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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

It's Thursday- what is Squirrels doing post on a Thursday?

There aren't any WTH?'s  in the title.

She didn't ask "Are you freakin' kiddin' me??!?!?

This must be an honest to goodness
gonna walk away with knowledge-
growing experience-
right up there with professional development-


It's not.

I never made it to school today.
I found out that there are two in services that I wanted/needed
next Tues and Wed and I HAVE to stay all day Mon to get
my stipend- and we are required back on Thursday-

and there is a whole lotta difference between
I am at school because I have to be and I am at school
cause I wanna be-
you know what I am talking about, right?

Well this week was optional-
and I opted out!!!

So while I was grocery shopping today, I thought to myself
"Self, if you don't go to school today, you are not going to have pics to share!"

And that would make me a fibber!
I am A LOT of different things
a fibber is not one of them-
so instead I took some shots while cooking dinner.

And I thought-
some people probably already make this or some variation of it-
but I'll share it and all the mommy teachers in teacher blogland
will say
"Oh, Squirrels! Thank you for your recipe idea-
you made my day easier today!"

Ok- you probably wouldn't say that-
but it's true-
we are all getting so close to being super-er -er
so here's an easy dinner-
It is one  of the Littles Favorites and it is sooooo easy!!
Turkey Rolls!

 Yes, it is Stove Top.
I make a phenom cornnread stuffing for realsies-
but remember we are in a (semi) hurry.
Pour stuffing in bowl. Add One and Half cups of Water. Microwave One minute.

 This is Smoked Turkey from the Deli.

 Spread stuffing on Turkey.

 Roll it up (hence the name- Turkey Rolls)

 Add them to the casserole dish- I dump the extra stuffing that didn't fit into the turkey around the sides.
(This could be the only recipe with the word "dump" in it).

 Shhhh.... Quiet now-
don't EVER tell my grandma that I bought premade gravy!! Well I am sure there are other things that would send her over the edge- but she would definitely  frown upon gravy from a jar !!
(Look at Truman "I want gravy! I want gravy!")

 Poor it on top. Oven like 15 mins on 425.

 I totally cheated on the green bean casserole, too.
I mixed all the ingredients, mic'ed it for 3 mins, stirred it, poured on more french fried onions and slid it in the oven for the last five minutes that the turkey rolls were in-

Now those are for realsies mashed pots-
I can't skirt any corners on those-
I do have standards people!!!

Now see-  you have an easy dinner to have next week-
The potatoes take the longest.
(We had cranberry sauce too- but I was embarassed at how
badly I had mauled it, trying to get it out of the can- so I decided
not to photograph it!!)

Someone should start a "linky" of easy recipes for the busy teacher.
And when I say easy,
I mean
I need to be able to pronounce all of the ingredients and there shouldn't be more than
about 5 or six of them!

Maybe I'll do it-
who knows

On to other things- kind of related to teaching
I did hit the DOLLAR SPOT today


(Giggle, Giggle, Quack)

hee hee

I got my wallet

I would have never found if it hadn't been for Holly and her B.
(They MUST be Secret Squirrel Shoppers).

I did get three pocket charts,
two bingo games
and 7 books! They are kind of like the Step into Reading Books-
a couple of them are a little over where we are-
but darn it- those books were under a dollar!!
Those words cannot remain unread-
Heck even if I read them once- I have gotten my money's worth!!!

Okay- well today was day two of
my walking routine-
a little over 4 miles-
I am pretty proud-
good thing my other hobbies allow me to sit-
because after I "Face Time" the MR and ask him to move me from this chair in the office
to Comfy chair up front, I won't be able to do anything that
requires standing or walking!

Have a Fantastical Friday!


  1. Your turkey rolls sound super yummy! I am not a mommy blogger and I still love them. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Love the recipe, I "pinned" it of course! :) My poor family will get the 5 mins. instant potatoes added to this menu! {and they will like it, or else!!}
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  3. Your turkey rolls look better than what I made for supper! Silly me trying to make crab cakes out of precooked fake crab!! So I made crab drops!! The recipe is definitely not a keeper, but I'm keeping your recipe for next week!

    Teaching Special Kids

  4. My kids looove stuffing - this will be a great dinner for them (I skimp and make boxed potatoes - I'll try to do better!)Just one question - how thick is that turkey? When i get lunch meat from the deli I always ask them to make it as thin as possible, somehow I don't think that will work for turkey rolls! Are we talking a 3 or 4 on the slicing machine here? Oh! and if you start that recipe linky I have a fab recipe for meatballs that only has 3 ingredients! By the way, totally jealous of your cute squirrel wallet! I want an animal mascot too! Unfortunately my last name sounds nothing like an animal - and it's impossible to spell too! Waaah!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  5. Love your posts, they make me laugh. Thanks

  6. Great recipe! I am going to have to try that easy dinner with my family. They LOVE green bean casserole too, so that will be the BOMB!

    Glad you got your awesome wallet!

    Maybe you can do a linky on easy teacher recipes. Just a thought!


  7. hmmm, maybe I'll add a Squirrels recipe to my collection. I made a really easy garlic bread pizza the other day (not healthy, but easy). You should give it a try (it's on the blog).

  8. Love reading your posts! Thanks for the easy recipe...I will be making this -yum! I SOOOOO agree with you...there's a lot of power in knowing you can go to school and leave when you WANT to:-)I skipped school today, too, but it's because I'm waiting on an air conditioner repairman...yep, 107 this weekend and the air is on the blink! Ugh!

  9. Check out my blog for two reasons: I nominated you for an award AND I will post later today about a SUPER easy recipe I make when I know I will be home late.

    Ms. W
    Hootin’ Around the Classroom

  10. WTH? I thought you were getting a blog makeover!

  11. Loved this recipe!!! Made it tonight for Easter Dinner for hubby and I,he is not a big stuffing lover but he did like this one :) I asked for a 4 at the deli for the gal who asked what size but I only got 6 slices of meat with that so she prolly asked for a 3...So easy but yummo..I agree has to be real mashed potatoes

  12. Making its myself but I am going on step further, adding extra onions and celery ,and pork to my stuffing. Crumble the pork and cookChop onions and celery ,chop the onions and celery place in a microwave safe bowl with butter. Crumble sausage roll with onions and celery, cover half way with water cook til the pork is done. Make sure you use a fork frim time to time while cooking to make sure pork is crumbled and not all in one peice ,you can even add mushrooms if you wish
    When done place stuffing mix and seasoning package together with the sausage,onions and celery. Note you may or may not need to add more water,depending on how moist it make your turkey rolls with that. This is how I make my thanksgiving stuffing,one exception I use bells stuffing instead. Enjoy.


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