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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I couldn't fall asleep last night-
and then
I couldn't wait for the alarm to go off this morning!!

The MR couldn't get any sleep either because the clock is on his side-
so I kept saying
"What time is it? What time is it now? How much longer til the alarm goes off?"

{I think he is going to be moving the clock}.

Speaking of clock-
This is a comment from my very sweet friend Reagan:
I swear on all that is good and chocolately- that I would never, ever, ever text someone at 5:30 in the morning.
Unless, I was "sleep texting"....
which I HAVE eaten in my sleep before, but that does not require the dexterity that is needed to send a text.
There must be something screwy in texts from Tn to Tx.
To prove my innocence:
Don't hate on my old phone.
 I sent it when I left school on Friday:) I promise.
I love that you yelled "SQUIRRELS!" though....
I'm always messing with our bookkeeper and I get these one word emails...

hee hee

OK, now on to

As we pulled into the parking lot of Demo's, I sent Laura a text
"We are pulling in.." and  when she wrote back "I see you"
I got so giddy...
(and  I had begun to calm down during our 1.5 hour drive)

I hopped right into their van
(the restaurant wasn't open yet).

It was so neat- there I was, in a van with 4 women (Laura, Heidi, Mary, and Kelli) meeting for the first time
but it didn't feel that way!

This was one of the pictures taken at the end- but I am putting it in first, so you can put names and faces together:)
Can you guess who is taking the pic?
It was the MR. You can tell because I am the only one looking at him!!! Which means that I am the only one
NOT looking at the camera that is taking a picture of the rest of them:)

I got to sit next to Jessica from Under the Alphabet Tree.
And that is a big deal, especially because we are in the same district! And this was the first time we met!
I thought it was so cool to know that there are other Clarksville bloggers-
Tangelia is also from our district! (Buggy in Kindergarten)

Laura (Kinder Kraziness) put a lot of work into this!
She had strips with questions for us to answer and then she drew them out of  a cute basket and we
won PRIZES! I love prizes.
One of my answers had the word "fart" in it- go figure!
But look at what I won!
Laminator- here I come!
Here is a picture of us working hard on our questions-
We had four tables that were put together with a break in the middle-

Seeing the food in the pictures reminds me-
Before our food came, I asked our server for "to-go" silverware. (More on my metal affliction)

He looked at me a little weird, but he brought it.
Then after our food arrived, I heard one of the ladies say something about being hard to eat with the plastic fork.
I didn't realize that he brought little to-go packets for everyone!
Ha ha! So i got up and stole picked up some rolled silver in cloth napkins for the rest of the ladies!!!
I had some hearty pasta with sauce and chicken, and it was not
an easy feat to get that fett on that little fork- but because of my "condition"-
I worked my way through it:)

Jennifer and Shana are two teachers from Dickson- they are working on a blog - and we are anxiously waiting more details on that so we can follow!
They brought very sweet gifts for everyone:
They had these cute jars with M&Ms and a sweet poem about being great teachers (thank you)
and a little note saying we are all Tea-riffic!
Laura made us all these cute deskplates with our names!!!
And Heidi put together these wonder reading packets
 (complete with *kid whackers*)
that was for Jessica:)
Kerri had an awesome grab bag o' books for each to choose from:)

We played the purse game- I LOVE the purse game!
I brought these little gift bags for those who won.
(Walmart has some cute little stationary- and who doesn't love candy??)
After the food and games

we traded in our tickets for prizes at the counter
{no, wait- that was at chuck e cheese}

Ok, no tickets to redeem

But we did have some very insightful conversations about our state's new EVAL system-
 Given the choice between dealing with the new eval system or going to chuck e. cheese,
I would choose the chuckster-
 and I detest that rat.
I avoid every party we are invited to that takes place there!
But I would rather go there everyday for the
rest of my life,
 for a month solid,
 for a week,
every other Tuesday for a month and a half
than try to understand the engineering of this new system.

But rather than let all that get us down- we talked about the part we love~
That is why I love my "bloggy life"!

