassed at how
badly I had mauled it, trying to get it out of the can- so I decided
not to photograph it!!)

Someone should start a "linky" of easy recipes for the busy teacher.
And when I say easy,
I mean
I need to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients and there shouldn't be more than
about 5 or six of them!

Maybe I'll do it-
who knows

On to other things- kind of related to teaching
I did hit the DOLLAR SPOT today


(Giggle, Giggle, Quack)

hee hee

I got my wallet

I would have never found if it hadn't been for Holly and her B.
(They MUST be Secret Squirrel Shoppers).

I did get three pocket charts,
two bingo games
and 7 books! They are kind of like the Step into Reading Books-
a couple of them are a little over where we are-
but darn it- those books were under a dollar!!
Those words cannot remain unread-
Heck even if I read them once- I have gotten my money's worth!!!

Okay- well today was day two of
my walking routine-
a little over 4 miles-
I am pretty proud-
good thing my other hobbies allow me to sit-
because after I "Face Time" the MR and ask him to move me from this chair in the office
to Comfy chair up front, I won't be able to do anything that
requires standing or walking!

Have a Fantastical Friday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WHAT THE HECK!?!?!? Wednesday

uuuToday was the first day of the rest of my life!
Well, yesterday, was too- but then
won't tomorrow also be....?
I never got that saying-

I looked through some albums
(no vinyl)
photo albums-
you know,
those books that we used to put our
pictures in?

I used to be obsessed with getting
them developed and arranging them into the
the albums in the EXACT order that they were
taken so that we could remember every single moment
of our lives...

FOREVER {er er er} that was the echo.

But those days are gone.
I now move pictures to disc and it seems
like the only ones I print are of my students for

I was looking for pictures for the the Tell Me More Linky. Waa.

WHAT THE HECK happened?

I was a hottie!
I so see why the MR fell so quickly in love with me!

And I never exercised.
I ate like a horse.
I drank like sailor on shore leave.
After Chickadee- I went right back to
the way I was
(body-wise, not lifestyle habits)

Five years later-
I have Middle Little-
go right back

Three more years
Littlest Little-

right back

It has been these last two years.

Maybe because they are more independent and I dont have to chase them.
Maybe it's because I quit smoking.
Maybe it's because  I find naps to be such a beautiful thing.
Maybe it's because I am addicted to blogs!

(It is not because I am old. It is not because I am old. It is not because...)
I am willing that to be true.

Either way-
I grabbed my phone, downloaded an app
(Map My Walk)
Put on my shoes and took off-

4.6 miles and an hour later- I thought I was DYING!!

WHAT THE HECK was I thinking???
But I did it-
and I am going to do it again tomorrow
and the next day
and then a few more days after that
and then I will probably slack off
(like I do when I start something new)
and who knows, I might give it up all together-

But darn it, I did it today!
Gotta start somewhere!

We also went to the pool today-
You know it's hot when the pool isn't even refreshing-
it was like bath water-
a cool bath
but still bath water.

While we were there I saw
I didn't get a picture of her-
although I now wish I would have
I would also have liked to have gotten her
mailing address and birthday.
This woman NEEDS to be recognized!!!!

WHAT THE HECK makes this granny so special???

Not only did she get her grandlittles together
and haul their rascally booties to the pool when it was 100 degrees....

Not only did she pack a cooler
(that I watched HER carry down the hill)
filled with capri suns, waters,
(and what looked like cherries but I could be

Not only did she do all of this

She sat in a lawn chair the whole time fanning herself.
She wasn't even wearing a bathing suit!
She didn't even get in!
She did move her chair to a shaded area at one point
but it was still almost 100 in the shade!

I told the littles how lucky those OTHER kids are
cause there is no way in HE** their nana would ever
do that for them!
I don't even know MY own grandlittles yet-
but I can tell you this-
I wouldn't do it for them either!

She better get AWESOME presents on her birthday!!!!
So Holly sent me a picture today-
and I cannot wait until tomorrow- cause I am going to Target!

WHAT THE HECK is up with the woodland creature explosion???

