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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year or Holy Headaches!!

"Happy New Year! "
"Good Morning!"
Why is it morning? Cause I haven't been out of bed very long- and when I get out of bed,
THEN it is morning.
Not before.

I went to a New Year's Celebration last night and I indulged in a few too many adult frothy beverages.

All is good though..
Thank goodness I do not return to work until Friday because I have been totally worthless today.

Don't believe me?
I'll recap my day for you.
2:00 am Went to bed.
4:30 am Asked the Mr to bring me Motrin and water (stayed in bed)
7:00am Asked for more water
8:00 Asked for more Motrin
9:00 Stuck foot on to floor to make sure it was still there
9:30 Weighed head- confirmed it was 100lbs- dozed off again

Somewhere between 9-12 I had a horrible dream that the cat from Coraline came in through the window of my classroom (I do not have a window in my classroom) and attacked me. He tore my arm up! It was awful!! And my school was really different and I couldn't find the nurse's office. When I got there (finally) she put Vaseline on it and sent me back to class!!!
She should have called 911 for sure!!!

Fast Forward to Noon
12:00pm More Motrin, water, attempt at walking
12:15pm Moved to couch
From that point on, I switched between comfy chair and the couch. Watched a little Tv. Dozed on and off. Talked to a few friends on the phone- so I could wish them Happy New Year and confirm that I did not have to apoligize for anything:)
I do not.

I tried to think of something teachery to share with you- and again I came up with nothing.
So I thought I would share something else I have done over the last few days.
Let me reiterate- not today. In the past....I have done nothing productive today (except for this post).

We took the Mr's mom to a local distillery this past week, and amongst the yummy bottles of grown- up deliciousness, there were displays of goods by local businesses.
One of those displays contained baskets upon baskets of these little tarts.
She also had regular candles, but I am terrified of an open flame in my home, so I use an electric tart warmer.
These smelled so good that I had to buy several-
Blue Christmas is melting right now.
These little puppies were $1.75 each! And they are little.
I got to thinking about all those great smelling candles that received from my students and families that I don't burn because I don't like the fire part.

So I put a few candles on the warmer plate of my tart warmer.

I love the smell of this one! Smells like you are baking, which is something else that I don't do- so it is nice to smell it and pretend.

This one was a great clean linen smell. I don't enjoy cleaning either, so this is also great!
All I had  to pour them into at the time was these egg trays.

(What's up with all the chickens??)
After they went into the freezer for a bit, they popped right out!

Chickadee says to hide them because she doesn't want anyone to mistake them for candy-:)

So I ran a few errands and when I went to Target I found these. And of course, teachers have the gift of seeing so many uses for something (often nothing near what the original use was supposed to be).

Final product? I have tarts galore!!! There are Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works, Gingerbread, Clean Linen, and Apple Pie tarts.

That is way too much for me to use- so I shared with my neighbors.
Just thought I would share what little productivity I have mustered with you. Maybe it is something you can do with the closet full of candles you have received over the years.

For everyone who has to work tomorrow, I send my deepest condolences:)
I head back on Friday for staff development and then kiddos return on Monday.

Whatever you venture into tomorrow, I hope it is great for you!


  1. Love your N.Y.E. story! You crack me up! Love your tip! What a great idea! I am not a candle fan either - but I love my warmer! Thank you for the awesome tip! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  2. Your posts always crack me up! Love the play by play of your overindulgence! I also use a tart warmer and might be stealing your idea.
    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  3. At first, I was that....MORE chocolate??? lol... I'm grossed out by sweets right but you are GENIUS! :)
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  4. LOL! You're morning after the night before sounds interesting. That's a pretty impressive hangover!

  5. Oh dear:) Hope you're feeling better now. I had a bit too much champagne last night but managed to avoid a hangover. Thank goodness:)
    Happy New Year!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  6. LOVE the idea of melting candles. I so am going to be doing that. We have a no flame rule at school so I love this idea. Thanks for sharing!!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  7. I am laughing out loud to myself right now reading your post bc you are so my people! This is something I would do! Love candles. Hate burning. Hate half burned candles that I have to throw out. We have a Scentsy that we love, but burn through [literally] the wax like crazy. Pure genius idea! You are just fabulous!

    ~Christy (& Tammy)
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  8. You crack me up!! I look forward to reading your posts:) I hope you feel better you poor thing!!
    The Moffatt Girls

  9. I hope you will share such type of impressive contents again with us so that we can utilize it and get more advantage.


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