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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Mother's Love... {and Lots of It}

Wowwee Wow Wow!
Mother's Day is gone.
 {insert sad face here}

There was such a "build-up", too!
I was all about having this one day. Just one day. (Can you hear the Les Mis...."Just One Day....")
 I had it all worked out in my mind that I would wake up to a glorious smell from the kitchen and then my beautiful children would come into my room with a pretty tray adorned with freshly cut flowers and a delicious meal.

Cue to the dream like music.
It's over.
Guess what part of that happened.
Uh- NONE of it! That's how much of it happened!

I was the first one up- AND I made breakfast for everyone. 
What the What!?!?!

I guess it's better that way, at least I didn't have to hurt someone for waking me up too early!

All of The Littles did  a wonderful job of helping out The Mr. to find just the right gifts.
***Disclaimer- I know that makes me sound greedy- which is not my intent. I merely think that if we are actually going to spend $$$ on each other that it needs to not be frivolous or wasteful. 
I love a handmade ANYTHING with all my heart- and I keep it all and will cherish it forever! But if you are gonna spend cash on a squirrel- be practical!***

After everyone was awake and their bellies were full, they came out of their rooms with my "loot". The piece of paper there is a GC for a pedi at the spa where I get my hair done- which is good- because these toes are not ready to be seen in those flops!

(The chocolate didn't last 24 hours).

We had a great morning ! I think the best part about the morning was that we didn't "do" anything! The boys sat in front of the ent. stand and went through the movies, trying to find something that we would all like to watch- while "looking" we got distracted with some of the other stuff that was in there. In the time we sat laughing and joking about what we found, we could have watched two movies!!!
These are some of the lovely finds from the back of the stand. These are from our- "everyone do thumbs up right before the picture" stage!!

Lucky me, three horrible "dos" in a row.

Good times. Good times.

And our "good times" do seem to out weigh the not-so-good.
I consider myself to be a very lucky mom of three beautiful Littles. Inside and out.
 They have their moments (they get that from him).
  For the most part my life consists of a table full of sweet faces that sit across from me at the dinner table every night. And even if it tastes like I was trying to poison them, each night they pass my chair as they are excused and say "That was good. Thank you". One of them still kisses my cheek when he says it.
I also have to "deal with" two of them getting out of the van every morning when I drop them off and saying "See you later, I love you". Ugh - my life, right?
(Littlest Little comes in with me, so I get his goodbyes when he leaves for his classroom).
And whether it's out of habit or genuine concern- I have to "put up with" all of them asking how my day is. 
Woe is me. 

I guess it isn't so bad that it's over. I get a little Mother's Day "love" each day. 
I guess the moral of the story is that 
"A mother should be happy that she has the love of her children".
"A child's love is priceless"
"Let your heart be filled with the smiles of your children".
Screw that- the take-away here folks is-
 "If they didn't make it by hand at school and you have to buy it, make sure it's worth it- also it wouldn't hurt to let her sleep in and  bring her breakfast in bed every once in awhile".


Speaking of Love
there's a WHOLE LOTTA BIRD LOVIN going on in my hood! This top pick is the nest that is in the bush next to my front door.
Dear Robin #1,
I'm so happy you have built your home in a location where we are able to scare the $%^!> out of each other EVERY morning!!!

Dear Robin #2,
Thank you for watching my weight for me and making sure that I don't have any juicy burgers or gigantor steaks until your CHILDREN decide they can feed themselves and get the $#^@ out of my grill.

NO matter if you gave or got Mama love this weekend, here's some Squirrel-love!
Hope you all had a great Monday!


  1. Great post! I hope you get back to posting on the reg this summer! I love reading your posts! I'm gonna hold you to it!

    Hahahahah!!!! That cracked me up about you and the bird scaring the shit out of each other! That happens here on our awning! #freaksmeouteverytimeileave

    Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

    Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

  2. love you squirrels. Please blog more. like every day. random squirrel thoughts.

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  4. Your composing is purely awe-inspiring that I desired to read such high quality material...


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