I am definitely loving my bloggy life more than my everyday life right now-
the main reason is because
"Danci" {formally known as "Stan"}
has to finish doing the taxes.
 So rather than be lazy and read blogs all day tomorrow-
I have to wrap that up - bleck!

I leave you with my littlest Little-

This was at Opry Mills after the Meet Up.
We took a look-see now that it is re-opened after the flood.
The only thing we ended up buying was a  Land Speeder from the Lego Store-

He always wears a disguise when we are out for fear of the paparazzi...they are always like
"Miss Squirrels! Miss Squirrels! Over here!!! WHo are you wearing today...? What are your thoughts on...?"

He just can't take all the publicity:) giggle giggle- quack- oops!

Thanks again to Laura-
and I am definitely in if you are planning a getaway this summer- someone just has to come get me!


  1. Staci:

    I am so glad that you had fun!
    I've been wondering about "the event" all day!
    (I know: Get a life, Kim!)

    What a great turn out.
    Cool games and prizes too (BETTER than tickets!)

    Sending you happy thoughts...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. It was fantastic!!
      I wonder what venue would be crazy enough to have us ALL come??!?!? It would take a week to get to talk to everyone- but it would be awesome!

  2. hahaha!! I get/send texts when they weren't actually sent either! I bet Reagan was like "WHAT does she want this flippin' early!?!" hha!
    p.s...glad you didntt have to endure medal on your meetup :)

    1. Well now I am wondering, if I want her to get it- do I send it 12 hours off??? I'm glad I was her first thought of the weekend:)

  3. Replies
    1. We did! It seemed like a long time- 3 hours- but it wasn't long enough!!! Definitely need to plan a weekend getaway!

  4. Looks like everyone had a blast! I hate "the Chuckster" too! Shivers...

  5. Replies
    1. Not only fun- but PASTA AND BREAD!!! all we needed was cheesecake!!

  6. hahahahaha! Staci- you kill me! It was so great to meet you! We will have to do this again soon!

    Under the Alphabet Tree

    1. We will have to plan some {liquid} lunches this summer!!!!

  7. Looks like so much fun!!!!! Love all the prizes and giveaways and fun stuff -- how cute are you all?????
    I cracked up when you finally got Chuck E Cheese down to every other Tuesday for a month!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. Out of the combined 33 birthday parties that my personal littles have had- we have only had one there- it was Chickadee's 7th birthday and I was preggers with the littlest little- it was just awful!
      and expensive!!!! I would rather stand on my head and snort sand than have to go back there!!!!

  8. I am cracking up! I can't believe you blogged about my early morning wake up from you!!!! But it was quite traumatic for me. Thank you for the "evidence" although I believed you! My email likes to send things days and even weeks later. I guess it thought AM when you sent PM.
    So hilarious!
    I thought rats and squirrels were all in the same family. No chuck for least after a month and a half.

    Bloggy meet up looked so fun!!! Thanks for sharing and helping us meet everyone.

    1. Hey maybe I could make some money "Wake Up calls from Squirrels!"

      Squirrels and rats ARE related- but don't you have that relative that you don't like to visit??? :)

  9. crack me up! It was SO fun meeting you yesterday. I'll bring some sturdier "to go" forks next time =) And, I've already told my hubby that when we have kids Chuck E Cheese is OUT of the question. I cannot stand that place...ewww!! Have a great week!!

    Kinder Kraziness

  10. What a great post!
    It was a treat to meet you and get to talk together!
    Have a great week!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  11. Oh so that's why we got plastic utensils! We were wondering on our end of the table why they didn't give us the real things. We stole the real stuff once the meal got to the table! I am glad I got to meet you, hate I didn't get to join in your conversation, but with such a large group it happens. Maybe next time!
    Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten

  12. Hilarious!!! It was so great to meet you! You had our table crackin' up! :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  13. Okay...

    1. Love your are all some sassy frassies!

    2. You should buy those pampered chef plasticware....SOOOOO sturdy, sooooo awesome!

    3. No more early morning hear?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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