Whatever caused it is fine by me!!!
Loot at this:
I am totally going to get one tomorrow!
If my Target doesn't have them- I will be ordering this one!
There appears to be lots of them for all of my friends though-

My friend Lorraine, who is doing a Peace and Love Theme this year. (She's a Fabulous Fourth Grader)
My friend Heather from Peacocks and Penguins- very cute.

My buddy Farley- she loves her some staches!
And of course, I can't leave out Reagan!

I might buy them all and change out by the season
hmmm....there's a hedgehog too-
what season would the hedgehog be?

My only problem is that to get to the accessories,
I have to pass the DOLLAR SPOT-
Will I be able to resist the temptation?
Will I have to stop?
How much will I buy?

Tune in tomorrow to see the bags that I
sneak in and hide from the MR
only to pretend in a week that
"Yes, dear, that bag has been in the office

Well a WTH Wednesday wouldn't be complete without a
check of what searches I am showing up on

Youtube put your hand in your sock???
I have had some behavior problems- but they aren't THAT bad!!!
And apparently, Going Nutty is a good place for jokes?
What did the squirrel say when....??
Well?!?! What did he say???
 Looking for  a candle warmer from Target? Here's the place to be!

 And finally- planning a TN family getaway- come to the Lost Sea- home of the sarcastic squirrels!!!

Tomorrow morning is a working morning in the classroom-
be prepared for lots of pics!
Have a Thrilling Thursday!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell Me More Linky

Tell you more???
 I feel like I have told ya'll everything already!!!
Okay- maybe not everything-
I don't have access to pics of when I was a wittle ska-whirl
(except for those
few that you have already seen)
so I am starting from when
the MR was just the BOYFRIEND

First- me before becoming a baby factory-
That's me on the left.

This is me and Rick Astley...ha hah- "Never gonna give you up. never gonna let you down...."
nope that's the MR (in his pre MR years)

This is shortly after we became the PARENTS
That's me and Chickadee- she was such a happy girl-
I was 24. Love love loved being a mom!

That's him- also loving being a parent- even when we had to play "Where's the baby?!?!?" Do you see her???

We took her to DC-
This is when we were those young parents.
We heard "Your baby lost her shoe" in EVERY language that day!

Chickadee gets a little bigger.... blah blah blah

Chickadee is around two now-
I have changed my hair a little-
He is still "Rick Rollin'"

Even then- he thought he was hilarious!
There she is !
Aw- that hair was UNRULY!!!!
Can you see who she is holding? Look how pretty and bright he was:)
Can you see what is hanging on the closet door? (Check out How this squirrel got her name in the archives)
Chickadee has grown 5 more years!
J. is the littlest little at this point- he doesn't understand that the
great big belly he is leaning against contains the NEW littlest little!!

I absolutely loved being preggers!
Right after we found out that #3 was coming, we bought a home.
My oldest son had a HUGE obsession with Bob the Builder-
here he is building our fence with the MR.

Wow- this is the last picture that was ever taken of the three of them together where at least two were smiling and no one was giving bunny ears to anyone.
That was 8 years ago.

Somewhere in all that craziness, I went to college, got my degree student taught and landed a K job for three years- then three in first grade.

Everyone already knows that I am a weirdo-
this will drive it home:

I can't touch chalk.

My feet can't touch other people's feet. No footsies for me- icky ka ka!!

I freak out when my socks get wet- they have to be changed immediately!
THANK goodness it's summer!

(Wow- I am starting to sound like a cuckoo bird)

I will drive an extra mile to turn at a light vs. having to make a left hand turn without one.
The littles have been known to say, "I wanted ice cream...but it's on the left- maybe next time."

No one else can touch my bar of soap- BLECK! Don't get my soap dirty!!!

I LOVE boiled peanuts- everyone else in my family hates them and can't stand to even
look at them!!

(I'm trying to think of some stuff that won't make me weirder....I can't think of anything!!!)

I leave you now with one of my FAVORITE pics of Littlest Little-
he will absolutely die if he finds out I put it on here- but I figure what the heck-
what's he gonna do? tell on me????
His not-so-little booty and chubster legs kept him from being able to walk until he was almost 14 months!!!!

