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Friday, June 16, 2023

It's NOT Christmas!

 If you have followed me for even just a short time, you know I love Christmas- like, a lot. And it shows in my stories and posts even when it's months and months away. Sometimes I get a little heart for it and sometimes I get unfollowed for it. And once in a while I get a message or two reminding me the order of the holidays 😂  

Here's a little insight that is a short read- but still too long, I think, for a  caption or a story.

Summer- It’s fun. More fun when we meet at the beach.  But I am no longer a classroom teacher, so I’m still working. It’s not like it was before. 

Halloween- Love scary movie season with Boop. But they are all over 19, so the candy and little ones aren’t a part of it for me any more.

Thanksgiving - I prepare meals and sit at the table with the people who mean the most to me multiple times a week. So that one day a year only stands out for the parade, the dog show, and the trip to see Christmas lights that night. 

Then there’s those glorious days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The shopping.  Baking. Choosing our tree and decorating. The movies. And finally Christmas Day. The absolute best part of the year. 

Lockdown in 2020 was made brighter by me realizing “Hey, this is my house and if I want to get in the attic and pull out decorations there’s nothing stopping me!”

So I have garland and lights on the mantle. I burn Christmas candles almost everyday. There are other Christmasy things here and there. I have a Christmas playlist that I listen to while I grocery shop each week, and I watch at least one Christmas movie every week. 

I took that amazing feeling that used to be reserved for just a few  weeks at the end of every year and made it last all year long. And I continued it for ‘21, ‘22, and this year as well. 

And I have been lucky enough to connect with people online who love it just as much. ❤️ I’ve learned that the seasons, holidays, and vacations that mean the most to us are all relative to what stage of life we are in. 

So you might see a countdown here or there. When it gets closer, I am all about it.  

Until then, I’m excited to see what makes you happy- whether it’s the beach, trick or treating, or Turkey day. I encourage you to celebrate whatever you can, whenever you can. 

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