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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Meal Planning Helper!

Well, here we are! I took the pictures to make this tutorial on my blog over a month ago. Actually, it may have been over two months ago. I think I was mostly nervous because it has been so long since I have written anything longer than an Instagram caption.

It used to be my favorite part of the night, to sit down my with laptop and write about what was going on or what I was using in my classroom. And while things have changed considerably, I do still love sitting down to write every night. Except now I am writing in my planner or catching up in my Memory Keeper - basically doing something at my desk.
I wanted to share one of the things I made for my planner to help me out in the meal planning department. (Y'all know how much I love that!)
I was going to make this a video instead of writing about it, maybe the next time I make something I will think about the filming before I get started. 

This little tool that I made for meal planning has come in so handy! 

Like many of you, I shop once a week for groceries. And also like many of you, I am a lone ship on the ocean of meal planning. They are not much help, especially since I have taken out so much of the bad food that we used to eat. They know I am going to say "NO!" so they don't bother. 
These cards that I made are not only adorable, but they have really been helping me out for the last two months. 
Let's take a look at the finished product first:

I made these cards with meal ideas of things we ALREADY like and eat. Some of them are Whole 30 and some are not (but you can see that). I used a  Happy Planner photo insert to set the cards in. They live right next to my grocery list in my planner. That way when I am planning for the upcoming week, I can get ideas without having to ask everyone in the house. It makes planning for week so much easier. On one side of the page, I have Whole 30 meals and on the other side I have, you guessed it, Not Whole 30 meals.

It really was super simple!

First, I went through all of my old meal plans and made a separate list of entrees and sides. Things that repeated themselves often were obviously going to make it onto the cards.

I set the list aside, and cut a 4x6 photo card into 4ths, The size is important because we want these to fit into the photo page when we are done. 

Now the fun part: STICKERS! 
I used stickers from the Happy Planner Food Value Pack to decorate the bottom of the cards. I was trying to go all healthy, but the burger and the mac and cheese were just too cute!

Ok, the next part gets a tad techy- but not really. It was just a matter of scanning these four little cards on my printer/scanner. I scanned them as a photo, opened a Google Slide and placed the scanned picture in the background. I was then able to type the headings and lists. When I printed the page, I just cut out the cards separately and placed them in the photo holder. 

If that sounds like too much work, then I have a link for you! Now, using this means you will be skipping the sticker step and your cards will look just like mine. But if you are in it just for the functionality, then this is just what you need! 
After you click this link, it will tell you to make a copy- that's so we all aren't writing on each other's meal cards 😉

Once you open it, you can change the headings, the lists, the fonts- make it what works for you- and I'm telling you, this really works for me! I've been using it since the beginning of February this year and it has made a big difference!

After you print your "cards" on card stock or regular paper (and it doesn't really matter because they will be in the protector), you place them in the page next to the pages you meal plan in .

I have placed a few post-its on the page in my planner since I have done this, And I make a note that I need to go back into the computer, add a meal, and reprint. This will be really simple to do, just a matter of editing and reprinting.

I never in a million years thought that one book would be so important or serve as many purposes as this one does for me. I do have tons more to share. Whether or not I will share them with via video, instagram, blog, tweet- who knows-?!!? It all depends on the time of day, the amount pictures I took and whether or not I am having a good hair day! 🤣

Below are some of the materials I used while making this tool for my planner! Let me know in the comments if you are able to use this, too! And also, if you have any questions about how I set it up- I would love the feedback!

Also, check out my Amazon Storefront for other items I constantly use for Planning and Memory Keeping!


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