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Friday, February 22, 2013

"Facebooking" With Dr Seuss

Happy Weekend!
Didn't we just have one? Where is the time going?
It seems like I just posted about the Christmas ornaments we made, and now here I am decorating my door for
Read Across America Week!
We are not so slowly approaching the 120th day of school!!

I had an Amazing weekend last weekend.
It was full of milestones for me-
I drove for almost 5 hours BY MYSELF!!!
And if you have followed me for a while, you know that driving is one of the top five things that makes me crazy!!

I may already BE crazy- the driving DOES NOT HELP!

Anyway, I did it-
and I am working on the post to share it with you- fishing for more pictures.

Meanwhile (back at the corral)
My class is gearing up for next week.
Read Across America Week.
We are going to get cozy with a book ("kajamas"), wear crazy socks (I don't know why, really), have many colored kiddies (each grade level is assigned a color on Wednesday) and favorite book character on Friday.

We started the celebration by "facebooking" (it's a verb) with Dr. Seuss himself!
They thought this was pretty cool!
Maybe you could send him a "friend request".

We also talked about our favorite books (that we will share on Friday).
A birthday would not be complete without a cake!!

source of craft- A Cupcake for the Teacher
The empty spaces are a reflection of the tummy bug that is running through my room!

Gotta love the Fire Extinguisher-!

Check out this itty bitty cake made by one of my sweeties! Love her!

My train of thought on getting this up early (on my door and in my hall )
was that if we wait to do it all when the week is here, then it will be up for too long after the special week is gone-
and boards/displays that outlive their welcome drive me bonkers!!!!


Our school had visitors this morning from around the district. They came to see all the great things we are doing in math.
So there are a few teachers (one of them, I don't think she recognized me, but we used to sleepover at each others' house's in middle school!!!) a few admins, and our admin and AC.
Here I am, sprawled out on the floor- "doing math" with them.
We lay on our bellies alot
(believe it or not, they are more still on their tummies than they are sitting crisscross......there's no where to go.....)
We've got our response papers inside sheet protectors, our markers, our maniuplatives
and our -not-so-tiny-teacher huddled down there on the floor when all these people walk in.
One of them is carrying her iPad to record the whole ordeal.

As I 'hoist" myself to a new position, I made a grumbling rumbling noise that most of my crew is used to -
I made some snarky comment like "Yikes, we may have to stay down here til lunch".
One of my precious sweeties, who ALWAYS looks out for me says
"Miss Squirrels, if you get stuck on the carpet- can I give the spelling test?"

Always thinking ahead, they are!!

As usual- a search to giggle with-

I am going to look for this Jose Nutty Doodle could be tasty....maybe.

I hope that everyone has a terrific Saturday Morning! I know mine will be full of coffee and blog stalking!!!
And when I am done with that I to go around town and shop for some items on my very odd list.
Keeping your interest piqued.....



  1. Your facebooking with Dr. S. is kind of amazing. I love how it is the phone version. You are quickly becoming the bulletin board savant. It's impressive.

    Now I am coming over so we can lie on our tummies together. No telling how long we may be stuck down there. Bring your phone and I'll bring the bowls of chocolate!

    1. I need to get pillows for my floor- for when I DO get stuck down there!

  2. Genius! I bet your students loved this! I would love if you link this activity on my COUNTDOWN TO DR. SEUSS's BIRTHDAY linky.

    I hope you stop by. I think many teachers would love to find out about this idea!

    1. I linked up!!!! Thanks for sharing your site- AMAZING ideas!!!

  3. I love the Facebook idea! How fun:) I love all the pics, and your nails look fabulous;)


  4. The cakes looks great!! Especially the mini one ;) Thanks for the shout-out!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. I am so getting the kids to lay on their bellies next week!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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