 Can't wait to make the rounds and get to know you all a little more too!

Head over to Amy's to link up!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Great Buckets of Wild Geese People!!
Why didn't anyone tell me that my WTH Wednesday post wasn't up?

Guess you're just gonna have to settle for:


I worked on it- but then I got distracted-

I had a baby!
A real baby!

You can send me gifts if you want to,
but I just "borrowed" the baby.
She was on loan for two days.

I already gave her back-
I don't know how I did it, man!
I don't know some of you are doing it now?

They are a lot of work-
I had to feed her and change her and rock her
and play with her
and take a nap with her
 ( i did that one EVERYTIME she went down)!!

So bloggin- was out.of.the.question!
I was lucky that I got to read a few on my Google reader
through my phone...

During one of our naps, we were awakened
by the sound of WWII bombers attacking our house-
it was horrible-
I sent the children to the bunker-
left a letter "in code" for the MR
so he would know where we were...

OH, wait- it wasn't war...
It was a powered parachute-
right above my house!

Have you ever seen one?

Essentially, it is a go kart
that can fly!!!
The go kart minus the parachutes are
ILLEGAL in my hood!
And we have an officer of the law who lives right down the road-
and by cracky- he will enforce it!
BUt how do you give a ticket to
the GUY in the Sky??
HE went around and around and around
and around and around and around
(I'm getting dizzy)
my house! At one point I thought he was going to land
on my house and drop presents in my chiminey-
It would have been the least he could have done
considering he woke me AND the baby from our nap!

But we made it- we were able to
rest later-
luckily it rained, because if one neighbor
would have been outside with his mower-
there could have been bloodshed.

I did leave the baby with Chickadee for about an hour and a half
to go to breakfast with one of my students this morning.
It is her birthday and when her mom asked what she wanted to
she said I want Miss Squirrels to go to breakfast with us.
(I know- you know you are a MAJOR CELEB
when seven year olds are requesting you for
birthday parties- too bad I can't make balloon animals)

I went to the back and tried on a few outfits
(basically something other than the convertible
pajamas that I have been wearing on and off this summer)
And NONE of my capris fit.
NONE of them


I just bought them when I was in Texas with Reagan!
That was just a little over a month ago-
I would like to tell you that they fell right off and I was
unable to cinch them with a belt-
but that would be a BIG FAT PILE o LIES!!!!

I couldn't get them buttoned!!

What the heck am I gonna do???
School starts in 2.5 weeks!

The MR is trying to better himself
and he has lost 22lbs in the last 5 weeks-

I am going on that new wave diet
day one-nothing
day two- water
day three- water and a tic tac-
I got it from this famous rock star chick!

This is not helping:

Meringue Cookies!
They ARE fat free-
they are also
free to move around my body
because I have eaten almost the whole container while I am

Did you notice that I added the cool rotating graphic of the products I have
been adding to my tpt???
I thought- this will give me some more traffic-
a little more exposure
and I won't lie-
a few more products sold-

I now know why it isn't working-

Check these out-


My blog shows up when people search for:

drake and josh makeover???
take off your shoes and socks in front????
make my feet smell????
creepy blue thing????

I don't ever remember posting about  a "creepy blue thing".
I will however admit to talking about stinky feet!
I have got to get more teacher into my teacher blog!!!

I DID do something teachery-ish today.

I bought  a planner:-
It was not a life planner
or a fancy schmancy planner
(I spent all my muhla on digital paper packs yesterday....zoinks!!)

I went the old traditional-

I am going to be a handwriting fool this year!
I started handwriting my plans this year because I felt like I was
doing so much copying and pasting with my template

This way I don't have to print anything-
I have it with me all the time
and this one is pretty spacious inside-
$14.00 at our local
"We're-Gonna-Rip-You-Off" I mean Teacher Supply Store

I have to get rested up-
Tomorrow is
Give Back Saturday-
that is when the Littles give back some of the time that
Mommy has spent being the glue that holds this operation together
and I do not have chores-
they do-
I get one Saturday a month!
So now I have to stay up late,
drink coffee,
crochet, and blog stalk- because  I have
NOTHING to do tomorrow!
(Speaking of crochet- I have added four states!
Updated map is at the very bottom of page)

Sleep well ladies!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making the World Beautiful, One Coffee at a Time

Evening Ladies-
 It is Tuesday-
I thought I was going to get more time in here tonight to work on this magnificent post that
I am working on for WTH Wednesday!

