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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WHAT THE HECK!?!?!? Wednesday

uuuToday was the first day of the rest of my life!
Well, yesterday, was too- but then
won't tomorrow also be....?
I never got that saying-

I looked through some albums
(no vinyl)
photo albums-
you know,
those books that we used to put our
pictures in?

I used to be obsessed with getting
them developed and arranging them into the
the albums in the EXACT order that they were
taken so that we could remember every single moment
of our lives...

FOREVER {er er er} that was the echo.

But those days are gone.
I now move pictures to disc and it seems
like the only ones I print are of my students for

I was looking for pictures for the the Tell Me More Linky. Waa.

WHAT THE HECK happened?

I was a hottie!
I so see why the MR fell so quickly in love with me!

And I never exercised.
I ate like a horse.
I drank like sailor on shore leave.
After Chickadee- I went right back to
the way I was
(body-wise, not lifestyle habits)

Five years later-
I have Middle Little-
go right back

Three more years
Littlest Little-

right back

It has been these last two years.

Maybe because they are more independent and I dont have to chase them.
Maybe it's because I quit smoking.
Maybe it's because  I find naps to be such a beautiful thing.
Maybe it's because I am addicted to blogs!

(It is not because I am old. It is not because I am old. It is not because...)
I am willing that to be true.

Either way-
I grabbed my phone, downloaded an app
(Map My Walk)
Put on my shoes and took off-

4.6 miles and an hour later- I thought I was DYING!!

WHAT THE HECK was I thinking???
But I did it-
and I am going to do it again tomorrow
and the next day
and then a few more days after that
and then I will probably slack off
(like I do when I start something new)
and who knows, I might give it up all together-

But darn it, I did it today!
Gotta start somewhere!

We also went to the pool today-
You know it's hot when the pool isn't even refreshing-
it was like bath water-
a cool bath
but still bath water.

While we were there I saw
I didn't get a picture of her-
although I now wish I would have
I would also have liked to have gotten her
mailing address and birthday.
This woman NEEDS to be recognized!!!!

WHAT THE HECK makes this granny so special???

Not only did she get her grandlittles together
and haul their rascally booties to the pool when it was 100 degrees....

Not only did she pack a cooler
(that I watched HER carry down the hill)
filled with capri suns, waters,
(and what looked like cherries but I could be

Not only did she do all of this

She sat in a lawn chair the whole time fanning herself.
She wasn't even wearing a bathing suit!
She didn't even get in!
She did move her chair to a shaded area at one point
but it was still almost 100 in the shade!

I told the littles how lucky those OTHER kids are
cause there is no way in HE** their nana would ever
do that for them!
I don't even know MY own grandlittles yet-
but I can tell you this-
I wouldn't do it for them either!

She better get AWESOME presents on her birthday!!!!
So Holly sent me a picture today-
and I cannot wait until tomorrow- cause I am going to Target!

WHAT THE HECK is up with the woodland creature explosion???

Whatever caused it is fine by me!!!
Loot at this:
I am totally going to get one tomorrow!
If my Target doesn't have them- I will be ordering this one!
There appears to be lots of them for all of my friends though-

My friend Lorraine, who is doing a Peace and Love Theme this year. (She's a Fabulous Fourth Grader)
My friend Heather from Peacocks and Penguins- very cute.

My buddy Farley- she loves her some staches!
And of course, I can't leave out Reagan!

I might buy them all and change out by the season
hmmm....there's a hedgehog too-
what season would the hedgehog be?

My only problem is that to get to the accessories,
I have to pass the DOLLAR SPOT-
Will I be able to resist the temptation?
Will I have to stop?
How much will I buy?

Tune in tomorrow to see the bags that I
sneak in and hide from the MR
only to pretend in a week that
"Yes, dear, that bag has been in the office

Well a WTH Wednesday wouldn't be complete without a
check of what searches I am showing up on

Youtube put your hand in your sock???
I have had some behavior problems- but they aren't THAT bad!!!
And apparently, Going Nutty is a good place for jokes?
What did the squirrel say when....??
Well?!?! What did he say???
 Looking for  a candle warmer from Target? Here's the place to be!

 And finally- planning a TN family getaway- come to the Lost Sea- home of the sarcastic squirrels!!!

Tomorrow morning is a working morning in the classroom-
be prepared for lots of pics!
Have a Thrilling Thursday!


  1. You are still a hottie! Cutest Squirrel I've ever seen!
    Thanks for thinking of me with the wallet.... I kinda like Farley's more! :)
    Love ya!
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  2. Wow! I got a kick out of your random searches! That's hilarious! also, i started a weekly linky all about us teachers getting in shape and living healthy! I'd love for you to link up! It's called The Healthy Truth!

    The Gypsy Teacher

  3. OMG! Your search results are so funny. I was crying laughing seriously. I get some funny ones but nothing like yours!!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  4. Do I dare tell you, or do you know already that there is a Squirrel game at Target?!

    Kinder Cuties

  5. I just love your searches! Well really- i love your personality! And I love reading What the Heck Wednesday!!

  6. Hey girl!!! I am soooooo jealous!! I still can't get into my classroom!!! It's driving me NUTS!!! Can't wait to see pics:) Good for your for walking....that's how my running started...I started walking in March and am running 2 1/2 everyday:) It's super hot here too!!! Today's feels like is supposed to be 105:(( That should be in you, what's up with the's like a big old frying pan:/ Happy classroom:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. Too funny! You make me want to start inputing crazy information into my search engine just to see if your blog comes up. LOL!

    Good luck with the exercise! My little team down in Florida has a walking club about an hour after school is out. We have walked the halls of our campus and mapped out a mile track for everyone. We get together and walk the halls before we go home for the day. That way we all can chat, team plan, and get a little exercise. We have done this for a few years and pretty much everyone has been motivated to join in. Not sure how your school is set up, but I thought I would share.

    Have fun in your classroom and at Target. Enjoy your new wallet.


  8. Oh hey thanks for branding me with owls! ha ha ha ha...So funny.
    Good thing I wasn't still drinking my morning coffee...It would have been all over the monitor.
    Wish me luck I am chaffing to six flags today...I mean heading to six flags.
    :( Reagan

  9. I can't look at a squirrel without thinking of you...I should have just bought it for you. I was so drawn to a certain something {I've blogged about it - up tonight} that I just didn't think about that. Just needed to get the pic to you...if they don't have it at your Target, I can totally pick it up for you ...that is, if it's still there! Let me know!


    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  10. Your WTH Wednesdays ALWAYS crack me up!!! Your searches are too funny, my future Daughter-in-Love probably thinks I have lost my mind as I am sitting in front of my computer laughing like a mad woman LOL

    BTW I am dying to know how to look up the search thing. Can someone share the info with me?

  11. I always love visiting your blog. I always leave with a smile. Can I come hang out in your classroom? I know your kiddos must laugh TONS! =)

    Heather's Heart


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