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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Common Core Bullies and the Eyesore

Happy Three Day Weekend!!
I don't even really know why Labor Day IS Labor Day, but I am okay with that!

Our Librarian said to us "Labor Day. The one day a year that we celebrate having a job by not going to it".

For me it will probably still be a work day- just I will get to wear pajamas..
I have plans to write and assessments to create. Thanks Common Core.

Common Core is kicking my butt.

If Common Core were a girl- I would call her Nellie.
Remember  Nellie Olson from Little House on the Prairie?
Then you  have permission to scroll to the pictures...(babies).

Anyway- when people who were important were around , she was good as gold. She was dressed in
frills and sashes and everyone just went ga ga over her. She was always right and everyone always took her side.
But, boy, when there weren't any grown ups around and it was just her and those other boys and girls- she was a royal
b@#*h! She pulled hair, stole stuff, pushed kids into the mud, and made every child around her miserable!...

Are you getting the analogy?

Nellie= CCSS
important people= govt and admin
frills and sashes= the pretty package that it was originally presented to us in
ga ga= looking at the long term with an idealists attitude
boys and girls= teachers
pulled hair= confused
stole stuff= takes all planning time and THEN some
kids in the mud= our brains
every miserable child= those who went in head first

Some comments were made that it was very similiar to being a first year teacher- I beg to differ.
At least when you are a newbie- there is someone who knows what they are doing.

Some people say if it comes easy, that you aren't doing it right- that you have to put in that first year of reconstructing the curriculum and pacing.

It's going to be okay.
I am going to make it.
I will survive. I will survive. Hey Hey.

On a lighter Non Nellie Note...
I finished my outside display. The little frames for their pictures turned out wonderfully!  I "made" a digital paper on ppt then added their pic and a text box with their name and voila! I only had to have them printed and laminated (and they were only 15 cents each...easy is good for me right now)

The pics are glued to clothes pins and the the clothes pins are glued to the laminated construction paper that is glued to the wall.
I also added my Miss Squirrels~
so there is plenty of room to hang portrait or landscape sheets . Love how easy it can be changed out.
Here comes the squirrel...

Yes, we all know I LOVE her- but what's with the big heart?
It's the best part of my whole display.
Can't wait?
One more....

Have I added some kind of talking kiosk? Is it  a flash banner? Is it like those talking coupon tvs at the grocery store....
nope- none of those....

Waaa! I hate it!
No matter what I do, it's always in the way- ALWAYS-
I feel like  I am saying:
Great Work!
DOn't play with matches kids!
Happy Squirrel.


Your work is awesome!
Stop! Drop! and Roll!
Happy Squirrel.

I will be stuck with it as long as I am at my school- I am "nested" in on the inside and have no desire to move to a room without fire safety outside the door!!!!

Littlest Little did a great job of videoing the making of chart calendar- guess his mama got a little longwinded- says it's too big to share:( Boo.

Alright well I am off to get the nails done and I am NOT a fortune teller, but I DO see a nap in my future- see ya'll later this weekend:)


  1. Sorry about the eyesore!! It isn't that bad! (and you are totally saved if there's a fire! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I completely agree with you on the CCSS. At my school, we were told that we were using the CCSS completely and that meant we couldn't use our reading series because it didn't correlate with the standards. Did they provide us any alternative curriculums? Nope. Nothing!
    Now, if we had been told this during the summer (when "they" knew about it,) we would have had plenty of time to create themes and units to have a curriculum ready for the year. But, no. We were told three days before the kids came. No time to plan. Man, I'm struggling!
    I'm not thrilled with Nellie at all!

  3. Happy Squirrel needs to be dressed as a firefighter... at the ready ;-)
    Good luck with CCSS - remember, you can only do what you can do :D
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  4. LMFAO!!! I HATED Nellie in Little House!!! Yes I am showing my age! Good Luck with CCSS. They are rolling out our new district aligned curriculum this year and next! Love your blog! So sorry about your Nellie!

    All Things Teachery

  5. Good luck with the CCSS. We are on board with "everything", too this year and I am going to try to do my best!! I love your outside display!!

  6. I haven't been around lately... so I am probably REALLY late on this, but I LOVE your new layout! Super cute!!

  7. LOVE your hallway display even with the fire safety.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  8. It's not so bad!! Your hallway display still looks great!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  9. I'm so with you on this Nellie business. I'm trying to make sense of it all right now. I know once I learn it, it will be okay. It's just overwhelming right now. On a side note, I see you are 2 followers away from '500'. Woohoo!!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  10. Maybe you're the only teacher they trust to put out the fire!! :) When there's a fire... Miss Squirrels to the rescue!! I think you should put your knitting talent to making a fire rescue cape!

    Let's Teach Something 


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