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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sad Squirrels, Rabid Rodents, and Super Storytellers!

Today was "meeting" day. I DID get a lot done.  I also DID get my bleu cheese topped steak. But at the end of my day, I was told that one of my student's was leaving my room. 

That happens all the time and I know we get sad (sometimes), but this child is not moving away, she is moving to another teacher's room at the parent's request! 

This is the first time that a parent has ever had an issue with me. EVER! Mom emailed me over the break and asked me to fill out "the paperwork"....checklist for Dr. And when Dad came in to the school today to bring it in, he asked for her to be moved.
He has never even talked to me. He told the asst pal that my "class was not structured" and he was afraid "-----wasn't reaching her potiential" in my room!!! What? She has  As and Bs.

I can't even tell all the details because I can't wrap my brain around the fact that he never came to me. He went straight to the office (his daughter also had an office referral the day before break because she can't keep her hands to herself and the Pal said one more time and she is suspended). But that is like your steak not being prepared correctly at a restaurant and instead of calling the server over, you get out your phone and call corporate office!!

It angered me, then I was sad, then I was mad again, and now I am just sick at my stomach over it.

Ok, this is sad and mopey- so I will lighten it up a bit. (even though my heart really is heavy over this).

When I opened the curtain to get her textbooks out for her new teacher,  I had to move a little bin out of the way. As it tilted toward me, it felt like it was was because "GI-GAN-TOR the mouse" was on his way out of the bin! He jumped and ran away and I SCREAMED like someone was beating me! (I was embarrassed afterwards at how loud I really did scream!). (Oh, Caitlin, I so feel your pain from "the incident" that may or may not have happened)!!

I felt like Sylvester the cat because this is what was there:
This is what he looked like after I finished telling the stories about him:


It was just icky.....I can hold a hamster and love on a guinea pig- but BLECK- I can't do mice! (I think it's the tail).

OK, now the storytelling....looking over past posts- not so much with the teachery stuff while we have been on break. So I am going to share what I call  My First Grade Story. This is my first year to do it.

I bought the expensive, pretty story writing books (Frog Street) last year. And I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I decided having a weekly sample of their writing in one place would make for a great treat for them at the end of the year. They are writing in third person and we are writing past tense so when they look back on it, it will make more sense.
It is amazing.
I pass it out after reading comp test every Friday. So far it is scripted. They are filling in blanks and illustrating. We are going to do scripted for two more weeks and then I think I am going to let them go!
 pg 1- Once upon a time, there was a ----------named --------------.
pg2 --------------was in the first grade at -------------.
pg3 -----------------teacher was ------------------.

I use my dat-o-matic stamp to stamp the date on each Friday and their handwriting and spelling and choice of words has changed so much. They have written about best friends, fav subjects, fav lunches,etc. It really is cute and will be a great keepsake when they are out of first grade.

Well time to drown my sorrow in some peppermint mocha decaf and watch  a little reality TV- their crazy lives always make me feel better!


  1. I feel you on the parent being a d!ck and moving their kid out without talking to you. My first year at my current school, I had a parent who thought her crap didn't stink and she didn't want her child in my class since I had taught at "the other school". What could I possibly know about teaching the kids at this school? You would think I had moved to Beverly Hills. Nope, same kids, different side of the lake. And, this might make you feel better...we have a teacher in our grade level who talks to parents and tries to get them to move their kids into her class. She recruited a student of mine from last year who was going to be retained. She did this in February, 6 months before any decisions were made. I'm trying to chalk it up to the fact that people are crazy! Hopefully the girl will be OK despite her parents.

  2. Can I just be blunt and say THAT SUCKS!!!! And the parents are probably going to regret this decision. And how sad for the girl!!!! GRRRR.
    You need more than a peppermint mocha. I think you need alcohol. And I'll make a toast about what a great teacher you are!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. That's not right! And really, I'd be mad at your administration for going for it! I would hope that they would back you up and say that since they haven't gone to you and tried working with you on whatever they feel the issue is, then they can't move her! Try not to let it get to you though - some people are just pissy and will nitpick everything!

    I had kind of the same thing happen to me this year. A mama of a kiddo that I had recommended for T1 (grade between K and 1st for immature but bright kids) decided he was "too smart" for T1 and wanted him in 1st. Kind of teed me off that she was questioning my judgement but we tried him in 1st and he was a hot mess. Sent him back down to T1. After a few weeks mama requests 1st grade again (cause let's just keep bouncing the kid from grade to grade - that will solve all the problems!) but specifically NOT my classroom because she says I don't like her child!

    I was floored! I actually think he's very bright and funny - just not mature yet! It really irked me that she was going around behind my back questioning my professionalism! Luckily my principal put her foot down and said we weren't moving him any more.

    Oh well, just think, now you won't have to deal with those parents - or their dr. referrals!

  4. I'm so sorry that happened to you! I have also had that happen to me in the past. You just have to put it out of your mind and move on. Do not let one parent make you doubt your teaching ability!!
    Ms. McBee’s Kinderbugs

  5. I'm with Kristin and Jennifer That SUCKS and your administrator should have backed you up!!! That is just CrAzY and soooooo uncalled for. What are they going to do when she has the same problems in the other class move her back!!!! Really. Don't blame yourself blame the st---idity of parents and administration these days.
    Let it go and have a wonderful end of year!

  6. I'm sorry that this has happened to you as well and I am sure you are wondering what you did wrong. You need to stop thinking that way.

    It sounds like you don't need a parent with that attitude anyway. I have had parents like that as well in the past and my opinion on it is...don't let the door hit you in the a...

    You will always have people who think that the grass is greener on the other side. Don't let their way of thinking get you down.

    Now...go have a drink. You deserve it!


  7. oh girl...I feel ya. I had THE SAME thing happen. The mom wouldn't even talk to me! I called and left a few messages to try and smooth things over and she wouldn't respond...finally, on a Monday, she wrote me this LONG nasty letter saying that there was nothing I could do, she demands her child out of my class, and that she didn't expect me to be able to fix things "in my condition." I guess my condition was me being pregnant?? IDK. Whatever. I got the last laugh because she got the only teacher that could get students....and that's the teacher that admin has been trying to get rid of for years.
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  8. I'm with Jen, Kristen, and Jennifer. That blows. And I'm floored that your admin didn't insist that they speak with you! I've had that happen too. It may not be the best thing for the child, but it also may be a really good thing when the child has the same behavior issues in the other teachers class. Then the parents can't say it was you.

    Rowdy in First Grade


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