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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Five For Friday {September 27}

Good Morning Friends!
The weekend is here for us- how gracious of the week to think of us teachers and let us have these two days to {to grade papers and plan}.

It was a fantastic week- there were "Light bulbs" going on on and off everywhere in my room!
No. Really. There was a wiring problem so lights were going on and off, on and off, on and off.
Oh! You thought I meant metaphorical light bulbs----- silly people.

For real though- we did have a great week. After a few lessons at the beginning of the week, I asked our Media Specialist to pull 30 books on animals from the shelves. I placed them around the room {like obvious Easter eggs} and they had to move to the books.

They used their Text Features to determine where they could find the animal's diet in the book. And then they charted in their journals the type of animal and what type of consumer (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore) it is. They also had to chart the evidence from the text.

They loved it! They're expectation was to have 5 animals by the end of their Block. And rather than hearing "Is four enough?" or "I'm done!" I heard- "Do we have to stop at 5? Can we do more?" I may have to have it in my plans to extend this lesson a bit....

My first Fourth Grade Love Letter.

I always loved the sweet little notes from my firsties and I still have some of them- they were too precious to throw out misplace. I love the level of humor though- and the acorn with the stache is killing me!!!

This was me being a goofball at the stop sign in my neighborhood this Friday morning. You may have seen me do this before. My #shrekmobile .
Who could have known that I was documenting the shrek mobile's last unblemished picture????

Some Dumb Dumb Dummy Head pulled out in front of me! Because the guy in the right lane "waved him over and told him it was okay to go". Yep- that's what he told the officer too. The officer and I just looked at each other.
But that guy got the citation for the accident- so when I called our insurance they were pretty much like "Yeah- you! The other guy's gonna pay for all the damage!"

No one was hurt- although I was a little shaken. AND  I am a little achy today. AND Shrekmobile  will never be the same.

Barkley and Truman knew that I needed, a little extra lovin' last night- so they gathered 'round me to show their support. Of course, I had to coerce them to come over with the yummy juicy burger that was also consoling me.....

Well I must get ready to go to a play at the Public Library- several of my students are in it! Should be fun!

Stay safe out there!!!


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