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Thursday, June 28, 2012

WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! Wednesday

Yikes! I am cuttin' close-
but with time changes and zones-
it is still going to be Wednesday SOMEWHERE when I finish this:)

(I'm a half-full kinda gal).

I thought that the LTT (Lack of Teachery Thoughts)
would back off a little since we are trapped inside-

What?!?! Trapped inside?
Did something collapse?
Has there been an accident?

Here's how:
WHEN THE HECK did I move to the dessert?!?!?!
I live in TN! It shouldn't be this hot!
I can't even let the Littles out of the house for fear that they
will spontaneously combust
(and I watch Myth Busters- it can happen) :)

We are trapped in this house...
no rain
no wind
no motivation
(and increasingly)
no patience.

Oh, you KNOW I'll explain:
WHO THE HECK knocked this over and left it???

I don't even know what the original plan was for these anymore?!?!?

(ok, I had a little something to do with why it spilled- but it wasn't this bad)

More ranting-
WHEN THE HECK did these start tasting so good?

You should NOT be able to see through his head already- he hasn't been here long enough-
but I think they are fat free (like I care).

WHO THE HECK was the evil GENIUS who came up with Skylanders???

Have any of you other moms been affected by these?
They are like weird little creatures who play this weird little game that is on the Wii.
See that stage (portal)? When you put the character there- it shows up on the television-

great right? buy a few. play the game.
Because the genius who created this game, has made it to where the characters get "tired" and have to
go rest, so in order to finish a level, you have to change them other words-
No one told Santa this and he brought the "starter" pack- which he thought was all you needed.
TWENTY characters LATER..........

WHO THE HECK is loving the Pinterest idea to use the holes in the sterlite container for ribbon?
ME, THAT's who!!
I am using it to keep my yarn separated- so easy- so smart-
why don't I think of these things? (on my own)

Shameless plug for my Etsy Shop
Click on the pic below:

WHEN THE HECK did the Middle Little get his doctor's degree???

This past Friday, I am awakened by the sniffles and cries of the Littlest Little.
He crawls into bed beside me and cuddles up and says,
Mommy, I woke up and I just don't feel right (sniffle sniffle) and my head just hurts really bad. It's like a really bad one.
(so I was going to do that feel the forehead, take temp thing and see where we were at)
but he says
No, mommy, don't worry- I already took medicine- brother gave it to me.

So after running to the front with him and making him show me which bottle and how much, I was relieved to find that it was the right dose and right medicine- whew-
but brother and I had a talk, regardless...

And lastly this evening-

WHO THE HECK loves something- THIS MUCH???

Short background story-
When Chickadee was a baby- her room was done in Winnie the Pooh.
We went to the disney store and bought all of the plush characters
so they could live on her bookshelf.
As she grew a little, she wanted to play with them.
She took a liking to Rabbit.
He was her favorite!
She was only 18 months old and could not say rabbitt,
so she called him "Fat".

Over the years, Fat has had many "surgeries".
There have been attempts to replace- she was not having it!
I even found an identical one on eBay, and when it came in the mail
I told her it was Fat's sister who had come to live with us....
Fat's sister was quickly lost in the bottom of her closet.

We have actually had bday parties for Fat.
I have gone to the bakery and asked for them to write
Happy Birthday Fat on a cake.
Fat had his own car seat for awhile-
imagine strapping in everyone else and having to make sure that
%(#&$ rabbit was safe too!

This first picture is what Fat looked like when he was purchased (this is actually his sister who is in very decent condition because she lives in the top of a closet now)

This is Fat today.
Warning: The following photo is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Told ya!
Have you ever seen Donnie Darko???

She will be 16 in October- and he sleeps with her every night.
We go out of town, he goes.
When she was in the hospital- he was right there with her.

One day, he will probably live in one of those glass display cases that Woody from Toy Story almost ended up in- but I don't think it will be anytime soon and I don't think there will be much of him left to put in there!!!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Oh my goodness, the real Fat looks like something out of a horror movie. Soulless eyes...I'm going to have nightmares. But it's precious that your big girl still loves him.
    2B Honey Bunch
    Honey Bunch Blog Design

  2. Holy crap! Fat is scary looking now. She didn't feel the urge to break out the Sharpie and draw Fat some new eyes? Yikes!
    Oh SkyLanders. One of my students was obsessed with them. He talked about them nonstop. I had no idea. All I cared was that he didn't bring them to school! You poor thing to have to live with them...
    Stay cool,

  3. You my dear, need a weekly radio show or something! SOOOOO funny! What a way to start my day!! Where do I start? Ok, temp, crazy! We have been trapped due to the tropical the wind picked up my sons basket ball post (out of the base) and threw it!! But it is gone now...I was actually out shopping for furniture luck!!!

