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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Card Memory Book {or It's Over}

Hello from the land of HOLIDAY DREAMS!!!

Oh, how I have enjoyed it!
Not only have I spent more time with the "immediate Squirrels", I was able to spend some time with "distant Squirrels".

Ok, so they aren't really THAT distant. In fact, they all live in town and one of them lives next door.
BUT I did get to spend the holiday in a much different way than I ever have before. And it was because of what I DIDN'T do vs. what I DID do.

This year, the Squirrels hosted the FIRST ANNUAL NOTHING!!!

It was Heaven kind of nice. We didn't have to deep clean prep the house. We didn't have to cook at all prepare any large meals. We didn't have to make nice and pretend that we weren't about to fall over dead because we were ready for everyone to leave wait on guests.

This was our first time to do things a little differently. So we didn't host anything. We traveled to my sister's (she lives next door), had some snacks, exchanged with them and my parents, and we were back home by 9:00pm!

And Christmas morning- We didn't go anywhere either!!!
We exchanged with each other and we saw what Santa had for us. Then we made a huge breakfast, played with toys, watched movies and went out for Christmas dinner. It truly was beautiful!

Not that we are trying to be unsocial squirrels-- on the contrary we are very social. "We" are also tired.
****Disclaimer- I just want to be sure that the reader knows that all "we"s aforementioned in this post actually means "ME". *****

Cause I am the one who prepares for guests and cooks and preps the house.
Who knows, maybe next year we will be on the party circuit again....but I am kinda doubting it. At least, "we" have no plans to host :)

Now that it is over though, we did have to do some big cleaning. And they were involved in that one!!!

One of the things we had to do was take down the Christmas Cards.
I love getting them in the mail! Like seriously, the whole family does. When we get home in the afternoon we are like Charlie Brown on Valentine's Day! Constantly checking the mailbox.
I love to see who sends one. I love to see how the kiddos have changed. The type of card that is sent. I love all of it- so much so that I can't bear to get rid of them.
I mean, someone took the time to write it out or take that picture or drive to the post office- i just feel like throwing it out into the trash is mean and "Un"christmas-like!
So this is what I do! I took pictures- and posted a flipagram on the fanpage earlier.

I had already take a few down before I thought to share this with you.

I stack them up- doesn't matter the size- they all just have to be opening in the same direction.
And then I bust out my 2 hole staple from the 60s !HA! And right in the middle of the "spines" I punch the holes.

I thread a yarn needle with some pretty ribbon.

And I go through all the holes. Starting from the front- that way I have ribbon to tie at the end.
When I get to the end I come back through- and I take each side and go through again- that way if it comes untied at any point it is still safe.

After I have going through twice, I tie it off into a pretty bow! And I always put our family card on top because it has the year on it !

And now I have a nice little Christmas Card book to go through. I store them with my decorations, and when next year comes I can compare pics and really see how my friends and family have grown and changed.

Here's me flipping through this year's, rereading one from My "Boo".
I {puffy heart} Boo.

Before I started doing this, in the past I would cut the fronts off of the cards and use them in the classroom for Christmas crafts and for them to use to make cards.
This was all before I realized all the love that comes in a card. Also before I realized how much freakin effort goes into getting them photographed, printed, addressed, stamped, and mailed. Now they are considered Christmas Gold!

So yes, the making of a Christmas Card Memory Book means that it's over. It means the decorations are on their way back into the attic. Goodbye Little Squirrels! Calm down! They are just ornaments.
Ornaments! Ornaments!
You didn't think I was putting MY Squirrels in the attic ? :)

Ha! Ha!
Hope you have had fabulous celebrations- whether you were guest or host!

I would love to hear what you do with your Christmas Cards once the season is over- tell us in the comments below!


  1. I love what you do with your cards. SO pretty. I used to do something similar with a "kind of sorta" scrap-book thing, but now we get so few cards it seems like over kill to put them in their. Maybe cards are going the way of the 2-hole punch! ;P Happy New Year!

  2. Oh Missy Squirrels, you make me smile.
    I loved the LOVE in this post.
    (Guess what is included in my (limited) Cards-to-Save collection?)
    Happy New Year, My Squirrely Buddy!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. What a great idea! I started a scrapbook for the photo cards a couple years ago, but abandoned that project because it took too much time. But THIS, I could do! :)

  4. That is BRILLIANT!!! I am pinning this!! :)
    And I would like to have your kind of Christmas next year . . .

  5. I started making card books after our wedding last year. Such a great way to have all the memories together!

  6. I have never ever got this type of informative and easy contents yet I enjoyed reading these.


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