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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Crafts and Wishes

Are you ready?
Are your boughs decked with holly?
Cookies baked?
Presents wrapped?
House clean?
Ready to travel?

I can place check marks next to only a few of those.
Insert sad face here --------------------->  ( )

School ended for me at 1pm on Thursday and I have been able to work on some of the family stuff . I have to have everything finished no later than 10am on Monday the 24th, in order to host Christmas Eve in my house and then after they leave and we drift off to sleep- we will wake up to what Santa has brought us and also the Mother in Law.
She will be here Christmas Day til about the 30th. Should be lots of fun!

Really- she's one of those fun grandmas!

Speaking of fun:

There was lots of  fun to be had in my room for the last week.
We worked on what we were going to ask Santa to bring us. These are Miss Kindergarten's Dear Santa Craft

 I hope this sweetie gets her pony. I asked her if she had a fence. She doesn't. I told her that when Santa knows she has one, then he might bring one.
(I should probably let her mother know I told her that) But there's always hope for the My Little Pony.

 Chickadee always has her boots on when she comes to the school. She has all the girls in my class wanting them! You're Welcome Parents!
 This guy needs WHEELS! A skate board, "woaler" skates, a sit down skate board, and 4 "weeler" and for the days he can't be mobile, an iPod and a Playstation 2.

 This girlie always scores high in the "Voice" dept of her writing-
She wants a "jilyon" monster high dolls!  I love that we work within the 120 chart and a "jilyon" is a number she chooses.
 And everyone else conformed to the face that Hadar originally created for the craft. We had one go rogue.
Amish Santa?
 I don't know.

 We also worked on our gift to our parents.
We made these last year, as well.
I learned a few lessons after last year. The main one was to have lots of back ups! 

 Yes, this a weightlifting snowman. There is also a pirate.
 I don't know what happened when I turned away, but the pirate apparently got shanked because he is bleeding. There is police officer on the other side where his thumb ended up. So I wasn't too worried, I figured Officer Frosty could keep the peace.

They had fun! I sent an "advance" email that didn't give away the present, but let them know that something very delicate was on it's way home.

The Mr was supposed to work today and I was going to get a ton of stuff done.
In my kajamas.
With a pony tail and a hoodie.

He wants to go "finish up".
There will be a "jilyon" people out there.  I'm not in any mood to go.
Every time I witness Holiday Stupidity I lose a little of my Christmas Spirit- kind of like every time a bell rings...- but the total opposite.
I hope to be back before the Big Day- If I am not, I hope that you and yours share a wonderfully warm and safe time together!

(And Special Holiday Wishes for those who are here via these searches):

Also a Super Sweet Holiday Wish  to the young man who took the liberties to give me and my Littles a discount last night at dinner:

Thank you, Michael O.,  you lifted the spirits of EVERY ONE ELSE I know. May your holiday be bright.


  1. The santas turned out adorable!!! Glad your class was able to use the craft :)

  2. Oh, I see where you were! My son taught there for a year.

  3. A senior discount...... LOL

    Ummmm, aren't you like my age?

    But then I noticed the tax man added nearly all of it back on. So Michael was nice, but the tax man.....well. ( I can't really speak though because I'm totally ignorant of how the tax system works over there. )

  4. Love the Santas! I enjoyed reading their writing. I love when you've taught contractions and they add an apostrophe all the time! :) SO CUTE!

    I hope you had a great Christmas.

    First Grade and Fabulous

  5. Hi!
    I just found your adorable blog! I also teach first grade. My class has been making those same Parent Christmas Ornaments for years, but have always used clear glass balls. This year I couldn't find them anywhere within a 30 mile radius so I ended up getting Blue ones from Walmart. I think they turn out soo much cuter. I will never go back to clear. I already have mine for next year 50% off.
    Stop by sometime. I am in NC. Where do you teach?

  6. I love your Santa letters - so cute! My nephew is in kindergarten this year and they wrote letters to Santa as well - he asked for a police car and that is what Santa brought him (a Power Wheels one) - his parents put the note in the tree - I thought it was a perfect touch and a nice reminder how much school effects their everyday lives.

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