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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Word Wall Woes Wiped Away!

I have a dirty word for you-
are you ready?

Word Wall.

Don't get me wrong- when used as a teaching tool vs. decoration- a word wall is awesome.

What makes it so bad is the fact that many words do not want to hang out on the word wall.
They don't want to be taped to it,
stapled to it,
pinned to it,
hot glued to it,
or velcroed (not a real word) to it.

A few times I have heard in conversation
"I can't get the cards to stay"
"I don't have room"

Never fear- Crafty Squirrel is here!!!
I have moved rooms three times and I have taken my word wall with me each time.

Wanna see it?
OK, you twisted my arm.

But be patient- because since I redid it, I have lots of pictures.

I don't like fooling around with stuff that falls- so usually I have my glue gun in my holster
but since I add words in front of the children- there is a potential for lawsuit there.

I use  a foam insulation board.
Yep- you've seen it when they are building houses:
 You can buy a whole big board for just under ten dollars.

I then purchased a $5 twin sheet from Wally World.

An aside-
Ever wonder why they put that big ol sheet in that tiny ol bag?
There was an entire twin flat sheet in that itty bitty bag.
Which explains why I had to iron it FOREVER!

Bleck- irons are evil....EVIL!

anyway, I got out all the wrinkles-
laid it on the floor
put the foam board inside
and used ....
nope- not fabric glue-
but a staple gun.
Now you are asking-
Squirrels, how are you gonna get that thing to stay on the wall???

You are not  going to believe me, but I am going to tell you anyway-
6 command strips.

That's it.

Just six.
AND it is on the wall directly above my HVAC!!!
Don't look at the yellow and red word wall- thing- that's from my "old room".
See- And before I changed it from the previous fabric-
it was there for 3 solid years- all winter, all summer, with 6 command strips.

Here's something important.
When you purchase it, it is going to have this thin film of plastic on it-
DON't TAKE THAT OFF- that is what the strips stick to.

So after getting my Word Wall banner glued to ribbon
I got it all put up on the board.

The letters are on there with staples
and when I add each word card, I use a push pin. It goes right into the foam and stays there until I take it out for the summer-
(We have only done procedure this week- as soon as I teach them "a word" I will add it).

This is the set that is used for the Word Wall- By Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle

There is NO WAY in the world that it could have been any more perfect than it is!
I showed her a fabric I bought and she said "Oh I have something you might like"
I fell in love!

So I have this set to publish because I have somewhere to be at 8pm (CENTRAL...Hadar, google it) <3 p="p">And I don' t think I will be able to post after I am done with that engagement-
I hope it works- I have never scheduled a post before.....

Tomorrow is a work day- I am finally going to tell you all about those cups....I bet you are on the edge of your seat!!!


  1. Hi! I am a new-ish follower, and I just purchased 3 big sheets of foam insulation boards to use in my classroom as bulletin boards, as my room is lacking in that department, and it got painted this summer, and i am now on my schools you-know-what list after all the staples I put in the walls over the past three years-oops! I'm cheap (and so is my school) so I researched for alternatives to cork board and foam insulation board is what I came up with! My husband is hanging it tomorrow! Glad to know it really works well! :)

  2. I love Wal Mart's twin sheets for covering my bulletin boards! It does seem like those little bags should be good for something! I like this idea of using foam board for the word wall, I might use it, but not attach it to the wall.

    Teaching Special Kids

  3. I used a Walmart sheet too cover some shelving. It was much easier (and actually cheaper) than buying the fabric to make covers myself... The bag baffles me though! I refuse to throw it away because I know I will be able to find something to do with it!

    Miss Allison's Class

  4. Several things:

    First, freakishly I was just listening to this TED on my way to the lake tonight. Erin McKean says that if you love a word that makes it real, just like the velveteen rabbit. I love velcroed, so from henceforth it is a real word and we may use it proudly.

    Second, that sheet fit in that little black sock? Weird.

    Third, household cheat: throw that sheet in the dryer with a wet towel and blow that baby smooth.

    Fourth, Command strips are the adhesive of the gods. My entire room is hung with them this year, because we have an in at 3M and we got like a bazillion donated to us.

    Fifth, I LOVE it!!!

    Sixth, you can set blogs to publish? Really? Really, really truly? Hmmm, I feel a novice blogger post coming on.

    Peacocks & Penguins

  5. bahahah! I'm just not strong spatially! And I feel like time zones are a spatial thing!

  6. Love your word wall!!! Now if I only had the wall space to put the word wall on.........I actually have a space for words but would love to put one of your thingy walls up to put other things up.......hmmmm:) Your glue gun in a holster is hilarious....I have a visual now;) Loving you bright and cheery blog design! I am sooooo behind on reading...I missed the debut!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. ok I am waaaaay and embarrassingly behind, I'm sorry. When did you change your design?! I love it!! And your room!!! It looks awesome! The foam board is sheer brilliance!

  8. Love it!! And, I LOVE command hooks/tape/whatever they attaches to anything and holds!

  9. I love that idea! I will have to look around my room for a place to stick a word wall on insulation now!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  10. You, my friend, are a genius. And I am in love with the color scheme and pennant border!!!!

  11. really used that nasty four letter word in two posts this week? "Iron" I shuttered each time I read it and wanted to tattle on you for using bad words! lol

    Love the foam board idea! We recently insulated our basement with it but unfortunately hubby covered it with dry wall. Had I know your little decorating tidbit I would have a much fancier basement!

    Books, Blocks and Baskets

  12. I am totally late to the party on this post but YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I am so going to use your brilliant brain to my advantage. Thank you for solving like 5 problems for me in my new room.

    Crofts' Classroom

  13. What a fantastic idea! I have three walls that are screaming for staple friendly bulletin boards! Thanks for the ideas!

  14. This. Is. Genius! Thanks for the inspiration! My room is bulletin board-less, so I'm looking for any way to get student work and word walls up without constantly having to staple the wall to death. Did you use the regular command strips or the ones that look like Velcro?

    Miss A's Kindergarten


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