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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One on One Assessments

Hello from the land of Squirrelville!

It has been a few days- but I was in recovery

from the piggie incident.

I am all better now-

Unless you count The MR's injury-
and I kinda do-
only because it interfered with my day...

Does it just throw you off when they are home at a
different time than normal???
I can't go into too much detail
(Ahem...HI HONEY!)

but he was here- with a pulled muscle-
I would like us all to take a moment to reflect on
MY INJURIES- and how we
DIDN'T seek medical attention.....


These last few days I have really been stressing about
the fact that I only have three weeks until I go back to school!
Am I going to be ready?
Is the full implementation of CCSS going to be rough?
Will it be a smooth transition?
Will we ever REALLY know how many licks it
takes to get to the center of a TOOTSIE POP???

AHHHH- So many questions!

Well to relieve some stress for the first few-
I took a peak at the CCSS for K-
to see what I am truly supposed to expect from them-

So much of what we do seems like it is pencil and paper-
but we also have to sit with them
and watch them
and try to see their train of thought
and listen to how they are thinking
and make sure our purses are locked up...

(wait that was something else altogether)

but you know what I mean...

So I went clipart shopping-
 (Love me some KPM Doodles)
and got to work!

These activities are intended for ONE on ONE use-
that time when they are with us (first grade) at the beginning of the
year and we need to see what they have come to us with..

Enough of the small talk-

Here are some pictures from my Activities for One on One Assessments Packet:

I created this packet for "Teacher Time" with my new first graders. I thought this would be a handy assessment tool.
With this packet I can assess:
number recognition
relationship of number to quantity
number order
Letter Recognition
Matching Upper and Lowercase
singular phonics
and high frequency word recognition.

These are some of the skills that our team assesses during the first couple of weeks with a new class.
And I can definitely see where and how I would have used these when I taught K!
Hope you find it helpful as well.

You can head over to my Tpt to pick it up-

I am very excited as this is my second run outta the gate at creating products-

I can't wait for your feedback-

(I'm going to have to break that one post day rule- because I think I have worked my way into Wednesday in some parts
of the country!)
See ya back here later!


  1. This looks amazing!


  2. Ack Miss W beat me to the punch! Darn slow computer lol! And here I thought staying up late might have a purpose after all besides leaving me so tired during the day that my brain is mush until about 3pm! Alright, throwing these on the wishlist instead - they look great! All I can say is, when TPT does it's big back-to-school sale (in August?!) my poor bank account is going to be screaming from the abuse :P

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. Wow! I thought I'd make it for sure cause I figured I was the only crazy one still up. Lol. I'm glad I'm in such good company though! This looks wonderful!


  4. These look so great! Heading over to put them in my cart now!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  5. These are great! Your graphics are so crisp and the colors are refreshing. You have great ideas!


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