    I would have had a heart attack if my little gave my other little medicine!!!! (they aren't little now so maybe not now...maybe)

    Fat scares me a little and cracks me up! We had/have the same situation...when Tay was little she had a cabbage patch baby (the little bald one with a few little loops of yarn hair)....her name was Courtney but Tay couldn't say always came out Hortney..cute...anywho, she loved that baby so much one day her head split!!!! I ran out to the nearest store and try to find an exact one....found same doll but the stupid outfit (sewn on) was yellow, not pink...tried it anyway...nope, not!!! Didn't work. Which reminds me of the time her parakeet died and I panicked, ran out and bought an exact duplicate and put it in there when I thought she wasn't looking...squirrel!

    Back to Fat....too funny! What a well loved toy:) Sorry to add a post to your post:/ Your the sunshine to my day girl. Animal crackers are good for eagle post????? Did they leave?????

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Poor Fat! I agree with the heat, we are inside, too.

  5. Oh My, I am crying I'm laughing so hard. So cute!! Loved the post.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  6. Oh LOL! I so look forward to these posts! Fat looks like the result of what could happen if you stay in that summer heat too long & spontaneously combust!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. Oh my goodness, I laughed really hard when I saw the photo of Fat! That is one well loved bunny!!

    Thanks for the giggles this morning!

    Peacocks and Penguins - 4th Grade

  8. I am still giggling from your post! Who knew that Fat could be so funny!
    Swersty’s Swap Shop

  9. Oh Fat! I can relate....I still have my Baa. My mom tried replacing him with his sister too. I was 4 and threw her in the trashcan and told my parents they couldn't trick me.

    I love your posts Squirrel! It is hot here in Texas too and I think LTT is contagious! =)

    Heather's Heart

  10. Oh my word...Fat is kinda scary. If there is ever a horror movie about cartoon characters gone bad, Fat could be the star!

    I had some loved stuffed toys but I at least filled in with Sharpie for the eyes lol.

    Funny stuff Squirrels! Oh and I did the basket for my ribbon. Genius! I always see stuff and I think, now why didn't I think of that?

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilitites!

  11. Oh my goodness.... it looks like Fat has been through heck and back. I'm surprised he has made it 16 years! That is amazing!

    I'm also tired of the heat. I'm ready for some cool air to make its way to TN!

  12. I so ♥love♥ Wednesdays now and look forward to your post! We have Blue Bear that is beat to death at our home, so I very, very, very, very much love your daughter's Fat! I tease our daughter that Blue Bear will need his own scholarship to med school, 'cause we're sure he'll be going there too!

  13. This whole post had me cracking up!!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I need your help! Come check out my last post ❤

  14. Aww Fat is too cute - well Fat's sister is...Fat himself is a bit creepy! I think I would have nightmares if Fat was in the same room with me!

    In regards to your middle son doctoring his brother - woot for reading labels correctly! My eldest came up with a punishment for her brothers the other day that was very creative - they were supposed to be helping her clean their rooms - they play in each other's rooms all the time so I make it a group effort. Apparently brothers were not very motivated so her solution was - make them wear a dress if they didn't clean up - then if they still didn't clean up make them stand out on the front porch in said dress - then if they STILL didn't clean up, run across the street and invite the neighbor children to see them in the dress. Needless to say I put a stop to it, but I had to give her kudos for coming up with creative motivation lol!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  15. Holy Snapito Batman!!! I know, I know you gave a warning that I did not heed. I was mortified by Fat. How is he still together? Was there secret surgery? Invisiable duck tape? WOW!! He has been truely LOVED!!

  16. So funny! My daughter has a classic Pooh that I got at her baby shower before she was born. She'll be 12 this December and she still sleeps with him every night. We have to make sure we have him when we go on vacation or anytime she stays overnight somewhere.
    Teachin' First

  17. Staci, I just acknowledged you with the One Clever Education Blog award! Stop by my blog to grab it!

    Peacocks and Penguins - 4th Grade

  18. oh my gosh!!! that is tooo precious!! gross...but precious!! lol

    I have tried so hard to get A to cling onto an animal or baby or something...but she doesn't have a favorite...she just wants whatever's next to her - or whoever she feels like asking I LOVE that chickadee is so in love with it!

  19. Just found your blog and am enjoying your posts! :)

    Teaching Maddeness
    Come join my 300 Follower Giveaway!

  20. Ahaha Fat cracks me up!! WTHeck happened to his eyes?!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher


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