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Friday, May 25, 2018

Half of Thirty

Before I get started on writing this post about the first half of my Whole30 journey, let me preface by saying that for the last 20 years I have treated my body like a garbage can. So there is a very distinct possibility that the start of ANY healthy program would show great results for me.
Also let me say that there aren't any affiliate links in this post. I'm not trying to sell you anything or profit in any way by sharing with you.
I am just overwhelmed at how things have changed for me.

Let me tell you (in one paragraph or less, please) why I even chose to start the Whole30. For years I have had issues with my stomach. Pretty much everything I ate affected me in a not so positive way. It got to the point this school year that I was taking two water bottles to work in the morning and not eating anything until I got home for the day.....just in case. Yes, I went all day without eating for 8 months. And I gained weight. I wasn't active and when I did eat, it was not a  good choice. Ever.

I started hitting the walking trail pretty hard at the beginning of Feb this year, and I was putting in some serious steps. But there weren't any changes in my body- not how I felt or how I looked. The Dr wanted to run a series of tests.Wanted to say that it was IBS and that I should take this little blue pill (not that one) 20 minutes before I eat to prevent the issues..

I decided I don't want to live like that. I needed to do something different.

So I searched and read several reviews and results from different programs. I needed to find something that was going to change the way I eat. I also needed to find something that he was going to do with me. I told him about the program and ordered the book.

When the book came, I read it from front to back. I made notes, marked recipes, and made copies of pages for him to carry in his lunchbox as a reminder.

And on May 9th we officially started the Whole30.
I'm going to tell you our results "so far" before I tell you what we have gone through.
As I am writing this, it is Day 14 and I have lost 24lbs. He has lost 37lbs. (And by doing so I have broken the ONLY rule that I had no willpower against....the scale. I was changing so fast, I had to know! You are not supposed to weigh yourself for the 30 days. I would like it known that I did hold out for seven days).

Did that grab your attention? I figured I'd hit you up with some numbers before I got to the end to keep you reading.

What Are Rules?
They are pretty simple. Until you figure out that these seven things are in everything we normally eat.

For 30 Days:

NO CARRAGEENAN (I didn't know what that was until I started either).

The book gives you some great recipes to start with. And also a 7 Day meal plan- to give you an idea of how to incorporate last night's dinner into breakfast. And then there's google and pinterest for finding more. I was most worried about the alcohol and the sugar. The alcohol really isn't that big of a deal. (But have you met me)? And I really don't mind not having "sweets". But it's not just sweets- sugar is in EVERYTHING. Ketchup, taco seasoning, dressing. And if there's no sugar, there's probably soy. Tuna, some hot teas, most seasonings I wanted to try. It is pretty restrictive when it comes to seasonings, but I am cooking with a lot of garlic, ginger, lemon, and regular old salt and pepper.

If you have done the Whole30 or you know someone who has, you know that while the results come fast, they do not come without a ton of work. I think it's worth it though, for us to see what we WERE putting in our bodies and to change the relationship we had with food for so many years. I thought I would list a few things that have been the best AND the most trying for the last two weeks.

One of the hard parts in this house is NOT EVERYONE IS DOING IT. So while I am planning and prepping and cooking and storing all this wonderfully delicious food, I am also making regualr dinners for the crew! We have come to a compromise, though. There WILL be repeats in the same week. Since Moose and I aren't eating the share of those meals that we used to, there's plenty for leftover. I was very frank and told them this was going to happen when we started. I refuse to throw out perfectly good food (as was visably noticeable by the weight I had gained).

On the same vein, they are trying the new recipes that we are having for our meals and liking a lot of them. So that means those meals can come back  when the 30 days are over. And Schmoopie has been eating fruit like crazy. There has been so much more in the house than before. And so much less of the junk that used to fill the pantry,

I have been IN the kitchen for two solid weeks. No joke. There's is not a convience factor at all. I cook/prep his breakfast and lunch for the following day every night. His containers have a special place  on the shelf. And I make my breakfast and lunch fresh everyday (because  I don't like cold eggs). And then there's making sauces- homemade mayo. homemade dressings. homemade kethcup.

To go along with all the cooking, there is a buttload of clean up! (That's where the kiddos come in)

You TALK ABOUT FOOD ALL THE TIME.You have to talk it over with you partner to see if they like the food that you're having,

You will READ MORE LABELS in your life that you ever have! The disappointment in both of our eyes when we see something that will taste devine but inevitably has sugar or cane sugar in it!

We had SEVERAL days in the first week where we were pretty grouchy. And there were a few headaches, but it all passed pretty quickly.

Those are some of the things that have been a little aggravating. BUT there have been so many NON SCALE VICTORIES. My skin feels and looks great. I have a boatload of energy. My clothes are way too big and that means I get to do a little shopping before we leave for the beach! Neighbors and friends who don't know we are doing the Whole30 are noticing and commenting on the changes. And we are changing the way we think about food! (I think that is going to be key).

And it's important to note that we have also upped our movement during this time. I am walking a few more miles everyday and I added resistance bands and yoga (courtesy of Youtube and Amazon Prime Video) .

It is our plan already to incorporate this new way of eating into our everyday when the 30 days are over. We just have too- plus I think I would miss all the fruit!

My plan is to get back on here at the end....I have a pic in a dress that I bought for a trip we took in the beginning of the month- I can't wait to try it on at the end! Maybe I'll even post a pic!

Have a great Holiday Weekend!


  1. This is so exciting! I am so proud of you two! Can't wait to see the end result at the 30 day mark.

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