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Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday {July 18}

Hello, Friday. Nice to see you again. Although I would be happier to see you if you hadn't shown up the way you did. I mean, you sneak up on all of us, and then you have the nerve to waltz in at only 77 degrees just covered in clouds. You do know that it is July 18th, right Friday?
Just checking.
Let's just try to get your crap together before next week rolls around, 'cause two Fridays without the pool are unacceptable.

I am linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday- even if there wasn't any sun to take pics in.

I did take advantage of the cool weather and opened up the windows to get some fresh air blowing through here. I stayed in bed for a bit and finished Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens. I discovered her after I read all of Gillian Flynn's novels and asked for recommendations. Courtney from Swimming into Second recommended her- so I ran out- bought the first two, read one of them in ONE DAY! I am starting Always Watching when I finish this post.

Let's see, Pic #2 is from dinner. We made "Elvis" sandwiches.
There was a 'friendly" sandwich competition while we were at the beach with our family this summer. Even though my entry was delicious, and the others put a lot of hard work into theirs, this was the one that ALL the children declared the WINNER.
I personally don't think it is fair to intro peanut butter AND bacon on the same entry where children are involved. She may as well have covered it in chocolate syrup and sprinkles!!!!
{wait, there's an idea}
I would show you an end result, beautifully crafted sandwich- but there aren't any to speak of! They didn't last long at all. I even drove a nice warm sandwich up to Chickadee because she was at work. She was giddy when she came to the car and squealed "I'm gonna see if I can go on break RIGHT NOW!" {she had been at work for an hour}
{And yes, she works at a restaurant, and yes, I take her food. I know- it's weird.

I don't have many more exciting things that I photographed today.  After I got some time to relax reading, I had to play chauffeur for a bit.
Some of you may have seen who watches me leave and return all day.
This is new to him. The piece of furniture that used to be in front of this Little's window has been moved. So now Barkley has prime-people-stalking-property right up there in front of the house.

He has also discovered that his little behind actually fits on the window sill! He currently is the new neighborhood watch!

I did have a little in between time to start a new project today. I can't read with any background noise. (I am THAT teacher at PDs who WAITS for everyone to stop talking so that I can read what we are supposed to be reading. I swear, I take NOTHING in if I hear other stuff while I am reading)
So when The Mr. is watching baseball or soccer or something else that I am not interested in, I can crochet. This keeps me in the room with him vs. leaving to read in another room.
Crocheting has saved our marriage- not really- but it sure makes me look interested in what he is watching. {brownie points}

Reading back over this, it seems my cloudy Friday was a little fuller than I had originally thought. Here's to hoping that yours was great and that the sun returns tomorrow!


  1. Barkley is gorgeous - love little yorkies! I'll have to check out some of those reads once the summer starts for me!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. I hope you will share such type of impressive contents again with us so that we can utilize it and get more advantage.


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