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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WHAT THE HECK?!?!? Wednesday

I should be checking, rechecking and checking again to make sure I have everything-
but it's Wednesday !!!

I have so many What The Hecks this week- I just couldn't let Wednesday go by and not post it!!!

First off-

WHY THE HECK am I still awake?
My BFF Teacher Neighbor is going to be here at o'dark thirty to take
me to the airport- I should be sleeping-

But I can't
I have had too much coffee!

I spent half an hour looking for a pair of pants that were in the dryer
(I looked in the dryer 3 times)!

WHAT THE HECK is up with Swimwear Cover-ups in SMALL?
If you wear a small, you probably don't have ANYTHING TO COVER UP!!!
I purchased a very cute one today-

It is advertised as a 10 in 1 Convertible Cover up!
After I fished through all the SMALLS I found a large, bought it, took it home.

Guess what-
NONE of the 10 configurations you can make with this contraption worked!!!
At one point, the MR had to come in and rescue me from it-
I was trapped
it was awful
but no worries,
I am safe now and this ridiculous piece of cloth is in the bottom of the bag ready
to go back to the store!!!
I was so upset that I could only be consoled by a Reese's Blast from Sonic,
I am all better now.


Remember a few weeks ago when our whole city was invaded by groundhogs?!?!?

Ok, it wasn't an invasion
but the fact that I saw 4 of them in one day was pretty cool

WHAT THE HECK are they doing- following me?
This was at the pool today.

They are soooo cute! I want to hug one- but I am sure that
would end in disaster.

Have I told you about my AWESOME garden?
Well I will,
but first I have to ask

WHO THE HECK's been eating my strawberries????

Aren't they cute?
They are the ones that made it!

There is also something "Wascally" attacking our carrots!
And the little stinker has been eating the tops of my sweet potato plants!

I found out where he is coming from!!

I found his little coat and slippers! (hee hee)
Just kidding- but I did leave him a little peace offering and a note:

We'll see how well that works:)

Moving on....

WHEN THE HECK is 'poop" going to stop being a funny word?
I was making the "sloppy copy" of the grocery list on the dry erase board.
I walked away for one second...

When I walked away later and came back
there was also "goat feed" and "a new son"
We don't own a goat.
And the boys were fighting.

(I told you I had a lot- but I might not post on Thursday if I can't figure out my phone)

WHY THE HECK do we tell kids not to play with their food?
It's fun.
This was our snack at the pool.

Gummy bears in life preservers:)

WHO THE HECK drinks this much coffee???

I filled my first order for my MIL and got it mailed off to her today with this cute little note!

She is having some sort of team building exercise in her office and she thought these would be nice to give to her staff.

I opened my Etsy account- but haven't listed anything yet- I'll do that when I get back:)

and last but not least

WHEN THE HECK did Daisy make INDOOR products????

I just thought that was funny-

OKay- my ride to the airport will be here in five hours!!!!

I will be stalking I am sure while I am gone-
Have a Wonderfully, Wacky Wednesday!!!!


  1. I hear you...I have never been successful at any kind of "convert the outfit" style. Have a great trip.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. THIS was the funniest post I have read in a long time!! Keep up the good work! I needed this after the last few days!

    Jennifer Ayers
    Best Practices 4 Teaching

  3. Have a fantastic time! I'm sure you will :)

    I love that your note has a squirrel with a mustache!


    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Oh, Squirrels, you crack me up.

    For some of us, poop never ceases to be funny. I don't know why. It just doesn't.

    Something is eating my strawberries, too. Last year it was bunnies, this year I think it is my dog! Good luck keeping Peter out!

  5. I'd wanna hug the groundhogs, too!
    I'm jealous of your strawberries! Our tomatoes and peppers are doing well, but that's it.
    Enjoy your trip!!!

  6. I am obsessed with Punxsutawney Phil! There is just something adorable about knocking on his stump and dragging him out! =)

    I think "poop" and "underwear" will ALWAYS make people giggle.

    Thank you for the laughs...again! =)

    Heather's Heart

  7. Loved your post .have fun.

  8. I giggled the whole way through your post:) Have a fantastic vacation!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  9. I hope you have a great flight! If I was you I'd be a bit more wary about that rabbit...apparently some of them have chainsaws! (See Kristin's post if you didn't get that!) I am in love with your gummy bears in life preservers! I will have to pick some up at the store today now :)

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  10. The swimsuit coverup story cracked me up!!!!!!!

  11. Love the cover up in pictures but not if it doesn't work in real life. I think a groundhog would be an adorable pet but according to my coworkers I think that about just about everything! Have fun.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings
    The Honey Bunch Blog Design

  12. Whoooo I do like the look of that piece of clothing.......but if it can't work like that in real life, oh well, I'll just have to be happy in my tracksuit.

    Have a great time away. Can't wait for show and tell on that. :o)


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