I thought this because the MR
let the Littles (the boys) take the
Xbox to their room tonight!!! Whoo hoo!

That probably doesn't make sense to some of you-

Well quickly,
The boys' room is the bonus room upstairs. They have that WHOLE space!
There are two twin beds, their dressers, a Tv, and Legos and Nerf Guns galore.

Some things they are not allowed to have in their room are the Wii, the Xbox or  a computer.
The MR thinks we can better monitor their time on those things and what they are playing,
who they are talking to, blah blah blah...good parenting...blah blah...

So guess where they end up-

It wasn't until the boys were old enough to bunk together that I was given a space in the
house other than the kitchen table or "Comfy" chair.

I was sooo excited to have it.
Then he bought them a big flat screen for their Xbox-
where did it go?

My office!
Waaaaa.... I was here first!!

Now my time in here on the computer is usually a time
when I can't hear myself think over Minecraft!!!

But tonight there is a sleepover and the MR has to work early- so they
were banished to the upstairs......

Ahhhh the sound of silence.
There is an occasional growl or snort as Truman thinks that Betty
is out to get me-
but other than that.....nothing.....

And then....

"We can't do split screen on the Tv upstairs because it isn't HD! Can we please come back to the office to play?"

So now I have closed the file that I had opened for the post I WAS
working on.

Now that that is out of the way,
I want to talk to you about something very serious
(insert serious face here)
(also, insert slow classical soothing music)

I was goofing off in the van on the way to Hotlanta
and I told some of my bloggy buddies that I had made a new
I had been checking my Etsy App on and off
(when I was trying to avoid looking out the window)
and I thought to myself

"Self, you have mailed these to quite a few places!"
I am able to view that info quickly on the App.

So I tell my BBBs (Beautiful Bloggy Buddies) that I
am going to get those cute little coffee cozies in EVERY STATE!
And I am going to call it


After some goofing around
 (and coloring with color pencils-
I haven't colored with color pencils in YEARS!)
this is what I came up with:

Let me zoom in on the Legend:

 If your state isn't green, then that means you are living in a state
which suffers from The Ugly Coffee Epidemic.

Help me to help you!

Visit my Etsyshop!

I am going to keep a copy of the map in my sidebar-
so you can see the progress too~
What started out as a joke- has turned into a legit goal for me...
who knows- it could go international!!!
(I have followers in Germany, Russia, Argentina and Guam!)
Texas and Michigan are REALLY getting there as there are multiple cozies there!
Even if your state is green- of course you can still order- you can even
order for a friend or relative who may be a
Hot Mama with  Not-So-Hot coffee (if you know what I mean) :)

Here's a testimonial from a Cutie Coffee Lover

-I own TWO coffee cozies. At first my coffees were sad looking and I never got any attention at all when I drank them. Now, that I have the cutest coffee in the world people everywhere stop and look and even SMILE at me. It's amazing how cute coffee has changed my life. Thank you Miss Squirrels for giving me a new life filled with cute coffee.

Holly in Michigan

Well they keep poking their heads in here to see if I am done
posting for the night.
If I don't get out of here they will pester me to death!

Only 6 more days til I start setting up my room- so I guess I should be working on that-
Peace Out-
(K-2 What! What) :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fishies and Babies- I Love Them Both!

Hi- Diddlely- Ho- Neighbors-

We are back from a fun little weekend getaway-

The MR decided to pack up after work on Friday, drive to Atlanta, and
then spend the day at the Georgia Aquarium.

