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Friday, March 8, 2013

Mystery Solved and a Winner

Hello- only four more minutes and it won't be Thursday anymore!!!
I have to hurry!

First for everyone who was concerned with what may have happened to Mr Green's gold, here ya go:

After our math tasks were finished and our creative juices were spent on writing, we had to have the best way EVER to display them both!
What better way to do that than a craftivity from A Cupcake for the Teacher???!?!

We worked on (and finished) our versions of Mr. Green with her

Here are a few close ups-

"A bandit with a gilley suit with a mask stole his gold and took it to his turf of bandits."
(Always be on the lookout for vigilante leprechauns).

"He spent his gold on a Xbox 360 and  Sonic and new green clothes and he wanted a Sky lander and that's where he lost his money."(Remember, he only lost 16 coins.....I want to live where he does, he gets a lot for his money)

"He accidentally turned it into chocolate and I might have ate it!"
This sweetie is the most expressive writer I have ever had. Her tone can be very subtle when she talks to you, but her sense of humor always comes out in her writing! Love her!

"It got lost"
(No need for all the details, eh?)

"Somebody must have took it"
(Someone must have.)

They did an fantastic job. There were lots of possible explanations- but I think we should definitely get a warrant for the bandits' turf- there's plenty of probable cause there!!!!

I get my student teacher the day after St Patricks day, I dont know how riled up I want to them the day before.
We may read a few more books and I think I might sprinkle out  a lttle green glitter here or there. I have my fingers crossed for a few Silhouette giveaways, maybe I'll get lucky and I'll be able to make  a little something, something:)

Today (the 7th, when I am starting this post) is a very nutty day for me-
Chances are though that I started this post so late, it will be the "day after" ....
The day after what?
The day after MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Wondering how old I am? Trying to figure out how old this cutie squirrelish figure is?

Yep- I'll wait while you pick up your jaw.

My family made sure it was a day filled with lots of fun for this old Squirrel- check out what came in the mail from my Mother in law!

I can't wait to make squirrel chocolates for the class!!! (And for myself)

Later this week, I'll continue celebrating by sharing a virtual coffee date with Heidi from  MY Not So Elementary Life!!! Congratulations on winning THE WORLD'S SMALLEST COFFEE CUP!!! BOLO the lookout in your mailbox!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. They turned out so cute!!! Up next: Potatoes!!!!

  2. Some of your kiddos have quite the imagination-can't imagine where they would get it from! Your leps are too cute.

    Ummm does that mean your bday falls on the 9th? It's also my boys and we are gearing up for the big 11. Not quite as spesh as 40 but it's still a great day. I will be partaking next year in the 40 festivities and Tammy the year after that (she's just a pup). Hope your birthday weekend is smashing!!!

    Fluttering Through First Grade

  3. Hehe, I love them! Especially that first one with the very sad face! Ha! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. I turned 40 this year too!! It was quite a deal! :) The leprechaun writing cracked me up! Love the one where she might have ate it! Have a great birthday weekend!

  5. Hi! Found you on the Wallflowers on FB! Love the name of your blog! I am now a follower! Love the leprechauns!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  6. Hey, girlie! Your bulletin board displays are uh-mazing! Oooh...chocolate squirrels...jello squirrels...the possibilities are endless :)

    Treasures for Teaching


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