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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Squirrelific Sunday

Happy Sunday!!!!
I am coming to you today from a very clean office and an almost very clean kitchen-
I will be taking a very well deserved break @ 1pm to go swimming with the Littles.

but first I must share some fantastic news!

Whilst I slept- I reached 300 +1 followers! Yeah me!

Very excited about that. Lots of support for my creative ideas and I think I am gaining a small fan base, based totally on the nuttiness of my life that has nothing to do with teaching- that's okay too though- they say it takes a village! hee hee

I do have more Fantab-ulou-isticful  (new word) news

One year ago, this was me

I know, I look awful as a red head- but anyway- that was me.

When dinner was over, I went to the deck to have a smoke.
When I woke up I grabbed my coffee and went to the porch to have a smoke.
When I was on the phone (which was a lot) I went to the garage to have a smoke.
When I needed a break, I just went to smoke.

The Mr quit four years before I did- and the only thing worse than living with a non smoker when you are one- is a reformed smoker!
You stink. Oh, God, that smell is awful. That soap isn't covering it up. blah blah blah

It was so easy to say I AM NOT GOING TO SMOKE when the Littles were on the way. I had a reason (that was my mindset)
So when I wasn't preggers or nursing- it was a time when I was smoking,
So this is on and off (mostly on) for 23 years.

So I made a decision about several parts of my life
1) I was going to become more organizned.
2) I was going to surround myself with Positive Pollys.
3) I was going to work  on my OLW- Priority.

With a lot of hard work- so many wonderful things have come to fruitition.

1, 2, and 3 all started with this:

 I did this cold-turkey!
Like, threw the unfinished pack away in front of the family and made the promise, cold-turkey!
 After the initlal :
I realzed that life as a non smoker was pretty nice.

I didn't have to worry about my breath.
I was able to get my nails "did" - smoke always turned my tips yellow. And they have been "did" since July of last year.
I have saved lots of money.
I  don't hack anymore.

OH MY FAV- I got my "grill" redone-It was never an option unless it was a "for sure" thing that I was really quitting. So Lots of Drama (and P.A.I.N)  and $10,000 later- I have my smile (actually a better than before smile) back!

(Check out the post this pic came from-  here The Littlest Little and I were trying to take a pic together)

So life has given me lots of goodies since I made that choice to quit.

I keep my mind off of it by blogging and I keep my hands busy with typing, scrolling, stalking, and crocheting. Worked this one up last night- needs some tweaking- but I think all she needs is cute green bow and some lipstick and she'll be ready to go!

Well, time for me to get back to cleaning, finish up my packing , and make a 1,000 lists and How-Tos for the family to use while I am away:)

 That's us "throwing" the Squirrel Gang Sign! 

Life is Good.

Have a Super Sunday!!!


  1. You had me cracking up with the picture of the squirrel smoking LOL. Good for you on achieving something that is so difficult for many people to do!! That is awesome!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Yay for you! Hey, how have I missed this Texas blogger get together? I read about it on Kristin's blog yesterday. I'm in Oklahoma, if the get together is close enough I'd love to come meet up with you!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. Woot Woot! Congrats on no smoking.
    My recent post made me think of you as in has none other than a squirrel actor in the Chicken soup video/song I posted.

  4. Congrats on 300 and congrats with the not smoking for a year :) We want our squirrel to be around a long time!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  5. One of my fears with smoking is that I'll be smoking and one of my kinders will see me. I try to never smell like smoke at work (like I get one in the morning and then take a shower/brush my teeth/put on perfume and won't smoke again until I am at home after work), its just something I don't want to associate with my work. I would like to quit one day... and I'm very proud of you for quitting a year ago! Way to go! I know its hard and I haven't been smoking nearly 23 years (hence I'm only 24).

    P.S. I made a freebie today that reminded me of you the entire time I was making it! Go check out my blog and tell me what you think of the squirrels!

  6. Congrats on 300 and congrats on quitting! I am the ONLY one in my family that never smoked and I will tell you that it will mean so much to your kids that you quit!


  7. Way to go on 300+ squirrel stalkers!

    And an even bigger WAY TO GO for quitting smoking. I know that is a blessing to your family. =)

    I am excited to meet you next weekend!

    Heather's Heart

  8. Way to go on 300+ :)

    and a much bigger pat on your back for quitting smoking!

    Have fun at the meet up. Wish I were closer!


    Fun in Room 4B

  9. That's such an accomplishment-you should be very proud!


  10. Congratulations on quitting~!! Also another congratulations on getting 300. That is quite an achievement.

    I went and added a follow me thingy majingy. Thank you for the prompt to do so. :o)

    Today on my blog is the little center boxes that I mentioned. :o) In a couple more days I'll have another project that you inspired me to do as well. :o)

  11. Yay for you quitting smoking! Looking forward to meeting you at the Texas blog meet-up this weekend!
    Swersty’s Swap Shop

  12. Congrats on your BIG milestones all lining up for you like that! Yay! And quitting cold turkey! Fantastic!

  13. Yay!!!! So proud of you Mrs. Squirrels!
    I thought of you today while I was in Michaels. I was trying to find some scrapbook paper for my drawers!
    Can't wait to hear about Texas!

  14. Oh, I so know the song you are singing. I quit 12 year ago the day we decided to get preggers. I did pretty good with that, until I started teaching. Why, oh why, do little children make me want to smoke? But now I've been in the clear since last September. Yay for non-smokers! I'm proud of you.

    But I have to say, I LOVE that photo. It kind of makes me want to sneak off to the garage.

    I've missed you, and am looking forward to a summer of catching up!


    1. Only a few months and you will be celebrating too!

      I've missed you, too! Where have you been young lady? and I love your peacock tattoo!

  15. So happy for you Stac! You look rockin' :) and I love the squirrel family- you are so blessed :)

  16. I've been in first grade purgatory. But I'm recovering! Btw, what a gorgeous smile you have! Hope you are having fun on your trip!


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