For those of you who know me
(even if it is only through this screen)
you know that there are a couple of things that I don't
do well with
1. "Kitchen"
2. Driving
3. Riding in the Car
4. Metal (weird, I know)

Well, going on a trip means I have gotten rid of one of those-
Kitchen! Whoo hoo!
Cause we eat out the whole time we are gone
Someone else cooks it-
Someone else cleans it-

So now we are down to 3 things
Which I DO NOT DRIVE any further than Target or Walmart-
soooo now we are down to 2
(man, this is getting easy)

The Littles are fully aware of their mother's aversion
to metal- so they know better
and we were going to be in the van for like six hours..

so that leaves us with
Riding in the Car (Van).

I don't get carsick.
I don't get headaches.
It's not the "riding in the car" that bugs me-
It's ramming into other objects
(moving or not)
that tends to weigh on me.

I clench- I gasp- I use the invisible brake
that was never installed on my side of the van.
I squeeze material, seats, my own hands.
I hold my breath.

It is worse with the MR.
He has never so much as bumped into a shopping cart,
let alone have a for realsies accident-
but he drives me crazy (pun intended)!

I have tried riding in the back with them-
that is worse-
there is nothing worse than staring at  the giant wheel of a semi
when all you can think of is your impending doom!!!

I did have Betty to keep me occupied for awhile-
she's a pretty cool chick:)

I played on my phone A LOT on the way down there
(the Littles slept almost all the way there
and almost all the way back- so they were no fun).

On to the aquarium-
If you have not been there-
Just go!

When I found out there were whale sharks there six years ago,
I made it  a point that we would have to go!

It took six years- but we made it!

The whale sharks are just spectacular!

that is a sand tiger shark- but the picture freaks me out!
 The whole day was just amazing!
We drove down the night before, stayed the night at a hotel,
and we were there when they opened the doors-
let me tell ya, that is THE BEST time to go!!!!

The fish were all like
"Come on it- glad you're here!"

After the crowds started coming in, it took away from some of the fun-
not all,
but some.

And I am throwing a HUGE DISCLAIMER out there

I am by no means a Baby Hater. I have nothing personal against any baby in particular.
I have said this before- I am a mother of three- I have been through the baby years.
I was 24 when I had my first and 31 when I had my last. So I have been there.
That is my disclaimer.

with that being said
and this is directed to all of the drivers of strollers that hit me
in the ankle, ran over my toe, or blocked my view.

If I could write them all a letter...
Dear Young Couple,
I regret to inform you that your baby (the one who cannot articulate, walk, or even support it's own
neck without you) did not ask for you to bring them to the Aquarium today.
You baby has no interest in looking at something that it cannot even name
because he has NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!!
There is no sense in driving around a stroller the size of Smart Car with a bag the size of
traveling luggage all day long when your child will have no recollection of today's visit.
You will probably not have any recollection of it either because all you have done all day is
apologize for being in the way. Thank you.
Lover of all babies who are not at the aquarium today-

Too mean?
Ha ha!
I am serious folks!!!
You weren't allowed to take strollers into the Dolphin Show
so the roped off area in front of the stairs looked like a
showroom for baby gear!!

Don't even get me started on the sweet little darlings who cried
through the whole thing!!

So you ask,
Well what do you propose we do?
Get a sitter. Or wait til your baby wants to go-
and good gravy, whatever you do-
don't put your baby on  leash!!!

That will definitely be a part of WTH Wednesday!!!
 I actually heard a small boy ask if he could "hold" his sister's
leash!! Dad said no, though- reason? because you let her go....

Chances are, if your child cannot or won't stay with you
at an aquarium, you might not want to drop the $100 to get in and just put it off
a few more years :)

Oh, and for that sweet young couple-
Your baby also did not ask to be taken on the tour at the
CNN World Center in Atlanta (look for that one on Wednesday, too).

Remember- I love babies!! Whoo hoo! Gooooooooo Babies!!!
Babies Rock!
(does that get me off any hooks?)


We did have a ton of fun though!
There weren't any major fights between the three.
We laughed and joked.
We learned and shared.
It was a great day for the Squirrels crew!

