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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phoneme Segmenting....what a load of @$!#*

OK, so I am "intervening" at small group today. {Makes it sound like they are addicted to something}
"Hi. My name is Sally and I'm a recess-holic.  I haven't used since yesterday"

Anyway- trying to improve those very creative spelling skills, so I busted out the Counting Creatures, set out number cards 2-6 and gave each student 5 or 6 picture cards from my stock FCRR box.

They were going to take turns, place their card under the # of phonemes they hear in the word.
So, "Jack" says, "Miss Squirrels! Miss Squirrels! Miss Squirrels!" {because he always says my name three times} "I'm all done look at my cards!"
I had him tell me what the picture was and then he used the counting creatures to count the sounds.
{We were on our way to extending to writing} but alas, it was not to be....
I picked up a card- to be pictured in a moment- because I was sure it was 6 sounds, but "Jack" had it under 3.

The back of the card had potato written on it- that is not what he saw.
I said, "Well 'Jack', This is a potato.  Watch me count it on the creature. We will place it under the 6 card. Let's count the sounds."
"I did! I did! I did! I did count the sounds and its THREE!"
"Well. Jack, what word do you think this is?"
 "Poop. Watch me count it on creature- p/oo/p. Poop."
 It was at that moment that I knew this lesson had gone to #%@^#!

Heading to my big appointment today! Nervous, excited, scared.....I just can't wait!

And I love the tags- it's the answers to the questions that are the best- teachers are just so darn witty!
If I am not all swollen, I will post a pic-
Have a great Tuesday!

(Tech problem: I downloaded SMiley Monster- but when I try to use it in word or ppt, the dots on the "i" is cut off and the "g" and "y" are cut off- I have changed the size of the font and that didn't work- and I scrapped it and downloaded a new one.....any suggestions??)

Ok, NOW you can have a great Tuesday

{after you solve my problem}.

Just kidding!

Get outta here-

you have work to do.......



  1. Ha ha!! I love it!


  2. LMBO!! I soooo needed that! I don't feel all alone now!

  3. I think my favorite part of this post is the tag "poop" at the end! LOL! And, I agree... with our caffeine and nap obsessed selves, PLUS black cardigans, we are quite the pair! :)

    Kim @

  4. I love that he thought the picture was poop!! This little student cracks me up. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  5. POOP!!!! So funny!!!! :)
    Hope your appt went well! I'm so excited for you!
    I read through all your answers in Tag. You are so lucky to live next door to your sister. I'm so jealous!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. Ha!! I HAD to read a post with expletives in the title.

    That's great. That potato does look a little poopy.

    Buzzing with Ms. B


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