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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WTH?!?! Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,
I regret to inform you that you no longer have the allure of "mid week" or "hump day" to this Squirrel. Spring Fever has Oh-fficially taken over. It no longer matters what day of the week it is. I apologize to have to be the one to tell you.
Better Luck in the Fall,

That my friends is a little excerpt from a compilation of letters that I have written to the Days of the Week. Saturday and Sunday will be the only ones happy to see the letter in their mailbox!!!

It was absolutely gorgeous here today!!! It was 85 when we got in the Shrek Mobile at the end of our day. EIGHTY FIVE! If I were the superintendent I would have closed the schools and declared it "Go Outside and Play Day!"
Is that already a "day"? It should be!!

We had a fabulous day of learning, thanks to Miss D! I have some pics of  their Social Studies lesson today- I can't wait to share that!
We are working on Maps and Globes this week in SS. Miss D needed that one extra something for a lesson so we headed to the library.
And we struck gold! She found exactly what she was looking for- yeah!
Take a look at what can be found if you go one shelf over and one shelf down......

WHY THE HECK do we have this book in our library????

It was there so of course we had to take the time to check it out!!
(Actually, we saw it during lunch and made a plan to go back while they were at specials to look at the book!!!)

We need a professional opinion!
I wonder if Swersty has this in her library?

There is a plethora of info in this book! You can find out where the rehab guy got his ink....
(I find it a bit ironic that his tattoo artist is surrounded by books).

We can also read about one of AJs favorite past times.....soakin' in the suds

I think if I had a favorite it was actually the smarmy one that looked like everyone's much older brother.

I really thought that there could not be a better find for the day on our little excursion... I was wrong!

Now we're talking!
Not as many pics though- I guess this falls more under the "informational text" category...

It defintely put a smile on our faces to see these in the selection pool! There is so much need-to-know info in these books.
I bet some of their deepest, darkest secrets are shared!!

Speaking of secrets.....
WHAT THE HECK is this neighbor hiding???

On our way home today we noticed that one of the houses a few streets over has a new mailbox. Normal boxes don't stand out - so we probably wouldn't have noticed....that is not normal!
What is he locking up in there?
Our mailman won't deliver our mail of there is car parked too close to the box. You mean that same guy is going to get out and unlock this box and put his Red Plum flyer and Coupon Mint Books inside so that no one can take them???
I have to know what is in that box!
We will be keeping a CLOSE eye on this neighbor for sure!!!

I leave you tonight with some sure signs of that Spring has "Sprung" in our neck of the woods....
A couple of serene moments in nature with:

Yes, Bradford Pears are my enemy this time of year!! My neighborhood is covered in them and there are several right outside my classroom door. (It even seems a little less sunnier where these evil trees live, doesn't it?)

Have a great Thursday!


  1. haha,this post cracked me up!! I was obsessed with BSB back in the day... pretty sure I had that book at some point in my teenage years! ha

    I am feeling you big-time on the spring fever. My kids were nutso today - then 2 threw up on the floor, so that didn't help.

    You post gave me another text-to-self connection (ha!). I was in the library looking for easy reader books about plants for our upcoming science fair project (growing beans) and in the middle of these easy reader books was Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. That really cracked me up. I'm sure a 6-year-old would just love to read that in their spare time. ;)

    Teaching's a Hoot

  2. Love it!

    Backstreet Boys....saw them in concert. True story. My favorite was Howie. And I still have a BSB pillow. I'll have to send you that picture hahaha.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Uhhh, no, my library does not have a single book about the Backstreet Boys. And by the looks of your copy, we are really missing out. How have my students survived without knowing that AJ loves to take bubble baths?!!!!! I guess I better add this title and the N Sync one to my collection!
    Swersty’s Swap Shop

  4. I need to go check out our library!

  5. BSB is back! They were my absolute favorite boy band. Ahh the treasures you can find in a library if you really look close! I wonder what might be hiding in ours. :)

  6. Backstreet's back alright! I loved that band! Still listen to them on my ipod and Pandora. So glad they are keeping the 90's boy bands going strong in the elementary world today.


  7. Ha, that neighbors mailbox is going to give me nightmares...j/k but that is really strange! Love the back street book - my daughter loves 1Direction - someday we will be laughing about one of their books I'm sure. Have a great week.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  8. Haha! Those boy band pics are cracking me up! Just found you from Vicky's blog!
    I'm happy I found you!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby


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