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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last Call!!! {for St. Patrick's Day}

Ah.. I remember when I used to hear the words "Last Call! "
The Mr. and I were quite the social butterflies back in the day.
Now "Last Call" around here means "Did you brush your teeth? Are your clothes set out? Is your backpack ready?"

Yep- Last Call has lost it's true meaning for this Ol' Squirrel-

This afternoon however, it means Last Call {last chance} for The It's Your Lucky Day Sale!
It's over in just a few hours (more or less depending on when you read this)

This is what you will find 20% off in my store for today only!
Fry Phrase Rings  Only $2.40 today!

These are Ah-mazinly simple to assemble and helped my sweeties tremendously! If I have a parent volunteer show up unexpectedly- these are great because they are portable! I have a three rings of each set in and around the room. Granny will show them a phrase and and ask them to turn it into a sentence (orally). I take them out into the hall- sometimes we wait a while to get into where we are going (TRAFFIC)! So I go up and down the line and they "whisper read" what they see. My higher ones will quiz my lower's pretty sweet to watch!

Super Fluency Practice-  only $3.20 today for 12 games and the recording sheets!
 They have become very fluent with the shift in our math program (don't you love shifts?) These have helped a ton! I love during math centers walking around to monitor and I hear "BOOM!" POW! Pretty funny stuff!
One on One Assessments only $2.40 today!
I love those because they think they are playing a game with me and I am recording on our intervention plans- two birds, one stone!

Well I am off to find something green to make for dinner. I think the closest I might get is going to a restaurant that has green in their sign.....I am off to the school in a few (don't freak) for just a bit to put the finishing touches on a surprise for my student teacher who starts tomorrow!
Have fun shopping! See ya around later this week:)


  1. The Fry phrases are such a smart idea!! Happy St. Patty's day :) :)

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