I did get some great news yesterday!
My DonorsChoose project got approved- so I will be hitting up relatives and
strangers for that one!
 I need to get off of here and work out that email that I will
be sending off to them (family).
Shoot, if they can buy three $15 dollar candles from the Littles
during Fundraiser time- they can hook a mama up!!

Have a Marvelous Monday!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WHAT THE HECK Wednesday!!!

It's Wednesday-
Wednesday the 11th.
Wednesday- the third to the last Wednesday of my summer vacay.
It's Wednesday.

That was rather poetic wasn't it-
I left out all the expletives in the third sentence.

I am happy to report to all of you ladies-
(I am assuming you are all ladies because I have never seen a
DUDE on my followers thingy)
All the DUDES in da house say
Say Hey
Say Ho
Now wave your hands in the....

OKay, I'll stop-

Seriously, where was I ?
Oh, I was happily reporting that there are NO INJURIES
to speak of in the Squirrel Household!

Whoop Whoop

All though Chickadee narrowly escaped
what I would have called a
"self inflicted injury:
Why "self inflicted", you ask?
Cause SHE chose to have a less than pleasant tone with me today.

and that helps me begin


(I should be a news reporter with all of my awesome segways)

WHAT THE HECK was she thinking???

I tell ya folks- I AM THE coolest mom-
on our street
in our town
of the world

Maybe not THAT cool-
but the other kids always want to be here-
and they tell me I am cool-
because I make them say it or they don't get breakfast!

I try to remind Chickadee what life was like when I was 15 and all the
responsibility I had- and how I never had a choice about
said responsibilitiies..

She did not want to be helpful today and was very expressive
(no worries- no bad names or curse words)
Just not the tone that matches where
Her and I are at currently-

I didn't think I would do it-
but I  busted out with some of the classics..

"When I Was Younger" by Old School Mamas

"You Don't Appreciate What You Have" by The Ungrateful Dead

"If I Would Have Ever Spoken to My Mother in That Tone" by Scared Sh*tless

and our all time favorite
"As Long As You Live Under My Roof" by The Landlords

(And I don't even know what I pulled that card- she's only 15)

I was upset for a bit- but watching HER clean the kitchen was
a little bit of therapy!


I did do some stalking today.
I was watching the followers gadget
hoping it would move
(it did, I gained one very sweet follower today)

I wondered to myself
"Self, HOW THE HECK do people who don't know me get here?"

So I looked up my feedjit-
look at the search terms in purple
If you were looking up whether or not you broke your toe and a website with the name Squirrels popped up, would you go there???

Do they think a kid runs this blog? Or are they looking for a blog about squirrel children?

Second Grade? The words "First Grade" are in my blog title.

(of course- no matter how ya got here-
I'm glad you made it...kick off your shoes,
stay awhile)

 Speaking of what's on our blogs....

Some of us allow for the ad thingys to display on our sidebars-
Careful muchachas!

WHO THE HECK pairs up the ads with the blogs-

i kid you not-
I was so shocked and amazed that I did what we all do..
 I took a picture of it.

This ad came from a KINDERGARTEN blog-
 OK- I know she LOOKS like she might be going
back to school
but I assure you that whatever she is taking classes on
is not allowed to be sold on Tpt-
you won't find any lesson plans by her, I am sure-

(and the "paying your way through college" thing only works for guys,
hot guys- MAGIC MIKE!)

And I am not trying to be crappy-
(ok I am) but she better hope the  FREE Mystery Gift
is either cellulite cream or a course in Photoshopping because
those thighs are not appealing...just saying..

I also had a third grade blog try to hook me up with
the AREA of Teaching?
or the AREA where I live?
What Area???
Cause if they are in the area of where I live and they teach- i would like to see them:)

It's after 10pm here- (almost 11) 
and I have coffee brewing-
I've got quite a bit of crocheting to do-

So it looks like it is going to be a long
night with me, the coffee, the yarn, and the DVR.

If you missed yesterdays/todays earlier post
please check it out.

I would love for you to see what i had worked on-
and hopefully it will be something that you need...wink wink

Click the Pic to head to TPT

alrighta rootie- homies-
I'm Out!

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